Huawei is looking for the best talent in the field of app development

Huawei is looking for the best talent in the field of app development

A call opens to the best ideas for HMS, with projects also supporting female empowerment in the IT sector

Huawei's stand at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai (photo: Qilai Shen / Bloomberg via Getty Images) last June 10th the inauguration event of the second Huawei HMS App Innovation Contest - 2021 Apps Up was held in Beijing (here the link to participate in the competition). For the occasion, the best developers from around the world gathered with the aim of integrating the open features of HMS Core, offering new app experiences and creating a fully connected and intelligent world. The review committee, made up of industry experts and technicians, executives from investment institutions and corporations, founders of web companies, media industry technical staff and representatives of social service organizations, provided valuable advice and support to the participating developers .

Catherine Chen, Huawei Senior Vice President and Board Member, in her opening speech entitled 'No limits to talent through collaboration', highlighted the social value of this initiative and shared an exemplary case study for encourage more and more developers to pursue their dreams, also with reference to the HUAWEI Women Developers program, thanks to which an increasing number of women working in the world of technology are demonstrating their skills and gaining greater visibility.

HMS is unleashing the enormous potential of the mobile Internet

Today 5G technologies are developing rapidly, hand in hand with the growing popularity of smart working and the need to stay constantly connected to the Internet. At the same time, mobile devices and apps have become a fundamental part of our daily life. According to App Annie's 'The State of Mobile 2021' report, the use of mobile devices has reached levels never seen before in 2020. This is also true for consumer spending, which in 2020 reached 143 billion US dollars. The report also found that consumers spent 3.5 trillion hours using apps on Android devices alone in 2020, while mobile app downloads grew 7% to a record 218 billion.

" I have reiterated on multiple occasions that we are entering a smart world, but the truth is that we are already living in an age full of apps. In fact, apps have made life and work easier than ever and this is thanks to the hard work and contributions of tens of thousands of developers, "said Catherine Chen. developers? How can it help the best stand out? And how can it enable more developers to innovate and create value for society? These are questions that Huawei frequently asks itself and seeks to answer through its HMS ecosystem and the Apps Up event.

“The HMS ecosystem goes beyond Huawei's products and services and we are opening more than just API interfaces. We hope to become a center of excellence that connects consumers, developers and third-party service providers, offering a more diverse range of services and user experiences of the highest quality. Today our AppGallery is available in over 170 countries and, through this vast network, we intend to make sure that every highly technological app and service reaches users in every corner of the world ", Chen stressed. br> With support from developers and partners globally, the HMS ecosystem is making great strides. Backed by Huawei's open and transparent approach and the pursuit of shared success, this ecosystem has become the third largest mobile app ecosystem in the world. At the end of last year, over 4 million developers were registered on HMS and more than 134,000 apps were connected to HMS Core.

Paving the way for new apps

Integrating the open capabilities of HMS, more and more developers are creating new apps that offer high value-added services to different categories of users.

In this regard, Chen shared the story of a developer who created an app called OCR Scan, recently become very popular on Huawei's AppGallery. The developer originally created this app exclusively to indulge her partner's great passion for reading. Later, however, through repeated adjustments and the introduction of optical character recognition (OCR) features provided by the Huawei platform, this app has constantly improved and has been downloaded 14 million times to date. In particular, the app has been very positively received by blind people since it can identify words from an image and therefore allows users to hear the narration of a story starting from the simple photograph of a book page.

As a suite of HMS open software and hardware capabilities, HMS Core is the foundation of the HMS ecosystem by providing a whole set of core app development services, through which developers can build applications quickly, efficiently and simple, with very low costs.

Supporting women in technology through incentive programs

At this year's competition, Huawei has made available a new incentive package, which includes prizes in cash worth $ 1 million, in an effort to engage the best developers from around the world. In addition, new award categories have been added: Best HMS Core Innovation Award, All-Scenario Coverage Award and Tech Women's Award. The latter with the aim of supporting and encouraging the most talented women to stand out in the world of technology.

"We have created female empowerment programs because we hope that an ever-increasing number of women working in the world of technology can demonstrate their skills and gain due recognition by inspiring many other women in this industry, ”said Chen. Huawei is committed to encouraging and supporting women through digital skills training programs. These programs have the main objective of ensuring gender equality in the digital world and can be implemented in any country, regardless of its level of development and the age group of the beneficiaries. To date, Huawei has implemented digital skills training programs targeting women in numerous countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Ireland, Kenya and South Africa. Currently, over 30% of trainees participating in Huawei's other ICT training programs, such as Seeds for the Future, are women. On March 8, Huawei also launched its HUAWEI Women Developers program (here is the link to submit your application).

In addition to the company's ability to drive change in the industry ecosystem and business models, the HMS ecosystem offers a clear path to digital inclusion with the emergence of new technologies. The HMS ecosystem offers a complete technical solution that includes open functionality, integrated development environments and tools, greatly simplifying the work of developers. Through this platform, developers can create more innovative apps and experiences for users in an intelligent world powered by 5G and AI. As developers use technology to change people's lives for the better, they add value to society and accelerate the speed of technological breakthroughs, thus contributing to an intelligent ecosystem in every scenario.

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