Banjo-Kazooie's spiritual heir will return with a new chapter

Banjo-Kazooie's spiritual heir will return with a new chapter

After the 2D chapter, Playtonic has confirmed that the Yooka-Laylee brand will again be the protagonist in the world of video games. The spiritual heir of Banjo & Kazooie, the successful platform series that made the fortune of Rare and especially of the Nintendo 64 during one of the most advanced generations of video games ever, has no intention of being a flash in the pan, so much so that the team developer is already working on new projects.

The story of Playtonic Games is definitely one of the most fascinating we have seen in recent years. The development team was founded by former employees of Rare, who have decided to devote themselves to platforming again. With Yooka-Laylee, which debuted in 2017, we have seen how much space there can still be in this industry for a platform game, also thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign launched to finance the title. Now, 4 years later and a two-dimensional spin-off (Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair), the series is ready to go back to basics with a new chapter in 3D.

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How can I guarantee Yooka-Laylee's return? Simple: thanks to the new investor at Playtonic Games. Over the past week, in fact, the fathers of the new franchise have sold a minority package of their development team to Tencent, the Chinese giant in the gaming sector, which also holds stakes in Activision and Epic Games. “We always talked to them, even about the future ofa> 3D platformers and what we were working on and at one point we had a discussion about how they could be involved in our work,” explained Gavin Price, managing director of the team. “What emerged is that Tencent has a department for every genre, including platformers like ours. We have formalized our future content and here we are, ”continued Price.

Tencent's investment in Playtonic Games will not only serve to have a new Yooka-Laylee (which will be a direct sequel to the 2017 chapter) , but it is also an investment in resources. There will be new hires and a change of headquarters is under consideration but other acquisitions will be possible in the near future to grow more and more.

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