Black Friday Amazon: 10 coupons to use immediately!

Black Friday Amazon: 10 coupons to use immediately!

Black Friday Amazon

Black Friday 2021 is no longer so far away, but you will all know this by now, since starting today, Monday 8 November, Amazon has kicked off its early Black Friday offers. The name of the event is "Early Black Friday", it will last for the next 10 days, and will offer you the opportunity to buy many products at very discounted prices right now!

In short, you don't need to wait for the appointment November 26 to take home some good deals, and indeed we suggest you do not hesitate too much while waiting for what could be, of course, better days for shopping. The portal, in fact, is already full of really excellent offers, with discounts ranging on average between 20% and 40%, with peaks of up to 90% for some products!

In short: a bonanza for any saver and which, moreover, can even be amplified by the many coupons that the portal has already made available, and which can be selected directly on the pages of the individual products! And the beauty is that many are also already discounted products, with the result of a double discount on many items that, ranging from the most disparate product categories, will give you the opportunity to buy from headphones to massagers, from power banks to toys, all at very reasonable prices!

Before proceeding, however, we remind you that it is always useful not to be caught unprepared for the Amazon sales days and that, precisely for this reason, it may make sense to subscribe to the Amazon Prime service which, in addition to guaranteeing you a 30-minute early access to "Flash Deals", will also allow you to enjoy extra services such as the excellent Amazon Prime Video, whose exclusive films and TV series have long been among the favorites of anyone who loves to take advantage of Netflix-style streaming services.

In addition, we also suggest you keep up to date thanks to our four Telegram channels dedicated to discounts, through which you will have the opportunity to stay up to date on opportunities not to be missed, especially during Black Friday and the rest of the year. The channels are thematic and are dedicated to offers in general, hardware & tech products, clothing and sports products and finally Chinese products.

Robot vacuum cleaner Eufy RoboVac L70

Coupon: 100 euro discount

Originally sold for 499.99 €, the Eufy RoboVac L70 robot vacuum cleaner is a valid and functional product, although the name of the parent company is not yet so well known on the market . It is, in fact, an emerging brand, but which has already earned a prominent position in the world of smart vacuum cleaners, even net of much more famous names such as iRobot and Ecovacs. Able to carry out a cleaning with a maximum duration of 2 and a half hours (believe us, it is not cheap!), RoboVac L70 has a real-time mapping system that allows it to perform optimized and customizable cleaning cycles, automatically adapting to the domestic space. Equipped with a 2,200 PA suction power, Robovac L70 will also arrive at your home with a convenient accessory that can be mounted on the robot's belly which, thanks to a microfiber cloth and a special container for water, will also allow quick washing of the floors. , all with one device. Excellent in every aspect, it is now available on Amazon with a coupon that cuts the price of 100 €, which can be activated while stocks last until next November 18th. Better not miss it!


Govee Lightbar Flow PRO

Coupon: 15% discount

The one of the lightbars, or furniture lights that change color based on music, video games, or movies is a fairly recent market, and the products that generated it aren't always that affordable. Fortunately, with the expanding market, more and more players arrive on the market with their proposals, and among these is Govee, an emerging brand that immediately captured the attention of many with its Lightbar Flow PRO system. especially thanks to the affordable price of just € 79.99. We are talking about a set of 2 light bars, whose chromatic pink reaches up to 16 million colors, and whose synchronization occurs naturally with any element on the screen, be it a film, a video game or a TV series. As if that weren't enough, this system is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can directly ask your voice assistant (or your smartphone) when to turn on and how to adjust the Lightbar Flow PRO system. Beautiful and convenient, these lightbars are available with a 15% discount coupon, but only until November 11, and subject to exhaustion of the coupons available.


Blender Vpcok Direct

Coupon: 50% discount

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful blender that can crumble almost anything, then this coupon is definitely for you! Until 11 November, in fact, the excellent Vpcok Direct blender, with an original cost of about 80 euros, has a coupon that can be activated on the page which, until 11 November, will discount the product by 50%! You will then pay just under € 40 for the product, which, let us say, is a bargain indeed! We are talking about a large blender, equipped with 8 stainless steel blades and which can reach 25,000 revolutions per minute, thanks to its powerful 2,000 watt motor. Equipped with a safety lock, which prevents ignition if the container is not positioned correctly on the motor, the Vpcok Direct blender comes with 5 intelligent preset programs, an integrated timer and 8 selectable speeds, more than enough to guarantee perfect results regardless. the needs of your preparations. We repeat: it's a bargain!


