Black Friday Amazon: discover the best offers on manga!

Black Friday Amazon: discover the best offers on manga!

Black Friday Amazon

Amazon is in full anticipation of Black Friday and offers you many interesting offers starting from tech, through home and personal care, up to the comic world! Precisely for this reason today we have decided to show you some of the most valid discounts on the manga store: we do not always talk about very high discounts, especially in the case of single volumes, but there are very valid proposals also on boxes and special editions, perfect for fans of sagas like Death Note or Hellsing!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for some manga-loving friend, or you are looking for new titles to read and discover, ready to embark on a new illustrated adventure, you have come across the right article since we have a substantial list of volumes to draw from at an affordable price, for a Black Friday with all the trimmings!

In the catalog of products offered by Amazon there are names that have marked this sector but also new products, which are worth appreciating and getting to know for the first time: you can find the first Demons Slayer manga. Kimetsu no yaiba at € 3.82, Dragon Ball Super Volume 12 at € 4.82 as well as the special edition of Volume 99 of the one and only One Piece in the Celebration Edition version at € 6.55 but it does not end here!

Caskets are the ultimate in convenience, Hellsing. New edition. Box: 1-5 you can find it at € 63.75 against the € 75.00 of the usual price and the Devilman box with 5 manga you can buy it for only € 31.87 instead of € 37.50, a rather advantageous price to bring you home of interesting titles!

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Our product selection

Death Note. Complete Collection | € 62.70 (€ 66.00) Demon Slayer. Kimetsu no yaiba Vol. 1 | € 3.82 (€ 4.50) One Piece. Celebration edition. Ediz. special Vol. 99 | € 6.55 (€ 6.90) Attack of the giants Vol. 1-5 | € 20.82 (€ 24.50) Dragon Ball Super Vol. 14 | € 4.28 (€ 4.50) Darling in the Franxx Vol. 1 | € 5.60 (€ 5.90) ​​Your name. Collection box: 1-3 | € 16.57 (€ 19.50) Hellsing. New edition. Box: 1-5 | € 63.75 (€ 75.00) Tokyo Revengers Vol. 1 | € 5.52 (€ 6.50) Devilman: 1-5 | 31,87 € (37,50 €)

The best offers of the Early Black Friday Amazon

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