E3 is back and that's a good thing

E3 is back and that's a good thing

Every now and then I build up small meta-narratives in my columns, which I've been publishing every Saturday on pcgames.de since the beginning of the year, so I like to spin threads between the individual articles.

This time I have to But I go back a little further, to an opinion article, because I wrote almost exactly two years ago, in the good, old pre-Corona times: The E3 has an expiration date.

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1 Summer Yawn Fest 2 Totally digital? 3 Wait, just wait a while 4 Yes, she's still alive 5 hands on it! In it I argue that the fair has passed its zenith, that more and more exhibitors are dropping out and that it would lose its relevance or has already lost it.

Recommended editorial content Here you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. In principle, I still hold this opinion. But there was something with a pandemic in between, and with a view to the purely digital E3 2021, which is about to begin at the time I write these lines, I am at least a touch more positive about the future of the trade fair.

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E3 is back and that's a good thing (8) Source: Lukas Schmid Lukas Schmid has been working in various positions at Computec Media and thus at PC Games, first of all as an intern, then as a freelancer, then as a volunteer, editor and meanwhile as chief editor for pcgames.de, videogameszone.de, gamesaktuell.de and gamezone.de. He loves action, adventure, action adventures, shooters, jump & runs, horror and role-playing games, you can hunt him with strategy titles, most rogue likes and military simulations. Every Saturday at around 9 a.m. he tells you in his column what is annoying or happy about him. Hate comments and love letters are welcome in the comments under the column, to [email protected] or on Twitter to @Schmid_Luki.

Summer Yawn Fest

First off as a short insert: And that in spite of that, apart by Elden Ring, really pitifully boring Summer Game Fest kick-off event, which stands for itself and is actually competition for the E3, but of course still blurs smoothly into the current hustle and bustle of the fair. I wrote the first paragraph before the SGF, now it's the day after. You are used to the fact that these shows are big promotional events - that is their primary purpose, it depends on what you make of them - but this digital waste of life went well beyond any pain threshold. Well.

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Total digital?

The E3 is back and that's a good thing (4) Source: https://www.theesa.com/ There is not really a reasonable justification for the "big ones". No E3 is needed for a digital disclosure, just social media profiles and a YouTube channel. Sure, during the show the assembled gaming community is focused on the event, but you can create a similar amount of attention with targeted teases, and then you don't have to share the limelight with twelve other games (manufacturers).

But, and that calms me down: In the end, people are more than their digital self. It is just not enough to exchange ideas via zoom, to immerse yourself in the everyday life of the other via Instagram and to write WhatsApp messages. Physical presence, meeting, seeing, ultimately offers a different quality of togetherness, and that also applies to reporting.

Wait, wait just a while

E3 is back and That's a good thing (1) Source: Electronic Entertainment Expo Correct objection: But E3 2021 doesn't offer any of that, it is a purely digital event. I think, however, that the great relevance it has from manufacturers and observers this year is ultimately an expression of longing; Longing for this "normal" that we knew until 2019. A normal, which this year only takes place in a simulated manner, but a harbinger that in 2022 everything can actually run back as it used to.

That is why Gamescom 2020 may not have really worked, we were right in the middle of it in the corona drama and an end was not even close in sight. In the end, the fair was nothing more than an unpleasant reminder that everything was in a bad way. Who knows, maybe things will work a lot better this year, with large parts of the population vaccinated, knowing that they will be able to see each other again in the Cologne exhibition halls in the foreseeable future.

This longing doesn't just come from fans - And press side: Recently, manufacturers have also received quiet inquiries about our view of allusion options with physical presence. Permanent isolation is not good for anyone.

Yes, it is still alive

The E3 is back and that's a good thing (7) Source: Finji But back to the main topic: E3 can, in 2022 Physical events, which from a purely logical point of view do not necessarily have to take place, prove themselves. No, even today, as in my 2019 column, I am saying that the great relevance revival will not take place. But at least it happens to me that I am only now really starting to appreciate the value of events like the old lady E3, and for many for whom the annual Gamescom madness was part of the routine, either from a reporting or visitor's point of view, it should be similar .

Quite apart from the fact that for many studios it's not just about jokes and frolicking and promoting their games. Indie developers in particular make contacts in Los Angeles and Cologne, find partners, and create opportunities to realize their projects. If the masses were forever dead, that would also come to an end.

Put your hand on it!

E3 is back and that's a good thing (5) Source: PC Games Ultimately, my column is, if you will, a celebration of the physical togetherness, with a focus on my industry, but also in general. I know that it has become a practice during Corona - disturbing in my opinion - to forbear usages such as the handshake in greeting, the hug, simply the interpersonal closeness even in post-pandemic times, according to the motto "It's good that you can do that now." no longer does ".

But I want to do that, I want to stand in the crowd and not fear that I will kill my grandmother with it, want to get angry because there is so much going on, rushing to appointments stressed and not as The only prerequisites for these meetings are having a reasonably stable Internet and a Discord account.

E3 is of course only a tiny piece of the puzzle on the way there, but it is still relevant for me as a player. Sure, a lot of it is stupid, the organizing organization ESA is a deeply questionable association, and there will always be too much stupid advertising, too much pomp, too much Call of Duty. Their existence through all the crises and declared decline, now with the pandemic to a special extent, is also a sign that in the end it will always go on, even if the situation is messed up. And I think that's really nice, sometimes without any cynicism.

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