Fallout: London, a new trailer shows this ambitious mod in action

Fallout: London, a new trailer shows this ambitious mod in action


Released a new trailer for Fallout: London, mod that aims to be a full-fledged expansion of Fallout 4 (the developers define it as big as a big DLC).

In the video we can see some fighting s equences, as well as some parts of London that we can visit in the game. The presence of improvised weapons, all linked to English culture, is interesting, such as a cricket bat or a tennis racket, the latter slightly adapted. The video ends with a cricket ball used as a bomb, just to please. We remind you that we are talking about a completely free project, which makes it even more remarkable than it already appears.

The goal of the developers is to make known what happened beyond the Atlantic Ocean in world after bomb, as Fallout is normally set in the US and has so far ignored the rest of the planet and other cultures. At this point we also want a Fallout: Rome in which to garrant the zombies with spaghetti al dente (kidding).

Fallout: London doesn't have a release date yet, but progress seems to be steady, despite the loss of a key member of the development team. We hope to be able to play it in 2022 or, at the latest, in 2023.

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Big E Stands Tall over King Reigns and More WWE SmackDown Fallout

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As the go-home show before Sunday's pay-per-view, this week's SmackDown was all about building up to Survivor Series.

The ongoing feud between The New Day and The Bloodline bookended the evening, with an opening segment involving Roman Reigns destroying Xavier Woods' crown and the final segment when Big E showed up to help his teammate. 

The blue brand was still down one competitor in the men's elimination match heading into the show, but that was settled by a Fatal 4-Way match with Cesaro, Sheamus, Ricochet and Mahal.

We also saw the plot against Naomi continue to take shape and more issues among the men's and women's Survivor Series teams.

Let's take a look at the biggest moments from Friday's show. 

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SmackDown opened with The Bloodline in the ring for the coronation of Reigns as the new king of the blue brand. Paul Heyman did his usual song and dance to put over his Tribal Chief while The Usos stood by looking intimidating. 

Reigns said he doesn't care about or need the crown to be acknowledged because he had put in the work to earn the respect he feels he deserves. He claimed he only took the crown from Woods because he can. This brought out Woods to respond. 

He said material things don't make him a king and told Reigns he should have looked him in the eye to settle this like men. He challenged the universal champion to a match, but Reigns responded by disrespecting his ceremonial robes, scepter, throne and crown. 

Woods tried unsuccessfully to stop him and ended up being beaten down by The Usos. Reigns was set to face Woods in the main event, but the match never got started because Big E came out and helped Woods take him out. 

Other than a couple of promos, this is the only buildup we have gotten for Big E vs. Reigns at the PPV. Even with that limited amount of attention, the few segments they have devoted to this program have helped sell it because both guys feel like big stars right now. 

The way this segment ended left the conclusion to their upcoming showdown more ambiguous than normal. Neither guy hit their finisher on the other, so nobody got a clear upper hand heading into the weekend. The only thing we know for sure is we will get to see two powerhouses beat each other senseless on Sunday. 

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The final spot on the men's SmackDown team for Survivor Series was revealed this week after four men competed in a Fatal 4-Way match. 

Sheamus, Ricochet, Jinder Mahal and Cesaro were the four potential team members designated by management. Against a trio of powerhouses, Ricochet seemed like the odd man out. 

After a competitive exchange that saw all four competitors come close to securing the victory, it was Sheamus who got the win with a little help from Ridge Holland. 

The Celtic Warrior will join Jeff Hardy, Happy Corbin, King Woods and Drew McIntyre at Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view in the men's traditional elimination match to represent the blue brand.

Before the Fatal 4-Way took place, there was a 3-1 babyface-to-heel ratio, so it's not surprising to see another heel added to make it a little more even.

Holland teased a tag team with Sheamus last week, and it looks like WWE is following through on that. Seeing as this bout ended with Cesaro being screwed over by the newcomer, we can expect to see The Swiss Superman recruit someone to take on the duo in a tag match at some point.

SmackDown has no shortage of people who have had issues with Sheamus, so we could see someone like Hardy or Ricochet join Cesaro for a short feud. If the plan is to build up Sheamus and Holland as a new team, they will probably win in the end. 

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Aliyah and Naomi teamed up for a tag match on Friday against Natalya and Shayna Baszler. The match ended quickly with the referee seemingly making a fast count despite Naomi kicking out.

After Sonya Deville removed Aliyah from the women's Survivor Series team last week, it appears she and Naomi are now both in the crosshairs of the power-hungry authority figure. When the ref approached Deville backstage, she acted like she had no idea who the official was. 

While this match was way too short and did nothing to push the narrative forward, it does indicate that WWE is taking the slow approach to this feud in order to build it up into something big.

When Deville does return to regular competition, it's obvious Naomi will be her first major rival. If they stick the landing, this could help put both women back on the map and possibly in the running for a future title shot. 

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After a backstage incident involving Corbin, Adam Pearce booked Hardy to face Madcap Moss in a singles match. Since Moss had Corbin with him, Hardy enlisted McIntyre to be in his corner.

The main thing all of this illustrated is how the men's SmackDown team does not get along, which means they will probably be their own worst enemies on Sunday.

We have seen this play out before. When one brand mixes heels and babyfaces to form a team, they end up arguing, fighting and getting each other eliminated out of spite. 

While Raw has a similar setup, we have seen less outright dissension among the ranks. At this point, it would be shocking if Raw lost to SmackDown in the men's elimination match. 

We also saw Sasha Banks and Shotzi fight this week before they team up on Sunday, so it looks like the blue brand has a problem with cohesion that needs to be addressed. 

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