Become a Casino Tycoon Without Gambling a Dime


Suppose you have ever fancied yourself as the next Bugsy Seigel, the driving force behind the original explosive growth in Las Vegas casinos. In that case, you will know how exciting and thrilling the gaming industry can be.


Gambling in whatever form can, at times, be a risky business. One moment you could be flying high with a huge bankroll, and yet, with one roll of the dice or turn of a card you could literally end up losing the shirt off your back!


Like being in a battlezone, It takes a lot of guts to become a professional gambler, and you really need to hold your nerve and keep your cards close to your chest. Unless you have got a disposable income, nerves of steel and the luck of the devil, you’re probably wondering how you could become a casino tycoon without gambling a dime?


Well, the guys who bought you games such as SimZoo Tycoon and SimHospital Tycoon and the like have come up with a failsafe solution for you. Now, not only can you play all your favourite casino games, the SimCasino game allows you to play the role of a high powered, high-jinx businessman looking to build a successful casino - literally from the ground up.


SimCasino Tycoon

SimCasino Tycoon, which is available on Steam, carries on the Sims’ Family tradition, which has previously included Zoo Tycoon and Hospital Tycoon. Like its predecessors, SimCasino gives you the opportunity to use your creativity. Build cheap, no-frills gambling joints or luxury hotel resorts with high-end casinos; the choice is yours, and the virtual sky is your limit.


As with many of the previous simulation games, the developers give you a lot to play with. Not only are you the architect, but you’re the designer also. As such, you get to choose every interior design finish you could imagine, from the flooring and wall coverings to the mood lighting and the paint colour for the stalls in the restroom!


If you want to build a casino with a Middle Eastern feel to it or want to opt for a more European style, you can. So, if you don’t like the colour or pattern on the carpet you can change it - the choice is yours.


As a casino boss, you will also have to deal with the criminals, cheaters and thieves that might be trying to tilt the odds against you. Plus, you must ensure that your customers are happy and are receiving some kind of entertainment value, especially if you want them to come back for more.   


This game offers something for everyone, and SimCasino allows us to build and tailor the entire casino. Whether you want to add a restaurant or put slot machines in the foyer for additional income, it’s up to you. You are the brains behind everything in SimCasino, and you make the decision whether you want to babysit an empty building site or create a successful empire.

SimCasino is engaging and has been specially developed so players can go as wild as they like. You can design staff members and add your own security detail and as the Boss; you get to micro-manage the gaming odds, keep track of every deck of cards and chip, and design your casino to include all your favourite games.


The designers have created this game so that it literally simulates a real-life brick-and-mortar casino. If you have played at an online platform like STS Casino, you will recognise all the games, including casino classics like blackjack and roulette, baccarat and poker. And, of course, there is a vast collection of jackpot slot machines, which could have you kerching-ing all the way to the bank (unless a punter wins the jackpot, of course).


SimCasino Tycoon is fast-paced and easy to learn, giving you full and instant control right from the start.


The game’s designers have given the exciting simulation a unique style and a soundtrack that is nothing less than fantastic. It features great gameplay and customisation elements that had been lost in so many of the recent tycoons.


With familiar controls and game mechanics that echo the other Sim games in the franchise, this game is engaging and will have you building mega-casinos and hotels resorts from your very first day.


Who knows, make a success of your virtual empire, and you might be building your own casino in Las Vegas one day (warning: you will need hundreds of millions of pounds in your bank to do that).

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