Best Cheap 4K Gaming TVs | September 2021

Best Cheap 4K Gaming TVs | September 2021

Do you have a video game console at home? If the answer is yes, you should definitely consider buying a TV suitable for the purpose, which integrates well with your living room and at the same time manages not to disfigure when paired with a PlayStation, an Xbox or a Nintendo Switch. In fact, televisions, hand in hand with consoles, have gone through enormous evolutions in recent years, and even the devices present today in the low-end market are more than acceptable in terms of technical specifications and visual rendering, especially considering that TVs 4K are now accessible to all.

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If you still have an old Full HD TV at home and are thinking of changing it, do not think that to buy a 4K TV it is necessary to spend enormous sums, indeed, the prices of the TVs do they have already been lowered for some time, with huge benefits for everyone.

So sit back and let's find out together which are the best budget 4K gaming TVs you can find on the market! Before proceeding, we also remind you that on our pages you can find several guides complementary to the one you are reading, one concerning the best full HD gaming TVs, one dedicated to the best 4K LED gaming TVs ever and one to the best 4K OLED TVs. , always suitable for gaming.

Best cheap 4K gaming TVs

Hisense 43A68G, the best for value for money Samsung AU7190, the best with OS Tizen LG 43UP75006LF, the best with 43 inch Philips Ambilight 43PUS8505, for those loves Hisense 50E78GQ design, the cheapest QLED Sony KD43XH8096, the best for Playstation Hisense 50A68G, the best for value for money Hisense's proposals are among the most common for those who do not want to spend too much and still want a 4K TV lived up to expectations. The 50A68G model belongs to Hisense's line of “budget” televisions updated to 2021. Hisense TVs, compatible with all the latest smart applications, are fully compatible with Dolby Vision (an uncommon feature for the price range) and include full support for HDR 10+.

Also present. Alexa integration, to connect the TV to all other home devices that support Amazon's voice assistant. In addition to being able to use all the most common applications (Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, DAZN), Hisense 50A68G is equipped with a gaming mode, which allows you to minimize input lag. Among the connections, 4 HDMI ports are included, which avoids having to buy a splitter if you intend to connect more than a couple of devices to the TV.

Hisense's A68G line, therefore, is a great choice in the field of cheap 4K gaming TVs, especially considering that it is also possible to take home the 55-inch model for less than 500 euros.

Samsung AU7190 , the best with TIZEN operating system If you want to re-enter the field of Samsung TVs (a company that produces some of the best panels in this price range) but are willing to spend less than QLEDs, you can opt for the AU7190 series, one of the best known proposals of the Korean company in the field of LED TVs, which are still popular below 500 euros. The entire AU7190 series, updated to 2021, is equipped with various smart features, including integration with Samsung's voice assistant, Bixby, but also with Amazon's Alexa, which ensure compatibility with the respective home automation apps. The operating system, TIZEN (version of Linux adapted for televisions), finally ensures compatibility with a wide range of applications.

The cheapest of the series, the 43-inch model, starts at 429 euros, but those from 50 and 55 inches differ not so much in terms of price, which prompts us to recommend them if you have more space available (below we show the 43-inch one, but on the same page you will also find all the others, even if Samsung, a unlike other manufacturers, it does not include the thumb drive in the TV code).

LG 43UP75006LF, the best 43-inch LG is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the medium-low range of the market, and the LG 43UP75006LF is also confirmed as one of the best in 2021 if you are aiming straight for a 43-inch model, particularly competitive in price (as per LG tradition). The larger cuts are still excellent and you can consider them if you have more space, but the "little one" wins in the quality / price ratio, since you can find it almost everywhere for less than 450 euros, with frequent offers. In that price range, while not the cheapest ever, it is one of the best choices you can make. This is, on the whole, a more than worthy TV, which is definitely worth the asking price to take it home and allows you to have all the comforts of a smart device at a very low price.

Noteworthy also the fact that, despite being the least expensive of LG's 4K TVs, it is still a more than valid choice for gaming, thanks to the quad core processor and the game optimizer feature, which minimizes input lag and improves overall performance

Philips Ambilight 43PUS8505, for those who love design In recent years, Philips has identified under the Ambilight brand all its TVs dedicated to those who , during the purchase phase, he is also particularly attentive to design and wants a device that can also become a piece of furniture, thanks to the rear LEDs that allow you to illuminate the wall, creating a beautiful soft light effect. The Philips Ambilight 43PUS8505 is equipped with the P5 processor, which, in addition to synchronizing the color of the LEDs with the dominant matrix on the screen at that time, also guarantees excellent picture quality, especially in the reduction of shaking, which makes this TV particularly suitable for entertainment in general (watching movies and even playing video games).

The audio is also top-notch for the price range, thanks to the support for Dolby Atmos equalization , with 20W speakers. The operating system is Android TV, which is also included in TVs with a smaller size such as 43 or 50 inches; Finally, support for HDR 10+ is guaranteed. Prices start at € 599 for the 43 ″ model.

