Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that!

Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that!

Nintendo Switch OLED

No, the Nintendo Switch Pro at E3 2021, nothing came of it. But a few weeks later - halfway through. Then it was unveiled, the Nintendo Switch OLED, and almost all of the rumors in advance were confirmed: a better, larger screen, matching the name with OLED technology, a more stable base, a new dock . Without any question, the thing looks pretty valuable.

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1 Dock, Dock, Dock, Goose 2 Why all this? 3 Learn from your mobile phone 4 Give us your money 5 How to cut bread 6 What does the future hold? However, almost all of the predictions were true. And what is missing is unfortunately the most relevant point: more power. Yep, the Nintendo Switch (buy now) OLED not only has a somewhat stupid name, but also exactly the same performance under the hood as before.


Switch OLED announced | New console with better display loadVideoPlayer ('84011', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 0, '16: 9 ', false, 1375603, false, 260784, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Nintendo Switch Well, of course all the "leaks" were unconfirmed, but more hardware power, that could actually be assumed when a new device arrives. The Switch is now groaning and groaning with every title, even halfway demanding, and also: The Nintendo Switch Lite was used to supply the mobile gaming group, now it HAD to be the turn of those who preferred TV, right? The reports about extrapolated 4K using deep learning couldn't just be out of thin air?

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Dock, Dock, Dock, Goose

Well: yes. And so there is exactly one advantage for home gamers through the new switch, and it is not in the console itself, but in the dock, namely the LAN connection for a more stable Internet. Since it looks like the dock is also compatible with the Ur-Switch, that's not really a point for the OLED either.

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Nintendo Switch XL instead of Nintendo Switch Pro? Bloomberg is making headlines with new hardware upgrade rumors. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1375603,1375388,1375366,1375316,1367997'; So everything that the new version brings with it is intended for mobile gamers. And then I ask myself what is the point of this thing at all.

Why the whole thing?

Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that! (5) Source: Nintendo Of course, some Nintendo fans just grab it on principle when there is a hardware revision. And without any question, this should be the go-to-switch for new buyers who cannot be lured by the low price of the Lite, or for those whose old device is slowly falling out of the glue.

But otherwise? Instead of tackling the real problems of the aging Switch, Nintendo puts a ribbon on it and covers its ears.

Don't get me wrong, a Nintendo Switch Pro would not be a savior per se. In fact, I myself argued a few months ago that it wouldn't really make sense as it would be underperforming if it were just an intermediate upgrade before the real Switch 2.

Vom Learning to use a mobile phone

Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that! (3) Source: Nintendo One thought that has occurred to me over the past few months is a different one. Nintendo has since given up the console generation principle anyway, see Wii, which was only moderately stronger than the Gamecube, ditto with Wii U and now Switch, also with a view to the fact that the console cycle is completely different from that of the console Playstation and Xbox.

In addition, due to the hybrid factor, the switch is used quite differently than classic consoles. So why not just focus on the mobile market? In other words, there are sometimes more, sometimes less striking hardware upgrades at semi-regular intervals, without necessarily having to be Nintendo Switch Pro or 2 or Nintendo Humpeldumpel. When it comes to the iPhone, people now speak more of the "new iPhone" than of the respective device version.

Give us your money

Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that! (4) Source: Nintendo No, I am not advocating rip-offs here. I certainly don't need a new switch every year. But with more acceptable intervals, every three or four years, I would find such a model completely okay. And the last two or three switches would then always be able to continue playing all new games with a loss of performance before there would be a cut after every third device or so.

But instead: The Switch OLED. Of course it can be that at some point a pro will come. But then I seriously ask myself whether Nintendo already has a plan for how things should go after the Switch. If a version with more power came next year, all OLED buyers would feel ripped off for good reason. If it doesn't arrive for three years or so, you can leave it alone, because then the Switch is so antique that a real successor simply MUST come.

Like sliced ​​bread

Nintendo Switch OLED: You could have saved yourself that! (2) Source: Nintendo Probably the answer is very simple: Nintendo knows the Switch will be bought even if they don't change anything. Basically it is just a matter of giving the device, which is getting on in years and is no longer regarded as too "sexy", a slightly more modern image; now in white (in the official promo material, there will also be other OLED colors), now totally chic, and now 50 euros more expensive, although despite the better screen and the other improvements, the production of the console should now be significantly cheaper than just four years ago.

It's not stupid, but also quite lazy and also not really customer-friendly.

What will the future bring?

I'm not saying that my idea of ​​more regular hardware improvements is the yellow of the egg, certainly I haven't considered things that make this less practical than it sounds in my head. And I also think that a classic Switch Pro would not be the jack-of-all-trades that everyone would want, since a lot more power would have to be put into it than the Switch currently offers.

Nothing at all, or as in the case Making the minimum of OLED is just not ideal when you know that millions of fans worldwide are hungry for a more powerful switch. The success will probably prove Nintendo right, after the launch of the Switch OLED, the 100 million units sold should soon become a reality.

At some point, even the most loyal fans will run out of patience, and when Nintendo is left with empty pockets and can only say that you should be patient for another three years or more, then it will show whether the success streak of the Switch can come to an abrupt end.

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