The PS5 Showcase was a hit - I'm still disappointed

The PS5 Showcase was a hit - I'm still disappointed

When everyone is in the elevator, you always need someone to come in and fart. Take on this role - in a figurative sense! - Well, I stand in the general storm of enthusiasm around the Playstation Showcase, during which a blockbuster announcement for PS5 (and partly PS4) was made and said: I would have expected more.

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1 Rise of Revan 2 Alan Wiedererwaked 3 Mediocre in the middle section 4 A Wolverine comes to a bar 5 Dignified conclusion 6 Everything has been there before 7 The grass is always greener And that, although I am actually quite satisfied. Oh, it's complicated.


God of War, Spider-Man 2, KotoR Remake and more | All information about the PS5 Showcase loadVideoPlayer ('84381', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 12, '16: 9 ', false, 1379417, false, 265878, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Playstation 5 Let's just go through the show (halfway) in the order, then it should become clear why I have my problems with the announcements.

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Rise of Revan

The Playstation Showcase was a hit - and I'm still disappointed (4) Source: Lucasfilm Games The livestream starts, after a bit of skirmish the first trailer starts . Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, a teaser hits it better. Anyway, atmospheric music, lightsaber, a familiar mask - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is back! Fine, I'm happy.

But: It's "just" a remake.

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In Japan, the PS5 recently outperformed the previous PS4 console in a certain category. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1379417,1379298'; It continues with Project Eve, if I hadn't researched afterwards, I would have thought it was a - quite nice-looking - new announcement. But no, it is a re-announcement of a card file that is now (apparently) as a PS5 exclusive. Yeah, very nice. Oh, and Rainbow Six: Extraction. Excuse me, I nodded off for a moment.

Alan Wiedererwaked

This is followed by Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which was already known, this also applies to Forspoken. But then something I'm really looking forward to - Alan Wake Remastered (which was already known)! I like the world of Alan Wake and Control, that twin peaks esque, bizarre atmosphere. Fine, I'm looking forward to it.

But: It's "just" a remaster.

Next up: GTA 5. Nope, not fine, just okay. May you forgive me that the game has now failed to generate any storms of enthusiasm. It's just a - well, what now? A remaster? A port? I do not know exactly. Anyway, everything has been there before - and yet it comes later than planned. Well.

Mediocre in the middle part

The Playstation Showcase was a hit - and I'm still disappointed (7) Source: Square Enix But now! Ghostwire Tokyo, Guardians of the Galaxy, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - three games that I have to say I really, really, really, really don't care about. Well, then came Deathloop, I want to play that. But that will appear in a few days, so it wasn't that great.

After that: An obscure experience, which is apparently intended to advertise Radiohead's new CD. Okay?

And then Tchia, something I thought was another revelation after Project Eve as well. But it's not, no, the PC version has been announced for ages. And I have to say, even as someone who quickly gets used to cute graphic styles, that has only gripped me so moderately.

A Wolverine comes to a bar

The Playstation Showcase was a hit - and I'm still disappointed (3) Source: Sony As an Uncharted fan, what I had been waiting for came: a new uncharacteristic, wait a minute, no, not. Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, now revamped to PS5 level and in one package. Nice thing.

But it's "just" a remaster.

When the next announcement was made, the nerd sensor rang in me, because a Wolverine game by Insomniac- Games, the Spider-Man developers, that's right, really exciting. It's just a shame that there was hardly anything to see and the thing is not expected to appear until around 2024 to 2050. Because - and now I'm leaving the showcase timeline for a moment - they are also working on Spider-Man 2, wuhu! And it won't come until 2023. Buhu.

A worthy conclusion

The Playstation Showcase was a hit - and I'm still disappointed (2) Source: Insomniac Games Gran Turismo 7 then looks right really impressive, especially the photo mode. But the game appeals to me just as much as a really violent slapstick (translation: not very).

Then a blast at the end, although one that is to be expected because it has already been announced and a showcase appearance is halfway was leaked: God of War: Ragnarok! I liked the predecessor very much, so it will probably be similar here.

Everything has been there before

The Playstation Showcase was a hit - and I'm still disappointed (6) Source: Sony Conclusion : A good part of what was shown was remakes or remasters. What is really exciting or exciting despite the I-know-factor like Wolverine or KotoR is sometimes still far, far away. And a lot of things that might be very good or even great don't really meet my taste.

There were almost no really innovative new announcements. These were all sequels, revisions proved successful brands, the little that seemed unique was not that new after all (Project Eve, Tchia). And I like to be convinced of the opposite, but don't think that the Radiohead experience Kid A Mnesia: Exhibition will be THE thing that will rock the gaming world in 2021.

The grass is always greener

So am I disappointed? No, as mentioned, I sat there after the showcase and thought "yeah, Sony has just won the gaming year again". And that's true, hardly anyone else can keep up with this portfolio.

With a little time lag and if you unravel the event, you quickly come across the places where there was trickery, because at least the next few months are not really a PS5 parade, they are dominated by familiar and warmed-up people.

Is that bad? Probably not, at least I personally am a glorified nostalgic who is even happy to be able to relive old ham, even if, on a logical level, I have my problems with the constant returners. But it is already quite low in tension.

I am probably just an old, frustrated man who is never satisfied with anything and who breaks everything that is beautiful. Hey, there is a reputation to defend!

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