Uten air fryer

Coupon: 38 euro discount

Looking at it one would think this is an oven, but in reality what we propose is a splendid and powerful air fryer, which with its capacity of 10 liters is able to cook even a whole chicken, with a result that will seem that of a rotisserie! Among the most popular on Amazon to come from an emerging brand, the Uten air fryer is sold from the portal at the price of € 129.98, now reduced thanks to the coupon that can be activated until November 9 which will guarantee you a discount of 38 euros! We are talking about an excellent product, with a good number of functions that will facilitate the cooking of your dishes, and with also included some useful accessories such as a drip tray, two mesh trays, a rotating cage, and more! An exceptional product that, thanks to the aforementioned coupon, you can buy for just over 91 euros, for what is certainly an excellent starting point for a slap-up gift.


OIVO charger for DualSense PS5

Coupon: 5% discount

An excellent alternative to the official PlayStation branded accessory, this charger for OIVO DualSense pad, it costs half of the original, and is proposed with a shape very similar to the official one for PS5. In addition to the price, however, there is also an important difference, as the OIVO product integrates, on the front, LED indicators, which indicate the charging status of the pads, so that you do not keep them in current more than necessary. Equipped with a chip that regulates the electrical voltage so as not to damage the internal battery of the DualSense, the OIVO charger is an ideal choice for those who want everything, but at half the price, especially considering the excellent 5% discount that can be activated, up to 14 November, directly on the product page!


Honor MagicWatch 2

Coupon: € 20 discount

1.39 AMOLED display ″, 454 x 454 resolution at 326 PPI, Kirin A1 processor and a clean and attractive design are just some of the features of the splendid Honor MagicWatch 2. A beautiful and elegant-looking smartwatch, equipped with practically every desirable feature in a smartwatch, but with the advantage of costing just under € 150, which is a considerable setback for the competition, sold at much higher prices. High-end technology, sensors of all kinds (including the always excellent SpO2), and a water resistance of 50 meters, make Honor MagicWatch 2 an ideal choice to do, or to do, especially considering the 20 euro discount coupon which, until November 21, can be activated directly on the product page!


Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Coupon: 10 euro discount

Already discounted on Amazon for only € 89.90, the Amazfit GTS smartwatch is a sensible choice for anyone who wants to have a device on their wrist that is efficient, full of features, but does not exceed the 100 euro ceiling which, considering the smartwatch market, is an impossible undertaking, unless you fall back into unknown brands of the Chinese market, with all that goes with it. Amazfit, which is also an Amazon brand, is instead a reliable brand, whose products occupy a low price range, but without skimping on the quality of materials or performance. Equipped with every kind of function, except blood oxygen detection, the Amazfit GTS smartwatch has a simple but pleasant design, a good quality 1.65 "dial, and offers a truly amazing battery life, ideal for the wearer. the smartwatch every day and does not want to risk running out of dry battery. In short, a good device that, until November 15, also enjoys a coupon that can be activated with an extra discount of 10 euros.


Mebak 3 massage gun

Coupon: 20 euro discount

Already discounted on Amazon at just under 120 euro, the gun Mebak 3 massager is ideal for anyone suffering from constant muscle pain due, for example, to sports or posture. Equipped with 7 interchangeable attachments for the head, it is silent and practical to use, and is proposed with 5 speed settings ranging from 640 to 3,200 rpm. Equipped with a performing 2600 mAh lithium battery, it can massage continuously from 3 to 6 hours depending on the speed, and thanks to Amazon it can also be yours with an extra discount of 30 euros which, until November 14, will allow you to buy it. for less than 100 euros! A bargain!


Electric neck and shoulder massager

Coupon: 10% discount

If you are looking for a product that is able to massage your shoulders, back, neck, but also other points of the body such as the legs, then this massager is the one for you! Already available at a really cheap price (€ 29.99), this product comes with 8 massage heads and three massage speeds, implemented through an integrated bidirectional movement, which aims to simulate the pressure that you would do with your hands. Also equipped with an integrated heating system, for even more comfortable and relaxed massages, it is certainly one of those items that will be snapped up in the next few hours, especially considering the discount coupon applicable on the product page which, until 10 November, will lower the price. 10%!


Drone Sanrock U52

Coupon: 10% discount

Discounted at this moment for 20 euros, the Sanrock U52 drone is available on Amazon for just under 80 euros, to which is added, until 30 November, a further discount that can be activated on the product page equal to 10%! In short, we are talking about a real bargain for anyone looking for a device with which to have fun and take the first steps in the world of droning. A market full of options, sure, but not so affordable. Equipped with a 1080P HD video camera, with an adjustable angle of 90 °, it offers an SD slot in which to save flight footage, and is controlled directly via smartphone, which is hooked to a convenient wireless controller equipped with analog sticks. Suitable for beginners, it also has an auto-take-off and auto-landing function, which makes it easier to use, and thanks to the "One Key Return" function, all you need to do is press a button to return it to the base in complete safety, and by automatic flight. In short, not bad for a product worth less than 100 euros.


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