Lucca Comics & Games 2021 is back in attendance, it's official

Lucca Comics & Games 2021 is back in attendance, it's official

Lucca Comics & Games 2021 is back in attendance

Lucca Comics & Games 2021 will take place in attendance. However, the experimentation of Lucca ChanGes 2020, which brought the event throughout Italy, of which some initiatives will return, is not archived. The announcement was made by the organization, which also revealed the dates of the event: from 29 October to 1 November 2021.

All the appointments and meetings of the new edition of Lucca Comics & Games yes they will carry out following the health regulations in force, which moreover could change between now and the end of October. However, this is the first step towards the normalization of the situation.

After an intense dialogue with the institutions, with the main publishers and exhibitors, a formula has been chosen in which the possibility for visitors to fully enjoy the Festival in peace of mind and safety remains the highest priority: according to current provisions, access will be limited to around 20,000 visitors per day, who will be able to access with a nominal ticket and available only through online presale. To ensure the sustainability of the entire event and controlled management, the reconquest of the physical dimension will pass through largely renovated spaces, giving priority to pre-existing locations and physical buildings over the more classic temporary pavilions, which in any case will not be entirely absent.

All the official initiatives of the Festival will be for the exclusive access of ticket holders, including the conference rooms, the Junior Area or the exhibitions (free in previous editions). While the city of Lucca remains open to access, except for possible restrictions with general validity decided by the authorities, in the city area there will be no organized free entrance activities and all the initiatives and events will take place in the actual festival venues (accessible only with ticket). To the fans and curious of the Festival and to the aficionados of the different areas, it is strongly recommended to arrive in Lucca only after purchase in advance. There will also be musical and competitive cosplay activities, which will take place only in controlled access and limited number locations.

Map Lucca Comics & Games 2021 Lucca Comics & Games 2021 will be organized in districts: the central pivot of the comic will remain Piazza Napoleone, which will see its iconic pavilion confirmed, as well as Palazzo Ducale and the historic spaces of the Palazzetto dello Sport , in which the festival was held until 2005 and in which it returns after more than fifteen years; the variegated universes of the game will find their place in the Real Collegio and in the Cavallerizza area; the world of Japan conquers the wide spaces of the Polo Fiere in Lucca; the Music & Cosplay area will be hosted in the San Francesco complex.

The multi-channel approach already experimented with Lucca ChanGes remains confirmed, allowing people from all over Italy (and not only!) to participate in the Festival even at a distance: the events in streaming will be back, the Campfires throughout the country, the prestigious media partnership with Rai, the Off digital and live program. Visitors who do not have a ticket will therefore be able to experience a widespread dimension of the Festival, directly in their regions and cities, through digital events, appointments linked to media partners and the activities promoted in the individual Campfires.

For those who choose to come to Lucca by car, parking will be easier: visitors can reserve a place in one of the two large car parks at the Palazzetto dello Sport and at the Polo Fiere in Lucca. containment of the pandemic (masks, gatherings, Green Pass ...) will depend on the current situation and will be in line with the regulations in force.

The public will finally be able to return safely to the city they love, discovering new spaces , in a more widespread and less crowded situation in the area, in which attention to health and regulatory developments will clearly always remain a priority.

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