What the ISS guide against fake news on Covid-19 vaccines says

What the ISS guide against fake news on Covid-19 vaccines says

From the alleged sterility caused by vaccines to the disavowed theory that the virus would disappear in the summer, here are the answers of the Higher Institute of Health

(Photo: Unsplash) No, vaccines do not modify our DNA, they do not cause contagion and above all they are not an excuse to inject microchips or heavy metals into the body. From the most evidently conspiratorial and absurd theories to those that might seem more likely, there is really a lot of false news that is circulating on the anti Covid-19 vaccines. So many, that the Higher Institute of Health (Iss) has decided to publish a series of responses to the main fake news that can be found online.

“In the summer the virus disappears so it is useless to get vaccinated or wear masks ”

Unfortunately this is not the case. Despite being mitigated by the spread of vaccines, the transmission of the virus continues and the latest findings show that the epidemic is still ongoing. According to the ISS, transmission is facilitated indoors, but it is also possible outdoors in the event of gatherings, so "it is necessary to take appropriate measures".

"The more we vaccinate, the more new variants are coming out. ”

In reality it is quite the opposite. Vaccines, by reducing the circulation of the virus, decrease the chances of mutation. The variants in fact emerge thanks to the spread of infections, because by replicating, the virus also tends to mutate and transform itself. The variants currently in circulation were first detected last December, when vaccination campaigns had just started and only in very few countries.

"From the age of 19-20 and under, it is impossible for healthy subjects to die from Covid or show serious symptoms"

In Italy, from the beginning of the pandemic to July 17, there are there were 28 deaths in this age group. So even if the risk is lower than in older subjects it is still present. In any case, the purpose of mass vaccination is also to limit the circulation of the virus throughout the population, in order to avoid the development of new, more dangerous variants and to protect those most at risk.

"Vaccine manufacturers and doctors have consent signed to avoid liability"

Vaccination, recalls the ISS, is a "medical act" which requires the signature of an informed consent: to be sure that people are aware of the benefits and possible risks of administering the vaccine.

"The vaccine causes thrombosis and myocardials"

All drugs and vaccines can have side effects, they remind us always the very long and famous leaflets that also accompany a box of aspirins. Thrombosis and myocards, in addition to being among the pathologies caused by the coronavirus, are also some of the rare side effects that can derive from the anti Covid-19 vaccination. However, the ISS recalls, "precisely because of their extreme rarity" the relationship between the benefits and risks due to vaccination is in any case in favor of the benefits.

"The vaccine modifies our DNA"

Vaccines do not interact in any way with DNA, but merely give "instructions" to our cells to activate an immune response against the coronavirus.

"The vaccine causes sterility and miscarriages ”

“ At the moment ”, the ISS guide reads“ there is no scientific evidence of a negative effect on male or female fertility ”. Compared to vaccination during pregnancy, the observations made on thousands of immunized women during gestation did not reveal any increase in risks, both for mothers and newborns.

“Side effects and post vaccine deaths "

In Italy, the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) periodically publishes the report of all reports relating to suspected side effects or other adverse events and the same thing is done by the European Agency ( Ema). All data are public and freely available at this link.

"Vaccines are contagious"

The possibility of being infected, even after vaccination, exists, because no vaccine guarantees protection 100% from viruses. Furthermore, immunization takes place at least one week after the completion of the vaccination cycle and in that period of time one is still exposed to the danger of contagion. However, high coverage decreases the risk of transmission and the ability of the virus to infect vaccinated people, as well as the development of adverse effects. In fact, data from Italy and countries with an advanced vaccination campaign have shown that 9 out of 10 vaccinated people are protected from the worst consequences of the disease such as hospitalization or death.

“Vaccines cause infection "

Vaccines do not contain a live, infecting virus to be injected into the body of the person receiving the dose, but they introduce" instructions "into the body to produce fragments of the protein that the virus uses to" attach itself "to the cells, so as to stimulate an immune response. Any post-vaccination Covid-19 infection can only be caused by a contagion that occurs regardless of the vaccine.

"Covid vaccines are experimental"

All vaccines authorized and marketed they are not experimental, because they have completed and passed every step required by the experimentation phase, without skipping any of them. Therefore they are prepared after completing the process that verifies their quality, safety and efficacy.

"The short and long term effects are not known, the vaccines were produced too quickly and the only information comes from the companies ”

Vaccines are subjected to a“ pharmacovigilance ”system that begins before distribution and continues afterwards. Before being authorized, the effects of vaccines were studied on tens of thousands of individuals of different ages, including through the collection of all reports of potential adverse effects by national and international regulatory agencies. The monitoring continues continuously and through both public and private entities.

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