Genshin Impact: Valeshia's Keqing cosplay is magnetic

Genshin Impact: Valeshia's Keqing cosplay is magnetic

Genshin Impact

While the cast of Genshin Impact continues to expand with each new update, fans of miHoYo's action RPG certainly haven't forgotten the "old glories" that have accompanied the Traveler on his adventures since the game's launch. Among these is also Valeshia who has decided to try her hand at a cosplay of Keqing to celebrate the birthday of the character.

Keqing is one of the main characters that players will meet during the story arc of Liyue from Genshin Impact. . Described as an incurable workaholic always in search of perfection, the Yuheng of the Qixing has a very strong character and a certain distrust towards the Archon and the followers of Liyue, since she believes that humans should be the ones to rule the nation. br>
As mentioned at the beginning, Valeshia took on the role of Keqing on the occasion of the birthday of her "favorite 5-star waifu", as we can read in the post. Consequently, the cosplayer certainly did not spare herself, creating a truly remarkable cosplay, as we can see from the care for the costume to the hairstyle, practically identical to those of the original character. The scenography, which looks like a glimpse of Liyue, and the magnetic gaze of the model are two added values ​​that give further character to this interpretation.

Staying in Teyvat, we recommend the double cosplay of Ningguang and Beidou signed by Bellatrix Aiden and Angelina Chernyak and the cosplay of Eula made by Larissa Rochefort.

Changing completely gender, here is the cosplay of Y'Shtola from Final Fantasy 14 signed peachmilky. We cannot fail to mention the cosplay of Aela the Huntress from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim made by Jannet.

Did you hit the Keqing cosplay from Genshin Impact by Valeshia? Please let us know in the comments.

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'Genshin Impact': New Artifact Sets Are Coming In Mid-Patch Update

  • The Husk Of Opulent Dreams is best used with aggressive on-field Geo characters like Itto and Noelle
  • Ocean-Hued Clam works best with consistent healers like Qiqi and Kokomi
  • Both artifact sets can be farmed simultaneously in a new domain in Inazuma
  • With the arrival of the mid-patch update for “Genshin Impact” comes two new artifact sets: the Husk of Opulent Dreams and the Ocean-Hued Clam, as well as a new domain to hide them in. There are already plenty of decent sets in the game, which begs the question of whether or not these new artifacts are worth farming in the first place.

    New artifact sets are always good to have in a game that’s all about build crafting, but adding two new sets in occupied niches may be a bit redundant. For those who weren’t aware, here’s an overview of the two new sets that are coming very soon to “Genshin Impact.”

    The Husk Of Opulent Dreams

    This set provides a decent chunk of bonus DEF and a Geo DMG bonus that gets stronger the longer a character remains in combat with an enemy. The two-piece bonus grants a flat 30% DEF bonus to the wearer. On the other hand, the four-piece bonus gets a little complicated.

    Opulent Dreams will grant its wearer stacks of Curiosity every time they damage an enemy with a Geo attack. One stack is gained every 0.3 seconds while the character is on the field, but only one stack every 3 seconds can be earned when the character is off-field.

    This set seems like a good choice for offensive Geo characters like Noelle and Itto. It could also see some use with Albedo, but reaching max stacks with him will take too much time and cost too much DPS when compared to other artifact sets.

    Albedo - Genshin Impact

    Albedo casting his Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact Photo: Genshin Impact

    The Ocean-Hued Clam

    Unlike Opulent Dreams, Ocean-Hued Clam is all about healing. Apart from the passive healing effectiveness boost from the two-piece bonus, the set will spawn a Sea-Dyed Foam every time a character heals someone.

    This Sea-Dyed Foam will accumulate all HP from healing effects (including overflow heals) on the field for three seconds before bursting, showering all friendly characters with 90% of the stored healing amount.

    Characters with constant or persistent healing effects like Kokomi, Qiqi and Jean can make great use of this unique artifact effect, but burst healers like Bennett are better off using other sets so as not to waste the Sea-Dyed Foam’s duration.

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