Battlefield 2042: controversial Russia-Ukraine war skin will be renamed

Battlefield 2042: controversial Russia-Ukraine war skin will be renamed

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has not yet been officially launched but inside we already find an international controversy with a lot of potential diplomatic incident, as an epic skin in the game contained a direct reference to the war between Russia and Ukraine in the Crimea, sparking controversy and pushing EA to modify and rename the skin in question.

In Battlefield 2042 there was an epic skin for the character Pyotr "Boris" Gukovsky, called "Little Green Man", seen below.

The controversial "Little Green Man" epic skin for the character of Boris Although the name is rather generic and often referred to soldiers, it has become in common use especially for fighters who are sent on missions without being officially identified as belonging to the regular army.

Specifically, "Little Green Man" was the name commonly used by the media to identify Russian soldiers who had been sent in 2014 to take control of Crimea, in an operation which later resulted in a war between the Russian and the Ukraine. The first soldiers sent were characterized by an anonymous green uniform without particular distinctive signs and often with a covered face.

The "little green men" militarily occupied Simferopol International Airport, most of the military bases in Crimea and the parliament of Simferopol, using uniforms not directly attributable to the Russian regular army and without badges or symbols, but later turned out to belong to Russian elite troops, similar to the Delta Force USA.

The historical proximity of the event and the fact that these soldiers represent an unofficial form of use of military perhaps, seen by some as terrorists, have led many to protest against the inclusion of this skin. EA responded promptly and decided to change and rename the item in question within Boris' Mastery Tier, explaining that the "reference to a real world crisis was not intentional and does not reflect the team's values".

In the meantime, we have seen that early access has been somewhat problematic with bugs and crashes, while the game will have no voice chat at launch but will be introduced later.

Have you noticed any errors?

Battlefield 2042 Is Crashing On Xbox Series X Consoles, Fix Is Coming

Battlefield 2042 is running into some issues on Xbox Series X, with players reporting that the game completely crashes their console in some scenarios. Developer DICE has confirmed that this is a system-level problem on Microsoft's side that is also affecting games like FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K.

DICE will release an update on November 17 to resolve the crashing issues, the studio said in a blog post (via Battlefield Bulletin). The update is optional until November 23, when it becomes mandatory.

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Players experiencing the issue don't have to wait that long to get the update, however. Everyone can join the Xbox Insider Program (sign up here) and opt in to the Omega Ring. From there, the update should be made available to help improve the experience.

Battlefield 2042 launched with early access and with its 10-hour EA Play trial on November 12. The game's servers struggled with rubber-banding and 'persistence data' errors, but the experience is generally smoother now ahead of its official release date on November 19.

It might not be the only new shooter around for much longer, either, as rumors suggest that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will be released today, November 15, to celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary.

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