HINT - Review

HINT - Review

Do you love party games based on your questionable singing skills? Or do you prefer to mimic? Or maybe you are a new Picasso, and all you want is to express your creativity pencil in hand? Players from all over the world join, today we present HINT, the latest effort from Asmodee, which contains many winning ideas, packaged in a product that is certainly not innovative, but of sure impact.

HINT - Components

The game consists of:

the famous Wheel; 2 pawns; 150 cards; 1 white board; 1 marker; 1 90-second hourglass; The rules. Duty to focus on packaging: too often in party games we tend not to invest in this aspect, but with HINT the developers have surpassed themselves. To the eye The product is captivating, funny and seductive. It invites you to be opened, studied and played, all in small dimensions that guarantee comfortable portability. Good quality of materials.

Preparation and first rounds

The aim of HINT is to make your teammates guess what YOU know. It begins by dividing into two teams, placing the lid on the tube and placing the pawns so that they straddle the Starting Space on the Point Circle. Shuffle the deck, draw 3 cards and place them in the appropriate slots around the Wheel. The team with the youngest player starts!

The chosen player must make his teammates guess as many objects as possible, avoiding the team offering the forbidden object. Clues can be given to the five objects in any order, and the team scores 1 point for each correctly proposed object. If the team proposes the forbidden object, 2 points are lost. It's possible:

draw: you can draw on the blackboard, but you cannot emit any sound or make any gesture; speak: you can speak freely, but you cannot gesticulate or use body language. You cannot pronounce the name of the object or its translation; mimic: you can gesticulate freely, without saying anything, exactly as it happens On a scale from 1 to T-Rex; hum: you can sing, whistle, make nonsense sounds, but you cannot speak or gesticulate. When the hourglass runs out, the opposing team can try to guess an object not yet guessed by making a proposal. He can only make 1 proposal, and he can guess the forbidden object. If he succeeds, he scores 2 points. If, on the other hand, he guesses one of the 5 objects he gets 1 point, but if he is wrong he loses 1.

The Wheel

At the beginning of each turn there must always be 3 cards in the Wheel. When the team's turn is over, the wheel is turned one notch clockwise and a new card is placed in the slot indicated by the arrow. When the wheel has been turned, some cards may end up in the Bonus Zone, where the team will be able to get 1 additional point over the canonical point. If, on the other hand, a card ends up in the blue bonus slot, the active team must choose that card.

Home Straight

The team that reaches the Victory Space first is the winner. When the pawn is on the Home Straight (the blue spaces on the Point Circle), your opponents choose a card for you, unless there is a card in the blue bonus slot, in which case they will take that. Both teams play the same number of rounds, so in the event of a tie there will be a final round to decide the winner.

Game indicated for ..

HINT is perfect for an evening in the company of fun and friendship. As recommended by the developers themselves, the minimum age of 15 is suggested to be fully enjoyed, as it requires a good general knowledge.


HINT fully convinces, enclosing within it dynamics as diverse as they are tested. There remains some doubts about the overall balance ("talking" allows you to score many more points on average), but the authors' goal is fully centered: the game is fun and adapts to any occasion. Whether you are a mime artist, a draftsman, a speaker or a singer, it doesn't matter, it's time to bring out the worst in you.

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