The first Ps5 prototype (V-shaped) appeared on eBay

The first Ps5 prototype (V-shaped) appeared on eBay

One of the fascinating "dev kits" of the new generation console was auctioned and then immediately retired

(Photo: @Zuby_Tech Twitter) Since its first appearance in technical drawings, the Ps5 dev kit has immediately attracted attention for the singular massive V shape almost like an engine when placed vertically. The final lines of the new generation Playstation were then very different from those of the special prototypes destined for the software development phase, giving even more charm to these very rare pieces. One of these appeared fleetingly on eBay.

The consoles included in the auction were actually two with precisely the dev kit otherwise known as Dfi-D1000aa and the Dfi-T1000aa test kit very similar to a normal one Ps5 except for the written test. After a few hours and twelve raises, the sum reached was 2850 euros, but the advertisement closed suddenly.

A PS5 Development Kit DFI-D1000AA was for sale today on eBay for a few hours # PS5 # PlayStation5 #PlayStation #DualSense #PlayHasNoLimits

- @Zuby_Tech (@Zuby_Tech) August 4, 2021

Fortunately, two users they had already documented everything on Twitter or Zuby Tech and iDCx1337. The prototype consoles appeared to be in excellent condition and were probably working as well.

PS5 Testing kit DFI-T1000AA. eBay listing got taken down

- ً (@ iDCx1337) August 4, 2021

The Ps5 dev kit that appeared on eBay (with two black DualSense supplied) has exactly the same appearance as the first concepts on the console. There is a very practical explanation behind the design: the engineers and developers carry out the tests using many kits stacked on top of each other and the V shape facilitates the ventilation of the batch and therefore the cooling avoiding knockouts from overheating.

The cause of the removal from eBay is not clear, it would be more than understandable that Sony itself has taken steps to protect itself. The dev kits are in fact used to develop content and games, they can usually count on a higher power than the final console and, as you can imagine, they can contain very precious and delicate information that it would be better to keep confidential, at least at such a short distance. from the launch of the product.

Waiting for some enthusiast to modify a Ps5 in the form of the dev kit, for videogame collectors a few more years will have to pass before putting their hand on one of the specimens made. Will it reach the incredible sums of other rare pieces?

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