The strange case of joypads for Ps5 in McDonald's version

The strange case of joypads for Ps5 in McDonald's version

The fifty-one limited edition controller was at the center of a sweepstakes in Australia, but Sony stopped it all

(Photo: McDonald's) It might have been the trashy version of the DualSense and instead Sony placed the veto, the most surprising collaboration of 2021 does not have to be done. Also because the partnerships would require an agreement on both sides and instead the Japanese brand had never granted any authorization for the special and limited edition of the McDonald's personalized PS5 controller.

French fries on the left grip, Big Mac on the right, a two-tone white-red body and the big yellow M logo in the center of the touchpad: there is no doubt that the DualSense McDonald's was a little gem. And indeed as soon as the Australian division of the fast food giant showed it, it immediately went viral.

Only fifty would have been produced, which would have been delivered to the winners of a rather unique contest, open only to residents of the Down Under. Prize contenders were expected to follow a series of online player streams sponsored by Macca - the chain's Australian nickname - Muselk and Jacko G (Overwatch), 2Twins (Minecraft), Cripsy (FIFA 21), Kiki (Night in the Woods) , Crayator (Mario Kart) and Aiden AK (World of Warcraft). The draw would have decreed the lucky ones, fifty like the years since the brand's debut in Yagoona, on the outskirts of Sydney.

The great enthusiasm for the limited edition gem lasted a few hours as Sony intervened without too much delay and McDonald's Australia announced that “Sony PlayStation has not authorized the use of its controller in promotional material relating to the Stream Week event proposed and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. McDonald's streaming week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation controllers will not be included in the giveaway ".

A great shame, but for those who want a different cosmetic version of DualSense there is always the possibility to bet on the black and red one. The rarer DualSense, on the other hand, is not a special version, but a production error with double triangle key.

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