Apex Legends: Escape, where did we stay? Some details, between history and gameplay

Apex Legends: Escape, where did we stay? Some details, between history and gameplay

Apex Legends

Escape, the new season of Apex Legends, has finally landed on Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch and promises to be one of the most interesting launched so far. New map, new legend, new loot and new events await the Legends, who have been battling each other in the deadly Apex games since November 2nd.

The average length of the seasons of Apex Legends is around three months, timing which in the case of Escape should not be underestimated: on February 4, 2022 the game will officially turn 3 years old and, in all likelihood, the start of the twelfth season will coincide with the third birthday of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are certainly already working on the next news and we can't wait to find out how Escape will evolve and what awaits us in the future of Apex. done a lot: the family has expanded, not only in terms of playable Legends, but also of active fan base on Apex and, season after season, there have been numerous news. We told you about the most important news of this season in the Escape trial, but below we address three essential points, between narration and gameplay, to be taken into consideration before launching again in Apex Legends.

Where were we left ... with the story?

The relationship between Horizon and Ash is at the center of the events of Escape After the narrative parenthesis of Seer, the scout introduced in Ribalta, the lore of Apex Legends returns to a crucial point in the story, which is the relationship between Mary Somers, aka Horizon, and Doctor Reid. Somers, a century before the events we see in Apex, was working on a solution that could permanently end the energy crisis of the Outer Planets. Branthium was the solution, a substance present only in the orbit of a black hole, and capable of perpetually powering any machinery. Reid betrayed Somers, pushing her into the black hole and stealing her blueprint. Upon his return, Mary had not aged a day, despite the fact that more than eighty years had passed: close to a quantum anomaly, time flows differently.

During her absence, Mary got lost in life. entire life of his son Newton, who disappeared during the sabotage of an experiment with Branthium. Together with other scientists, including Gibraltar's grandfather, the science team was working on Branthium and an MRVN, which is none other than Pathfinder. The accident that led to the death of all scientists was caused by the raid of a group of mercenaries, led by Ashleigh Reid. Let's say that Newton is missing because the commemorative plaque we see in the short "The Truth" bears his name, but we also know that Dr. Reid gave him "a free evening on the very day of the attack, probably to spare him.

Reid died that night and after seventy years he returns to the Apex Legends, first as a superintendent of the arenas and later as an active participant in the games. Reid is none other than Ash, the new playable character of Escape, and historic mercenary pilot at the pay of Kuben Blisk, leader of the Apex Predator and later creator of the Apex games. This piece of history is very important and Escape stands as a crucial and synergistic point between the narrative of Apex and Titanfall, which is good to know if you want to fully enjoy the lore of Apex Legends.

Where did we stay ... with the Rank?

The Ranking System changes in Escape A big change that is good to keep in mind when starting the climb ranked in the new season of Apex Legends is the ranking system and how it has been significantly changed. The Apex Legends ranking system received a complete overhaul in Season 11, despite there being talk of a total reworking of the rankings. The changes aren't that drastic, but they definitely encourage players to rack up more kills.

To understand how Escape will change things in ranked matches, let's briefly illustrate how the system has worked so far. Apex Legends Ranked is based on a points system, called Ranked Points: players earn points during matches based on their performance and must spend small amounts to participate in ranked matches beyond the Bronze level. On the official Escape page, the developers write: "Leaderboard points (CP) were awarded based on kills and the multiplier for ranking. We will now loosen some of the restrictions related to PCs to allow you to get maximum points for kills in matches.

From now on the CP values ​​related to kills will take into account the difference in rank between you and the opponents eliminated. The maximum CP for kills ( as intended so far) will increase from 6 to 7. However, this limit for kills can be reached in a number of ways, based on differences in rank and placement. first to get the chance to get the maximum total PCs. "

The post continues with practical examples on the points system, but that value 6 increased by one is enough to understand that we are facing a rather significant change and that it will reward a particularly aggressive style of play.

Where did we stay… with balance?

Wattson has undergone significant changes in Escape Finally, before we launch into the new season of Apex Legends, one last important factor should be considered: balance. An ever-changing element, which is progressively adjusted based on public feedback both in terms of legends and inventory. And let's start right from the roster, because Escape is not only the season of the cold Ash, but of Wattson. Miss Paquette, in fact, has been nerfed for season 11, seeing major downgrades and changes to her abilities. Wattson's win rate has always been quite high and has remained constant over time, despite the addition of other characters: for this reason, the first thing Respawn worked on was the character's vulnerability area, significantly increasing the size of the hitboxes.

In addition, the developers have simplified the positioning mechanism of the character's barriers, to make Wattson's play style more dynamic, despite the clearly defensive soul of the Legend. Pylon placement is now more precise and responsive and Wattson can place barriers, again only on permitted surfaces, even above eye level.

Work done on Wattson's hitboxes (source: ea.com/ it-us / games / apex-legends) The damage and performance of several weapons have also been reduced, first of all the L-Star energy rifle, which "broke" the game considerably. The weakened version of the rifle reduces the effectiveness of the stabilizers, greatly reduces the size of the collision of the shots and the damage goes from 18 to 17. Other weapons that have suffered a nerf are the Longbow, with reduced damage, and the Eva-8, with a reduced rate of fire; even with these changes though, Respawn Entertainment claims the Eva-8 remains the strongest shotgun in the game. Instead, the Peacekeeper, overly neutered after removal from the service pods, and the G7 Scout receive an upgrade.

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