Marvel Spider-Man 2 | First impressions

Marvel Spider-Man 2 | First impressions

Over four and a half million views of the Marvel Spider-Man 2 PlayStation 5 trailer in just twelve hours, they don't lie! The players have not in the least tired of the reinterpretation of the "web weaving" by Insomniac Games and are eagerly awaiting its return on the new Sony console.

The merit of so much enthusiasm is all to be found in an expected announcement but partially unexpected, also by virtue of the recent release last November of the spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales, as well as in a teaser trailer capable of creating very high expectations, feeding the numerous rumors that have alternated in recent months and presenting one of the most beloved villains in the Spider-Man universe… all in less than two minutes.


“As far as I can remember, I've always looked for an equal… someone capable to push me… someone who can surprise me… someone who can even beat me… but all I've found so far are only disappointments. Will any of you be able to finally give me what I want? "

After spending some time trying to understand whose voice could be, with a slight Soviet accent, heard in the teaser trailer, the only hypothesis that emerged in our mind is that it could be Sergei Kravinof, known give more like Kraven the hunter. One of Spider-Man's most iconic enemies and that could, indeed, turn out to be perfect to mirror the statements made by Insomniac's Ryan Schnider.

The latter, in fact, recently explained that Marvel Spider-Man 2 will be the most ambitious project ever made by Insomniac Games. A production that will focus a lot on narration, going to show the fragility of the people behind the masks rather than just telling a superhero story. Considering the atmosphere of most of the stories that, from 1964 to today, have seen Kraven in the role of antagonist, we are sure that the choice could prove to be the right one for their purpose.

The highlight of the trailer, however , it is not so much the hypothesis that Kraven is one of the villains of Marvel Spider-Man 2, as much as those who answer, in the plural, to his question. We already knew, always thanks to the statements released by Insomniac Games from 2018 to today, that not having included the famous Black Suit among the unlockable costumes in the first chapter, was a choice dictated by the desire to introduce it into their "spidery" universe with the right trappings, for this reason the close-up on Venom's graceful face left us more excited than really surprised.

Trying not to ruin the experience for those who have not yet played, and finished, the first chapter, we can tell you that knowing the new look that Insomniac Games may have thought of for Venom intrigues us a lot. The relationship he has with Peter Parker, and with one of the key characters of the first chapter, could prove to be an excellent narrative solution capable of offering a different breath than what fans have been accustomed to for decades.

If the identities of both villains were confirmed, Marvel Spider-Man 2 would be able to propose a reinterpretation of the "spidery" universe even more unsettling than the one basted with the first chapter, showing once again the enormous writing skills of Insomniac Games, able to take a cue from the cinematic and comics universes to create an unpublished and convincing narrative system.

Marvel Gamerverse

Precisely with regard to the universe created by Insomniac Games, the trailer brace proposed by Sony during the PlayStation Showcase on September 09 (consisting of the trailer for Marvel Spider-Man 2 and that of the future Marvel Wolverine) brought to mind the statements made both from Sony and from Marvel regarding the desire to create a Gamerverse that could present itself as a version in videogame sauce, of the now famous Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An ambitious project that started with a production, the Marvel Spider- Man of 2018, of undoubted quality, surrounded by a series of multimedia projects connected to it. Among these we even find a comic miniseries, created to introduce readers to this new parallel universe as well as serve as a further declaration of intent by the two entertainment giants.

A project that, however, seemed having run aground against a rock called Crystal Dynamics, which through some statements, denied any possible connection between Marvel Avengers and the universe created by Insomniac Games. While the players began to resign themselves to the idea of ​​reliving a period corollated by videogame productions dedicated to the characters of the "house of ideas" disconnected from each other, Insomniac Games and PlayStation surprised everyone by presenting Wolverine and leaving, in fact, to understand that their The desire to create a Marvel Gamerverse whose productions are interconnected with each other has not been affected in the least.


Anyone who has played both Marvel Spider-Man and the spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales, will have thought at least once that the possibility of using both characters in the same game, perhaps with a co-op system that allows you to swing between the skyscrapers of New York in company, would be the turning point for the series. A desire that has repeatedly leaked into the maze of the web, among self-styled rumors and rumors of phantom insiders.

Insomniac, however, with the Marvel Spider-Man 2 teaser trailer seems to have wanted to feed these rumors, repeatedly showing us the potential that such a formula could offer players. After seeing Peter and Miles defeat a gang of criminals with combined attacks, our expectations are all directed towards the possibility of being able to alternate the two protagonists at will, in a system similar to what will be offered by the next Gotham Knights. br>
Creating dynamic and highly choreographic combos, trying to best combine the different skills of the two heroes, would offer Marvel Spider-Man 2 that extra bit of strategy to make the free-based gameplay more complex and satisfying -flow of the series. If we want to make a pindaric flight, we could even imagine what it might be like to live the whole experience, or part of it, in the company of another player.

In terms of game structure, however, we do not believe that there it will deviate excessively from the formula already seen in the previous chapters. New York is beautiful, works great, and still has a lot to offer when used wisely. Undoubtedly, however, Insomniac has to work hard to make the secondary missions more interesting, more varied the sections within the buildings and, possibly, offer slightly more layered boss fights.

Release date

It is useless to turn around, the wait that separates us from Marvel Spider-Man 2 is still long. The teaser trailer, in fact, ends with a lapidary 2023, which leaves little hope of being able to see something more about the game before next summer. In the meantime, we will take care to update this article whenever Sony, or Insomniac Games, release some new information regarding the title.

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