Battlefield 2042 | Trophy Guide (Platinum 100%)

Battlefield 2042 | Trophy Guide (Platinum 100%)

The period leading up to Christmas is always the best time to play some first-person shooters and, again this year, the return of Battlefield hasn't left us with a bitter taste. If you want to get platinum in Battlefield 2042, the new chapter of the saga, we have created a trophy guide worthy of the name for you!

IMPORTANT: Remember that since the title does not have an offline single player mode, all the trophies in question are to be considered as trophies obtainable only online.

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Bronze Trophies

Adapt and Win

Reach User Level 5.

Command and Conquest

Capture 100 objectives in Conquest.

Capturing objectives is the main purpose of conquest mode; each map has between 5 and 7 objectives that can be captured, making completing this challenge more a matter of time than skill.

Escape Artist

Complete 25 extractions in Hazard Zone.

In Hazard Zone mode, victory corresponds to extraction; therefore to get this trophy you must win 25 games in the mode in question.


Complete 50 extractions of data units in Hazard Zone.

Also in Hazard Zone one of the actions to be taken in order to ensure victory and improve one's state in the game is to collect a data unit, or to recover a particular type of object from a kind of crate scattered around the game map. Whenever you win a game with a data unit on you will go towards obtaining this trophy.

Whoever wins takes it all

Win 42 rounds in the various game modes.
Air Destruction

Destroy an aircraft with a rocket launcher while using the parachute.

To get this trophy it is necessary to use any missile launcher (CG Recoilles M5 or the FIM-33 AA) and shoot down an aircraft while on the parachute; very easy to do if, with the complicity of a friend, you create the right situation on an empty server portal.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Fly in the wingsuit from the rocket hangar to the cryogenic facility in Orbital.

To get this trophy you need to use the Sundance specialist to fly using the wingsuit from the point A1 to C2 of the map. To do this the best thing to do is very simple: retrieve a helicopter, go as high as possible in the vicinity of target A1 and then open the wingsuit to get to point C2.

Take a ride

Travel 1,000 meters in one turn using Mackay's Grapple.

Mackay, the only specialist with the grapple, is unlockable once you reach level 15; obtained that, simply use the grappling hook as often as possible to complete the challenge and get the trophy.

Dry Weapon B

Inflict 2,500 damage in one turn while defending targets with the Turret of Boris's SG-36 Guard.

Doctor Falck

Heal 3,000 points of damage with Falck's S21 Syringe Gun in one turn.

Happy Birthday

Request 15 crates of equipment with Angel.

Exterminate Squads

Kill 500 enemy soldiers while not in a vehicle.

War Machine

Killed 50 enemies while in vehicles.

Tool Hour

Repair 1,000 damage to vehicles in one turn.

Demolition Squad

Destroy 50 vehicles.

No one will be left behind!

Revive 100 teammates.

Thanks, Santa

Restock 50 teammates of team.


Travel 25 km without using vehicles.

Fly responsibly

Invest an enemy with an airplane.

This trophy can be easily obtained in two ways: playing in very open maps such as Orbital or Kaleidoscope, there is enough space maneuver to land on the head of an opponent, or with the help of a friend set up a Portal lobby where you can quickly recreate this situation.


Travel 15 km using vehicles terrestrial.

This trophy is also obtainable just by being a passenger to someone driving a land vehicle

Silver trophies

Dunn's pride

Reach user level 15.

Devil four

Get a quadruple kill while defending an objective.

To get this trophy and perform a quadruple kill while one goal is defended there is only one thing to do: shoot down a fully loaded vehicle.

The matches against artificial intelligence in this case fall to perfection, see or that bots tend to overwhelm vehicles making each car an opportunity to complete this challenge and get the trophy.

Universal Soldier

Get a level 1 Mastery badge with any Specialist.

The fastest badge to get is surely the one that asks the player to make 800 kills with Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield.


Get a badge Level 1 Mastery with any weapon.

This badge asks the player to perform 1200 kills with a single weapon.

Soldier on Wheels

Get a Mastery of level 1 with any vehicle.

To be obtained, the badge in question asks the player to make 2400 kills during the course of multiple games, a very high number but which can be achieved with a little patience using a M1A5 tank.


Earn a Level 1 Mastery badge co n any gadget or throwable.

The fastest ways to get the badge in question are 2: 2400 revives or 4000 sightings using the proximity sensor. In the latter case, playing a map like Breakthrough and using the sensor when you are close to the targets certainly helps.

Lethal Doze

Get 7 kills in a single life with the SOB Ballistic Shield Dozer's -8.

Dozer's ballistic shield is a skill of the specialist of the same name. To easily get this trophy it is important to play in a map where there are tight spaces to move around (Kaleidoscope is a good example), so that you can capitalize on the features of this tool. Two close range hits with this shield are capable of leading to a kill; nothing simpler. This trophy can also be earned by playing against bots on low difficulty or by facing a friend in a Portal 1v1 lobby.


Get 20 headshot kills in one turn.

Trophy obtainable quite easily by playing a match against bots on the lowest difficulty.

In good company

Get first place with your team.


Outstanding achievement.

Outstanding achievement in Battlefield 2042 is an award given by the game to the player at the end of the games; this award is given to the players with the best scores and, therefore, it is a trophy that can be obtained easily by playing games against the artificial intelligence on the lowest difficulty.

Gold trophies

High Levels

Reach User Level 25.


Obtain a Level III Ribbon of each type.

Ribbons are rewards that they are given to the player at the end of a game based on the quality of particular types of actions.

There are 5 different types of tape in the game: Wingman, Objective, Intel, Combat and Logistic.

Wingman is obtained based on the number of aids or revives performed Objective is obtained based on the number of points made by capturing targets Intel is obtained based on sightings made towards enemies or based on the disturbance of communications through the use of EMP Combat is related to the number of enemies killed Logistics is determined by the amount of spawned heals or ammunition, not forgetting vehicle repairs. Obtaining a level 3 ribbon is due to excellence in one of these fields; the ribbons are all obtainable in the same game for more.

The best way to get this trophy is by playing against the low difficulty bots, so you can give your best without being hindered by the opposing players.

Clean exit

Complete a Hazard Zone extraction without taking losses among teammates.

To obtain this trophy, you must meet the requirements for an extraction playing in Hazard Zone mode to then complete the game without dying; to do this you need to play very conservatively so, for once, don't be ashamed to camp.

Melee Specialist

Get 20 melee kills in one turn.

In Battlefield, melee kills are both the takedowns that occur when attacking an opposing player from behind (with special animations therefore), and the normal shots with the butt of the rifle or pistol that lead to an elimination of the player . To get this trophy you can play normally, play against bots on lower difficulty or simply create a Portal lobby with a friend in 1v1.

Platinum Trophy

Future imperfect

You have obtained all the other trophies.

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