The new Macbook Pros are coming in the next few weeks

The new Macbook Pros are coming in the next few weeks

October will probably be the month for new laptops with the updated chip, here are all the previews

(Photo: Apple) We are just one day away from the Apple event on September 14th which will probably be dedicated to the new generation of iPhones 13, but the world of technology is always projected towards the future and so we are already moving towards the next launch that will see as protagonists in new Macbook Pro with M1x proprietary chip on Silicon platform. The latest rumors give them as imminent, with the release on the markets that is now a matter of weeks, when will they arrive?

If the calendar that has been circulating for some time with the iPhones that will be presented tomorrow 14 September will be confirmed, reservations will open on the 17th and will be available from the 24th, then the advances on the new generation Macbooks would find substance in a program organized for the month of October. The day of the possible keynote or the direct update of the store with the products that can be purchased is that of October 18, just over a month from today. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also embraced the thesis, who also called the models with the initials M1x, referring to the possible new proprietary chip that will follow M1, the one of the debut last spring.

So much meat at the focus on hardware, with performance ready to accelerate sharply and lengthen battery life, the possible implementation of charging through MagSafe magnetic technology, the introduction of mini-led displays and the more than likely elimination of TouchBar with a flat corner design like recent Apple fashion. The diagonals will be 14 and 16 inches, while the possible inclusion of an HDMI port and an SD card slot sounds very interesting.

Gurman also stated that the presentation of the Macs would go hand in hand with that of the new iPads, with the September event which would therefore focus only on the new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7. Tomorrow we will have the first answers.

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