Hisense 50E78GQ, the cheapest QLED This year Hisense has also launched into the market of QLED TV, with the aim of further reducing the costs associated with this technology, which for the first time is approaching the threshold of 500 euros (while remaining just above). The Hisense 50E78GQ is a sort of "counterpart" of the line that you have had the opportunity to read a little above, differentiating itself due to the fact that it includes the QLED technology developed by Samsung and which generally, thanks to the Quantum Dot panel, allows for visual quality higher than traditional LED TVs. For the rest, the technical characteristics are very similar to those of the A68G line: here too, the presence of HDR in Dolby Vision format stands out. The audio sector, on the other hand, is more powerful, which goes from 14 to 20W and includes support for Dolby Atmos.

These TVs also wink at gaming, thanks to the auto low latency mode, which allows you to adjust the latency TV based on the content currently being viewed, be it a movie or a video game. The operating system is always the same: VIDAA OS, updated to version 5.0

Sony KD43XH8096, the best for Playstation The Sony KD43XH8096 is the smallest cut of the XH80 family, consisting of LED televisions characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio. We recommend the 43-inch one, since often for those who play video games and do not have a huge space available, they can be enough and advance. The TVs of this line, however, are often subject to offers, so we advise you to keep an eye on them: in case you need larger models, you could take them home by spending even less than the normal cost of the smaller one. Like any Sony television, the highlight of the KD43XH8096 is the image quality, thanks to the TRILUMINOS display, which amplifies the contrasts, and the 4K X-reality PRO processor.

The HX80 series is also equipped with the system Android TV operating, which includes various smart functions with the possibility of home automation integration and total compatibility with apps such as Netflix and YouTube (which also have dedicated buttons on the remote control). By taking advantage of the offers on Amazon, in 2021 you can take home this series of televisions at very affordable prices: of course, we are still talking about a 2020 TV line, but at the same time they are generally higher quality TVs than those that you have got to read so far. Thanks to the integrated gaming mode, the Sony XH80 are also excellent companions of both PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

How to choose the best cheap 4K gaming TV

Choosing a cheap 4K gaming TV is an operation that may seem simple, but it is not so obvious: the mistake that is made most frequently in this situation, in fact, is to think and make a choice solely on the basis of price, without taking into account the quality, which is also present, even in the low-end market. Knowing how to orient oneself among the characteristics of the televisions examined in order not to make hasty choices, therefore, is of fundamental importance to remain 100% satisfied. Below, therefore, we explain in detail what are the main points that you should take into consideration to buy the cheap 4K gaming TV that best suits your needs.

Size and price

To someone it might sound trivial, but dimensions are the first element to consider when buying a 4K TV, especially in relation to the space available at home. The variations in the price of televisions, then, have always depended on their popularity: if you are looking for a cheap 4K gaming TV, it is likely that - to save a little bit - you want to throw yourself on a 43-inch. Most of the time this can be the best choice, although if you have a very large living room, you may find yourself watching TV with binoculars! Consider the purchase, therefore, not only based on the price but also based on what you need: spending a little more for a 50 or 55 inch, if necessary to have an optimal viewing experience at home, is sometimes the right choice. Keep in mind that, if you find this or that TV on sale, you could take home the models of higher than the standard price of the smaller one.

HDR and visual quality

Talk of the resolution, in a comparison between televisions that are nominally all 4K, is almost useless, but HDR is a very important discriminant when it comes to choosing a TV suitable for gaming or the use of multimedia content. There is a standard, called HDR 10+, which is now supported by virtually all televisions even in the low-end range: before purchasing, therefore, make sure it is there. Not only that: even the type of television itself should be taken into consideration. Most of the televisions in this range are LCD with LED backlighting, each with different technologies regarding the improvement of visual quality (eg. TRILUMINOS by Sony), on which it is good to inquire, since they can constitute a very important added value. . By spending a little more, however, you can already start targeting different technologies, such as Samsung's QLED, and thus expand the options available.

Input lag and advanced features (FreeSync, G-Sync )

The element that most interests gamers when choosing a 4K gaming TV is obviously the input lag: to make a good purchase, therefore, you should compare the technologies behind each panel, both at the hardware level ( IPS, VA, TN and so on) that software (the various gaming modes customized by the manufacturers) and "cross" these data with the image quality offered by the various televisions. In this sense, the best choice is to find the right compromise: since you are not buying a monitor but a TV, in fact, the best option is to prefer a device that does not sacrifice too much visual quality when put into gaming mode. It may sound easy, but we assure you that it is not, as many TVs suffer from this problem. You should also take into account the presence or absence of support for standards such as AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-Sync: in fact, you should avoid buying a TV that includes one of the two technologies in the absence of a device that supports it, or that support the other.

Design, construction and connections

Construction and design are elements to be taken into great consideration when buying a 4K gaming TV: even the eye, after all, he wants his share. Buying a well-built TV, which makes the least possible use of plastic in favor of metal in the external body (especially in the side and front) is important to have a device that lasts over time at home. Another important element not to be underestimated are the connections present: some televisions, in this price range, have for example only two HDMI ports instead of three or four, which could be a problem for those who have more than one console at home. .

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