The Panini DC Italia releases on 12 August

The Panini DC Italia releases on 12 August

Through the publisher's official website, the Panini DC Italia releases of 5 August 2021 were made known. The first volume of the reprint of Hitman by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, that of the JSA by Geoff Johns and the third and last volume of Wonder Woman Terra Uno by Grant Morrison and Yannick Paquette.

Retrieve the Panini DC Italia news announced for September 2021 with our dedicated article.

Panini DC Italia releases on August 12

Hitman Vol. 1 - Ten Thousand Bullets

Authors: Garth Ennis, John McCrea

18.3 × 27.7 , 464 pages, hardcover, color, 41.99 €

Contains: Demon Annual (1992) # 2, Batman Chronicles (1995) # 4, Hitman (1996) # 1/14

The first volume of the deluxe edition collection of the adventures of Hitman! Tommy Monaghan is a paid killer, and a place like Gotham City offers him plenty of job opportunities! But even if he only accepts contracts on criminals, he will inevitably have to deal with a certain Dark Knight ... and it will only be the beginning of his misadventures! From the all-Irish duo composed by Garth Ennis (The Boys) and John McCrea (Spider-Man: Get Kraven).

Batman Vs Ra'S Al Ghul

Authors: Neal Adams

17 × 26, 152 pages, hardcover, color, 18.00 €

Contains: Batman vs . Ra's Al Ghul (2019) # 1/6

Neal Adams returns to write and draw a Batman story! Gotham City is under attack by a terrorist group, and Bat Man is looking for those responsible. Surprisingly, Ra's Al Ghul makes his militia available to support the police ... but can he be trusted? An unmissable volume for fans of Neal Adams, an author who made the history of the Dark Knight!

Batman 29

Authors: Peter Tomasi, Bilquis Evely

17 × 26, 48 pages, stapled, color, 5.00 €

Contains: Detective Comics (1937) # 1030/1031

There is a new enemy in the city, and his name is the Mirror! While the Bat-family is on the run from the supervillain army, in the shadows there is someone plotting ... and it's a cat and mouse game between father and son: Damian Wayne is about to return! The cycle of Peter J. Tomasi continues, this time flanked by the talented Bilquis Evely!

Batman / Catwoman 3

Authors: Clay Mann, Tom King

17 × 26, 32 pages, stapled, color, 3.00 €

Contains: Batman Catwoman (2021) # 3

Tom King and Clay Mann continue to tell the exciting exploits of Batman, Catwoman and their allies! Helena Bertinelli, the Batwoman of the future, is investigating a terrible murder ... but will Commissioner Dick Grayson help her solve the mystery? Meanwhile, in the present, the fearsome Phantom continues to terrorize the streets of Gotham City: what if Selina Kyle was in the sights?

Wonder Woman 17

Authors: Mariko Tamaki, Steve Pugh

17 × 26, 48 pages, stapled, color, 5,00 €

Contains : Wonder Woman (2016) # 765/766

Wonder Woman has a new companion, her archenemy Maxwell Lord! The strange couple is in Zandia to end a war between supervillains. The Justice League is called out, and it's up to Diana to resolve the situation! Both sides use technology from Lord Enterprises, but who shot down the Invisible Plane?

Bug! - The Adventures of Forager

Authors: Mike Allred, Lee Allred

17 × 26, 176 pages, hardcover, color, 20.00 €

Contains: Bug! The Adventures of Forager (2017) # 1/6

Hunting for the truth in a mysterious unknown realm, in the company of a young ghost and a talking teddy bear! An unlikely team wandering through alternate dimensions to save the Multiverse from the Electric General. The Allred clan in full force in a wonderful tribute to one of the most bizarre heroes born from the genius of Jack Kirby. A psychedelic journey through DC history and the huge legacy left by the King of comics!

Catwoman Vol. 5 - The Queen of Alleytown

Authors: Fernando Blanco, Ram V, Abel

17 × 26, 112 pages, paperback, color, 13.00 €

Contains: Catwoman (2018) # 25/28, DC's Crimes of Passion (2020) # 1

Catwoman is back in Gotham City after her time at Villa Hermosa… and now she has to face the aftermath of Joker War! The good old neighborhood of the Gatta is prey to drug traffickers, but Selina Kyle will take the field to stop them! Besides, who are the Alleytown foundlings? And what important help can they provide to Cat Woman?

Wonder Woman: Terra Uno 3

Authors: Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette

17 × 26, 136 pages, hardcover, color, 17.00 €

Contains: Wonder Woman: Earth One (2014) vol.3

The epic conclusion to the visionary graphic novel series by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette! Diana is now the queen of Paradise Island and must unite all the tribes for the first time in a millennium. The assault of Maxwell Lord is imminent, and to survive it will require the combined power of all the Amazons! Will Wonder Woman finally bring the message of peace to the World of Man, will she dare war to reduce her Themyscira to ashes?

Batman: Death Metal Mixtape 3

Authors: Geoff Johns, Travis Moore, Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul

17 × 26, 168 pages, paperback, color, 17.00 €

Contains: Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Last Stories of the DC Universe (2020) # 1, Dark Nights: Death Metal - The Secret Origin (2020) # 1, Dark Nights: The Last 52 - War of the Multiverses (2020) # 1

The final battle against the Darkest Knight is upon us, and with it the final fight for the entire Multiverse! Superboy Prime faces the most important challenge of all, and his redemption is at stake! Wonder Woman will lead the heroes, Superman the criminals and Batman the army of the dead ... because before the end everyone will have to do their part!

JSA by Geoff Johns Vol. 1 - The Old Guard

Authors: Geoff Johns, James Robinson, AA.VV.

17 × 26, 392 pages, hardcover, color, 36.00 €

Contains: JSA: Secret Files (1999) # 1, JSA (1999) # 1/15

Three generations of heroes come together in the JSA! Superheroes of the present and legends of the past train to save one of them! With the participation of Wildcat, Flash, Starman, Hawkgirl, Hourman and many more. Here begins the reissue of one of Goeff Johns' most acclaimed cycles, the one that launched his career!

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