The best waterproof cases for the smartphone

The best waterproof cases for the smartphone

The protection of our smartphone is never enough, so here are some covers and cases to keep it safe from water, dust and even snow

Photo: Catalyst The latest smartphones are able to resist water and dust without too many worries, however, the use of a waterproof case would allow us to handle even the oldest or most delicate phones, especially during a day at the beach, with greater serenity. Universal or designed for a specific model, although sometimes they can be bulky and uncomfortable, these covers are useful to protect it from liquids, sand and dust that could compromise its correct functioning: here are 5 waterproof cases for smartphones that you could decide to take on vacation .

Puro pouch case

Photo: Puro It is an IPX68 certified pouch that can house a smartphone with a large display up to 6.5 inches inside. The horizontal opening allows you to insert other very small objects such as keys, coins and payment cards into the pocket. It is available on Puro's official website for 12.99 euros in four different colors (also on Amazon with a small discount).

Catalyst Total Protection Case

Photos : Catalyst Completely sealed, Catalyst Total Protection Case is a hard case for iPhone ideal for snorkelers and hikers. Tested for diving up to 10 meters, it is equipped with a non-slip frame that improves grip and support for Qi technology and MagSafe allows you to recharge the battery without removing the case. In addition, the camera's hard casing allows you to capture photos and videos without compromising on quality. This case is available for 99.99 euros for various iPhone models and is discounted on Amazon.

Spigen A601

Photo: Spigen Capable of withstanding up to 30 meters deep, the Spigen A601 universal case is equipped with a secure locking system that can protect our most important such as banknotes, documents and mobile phone. It is compatible with smartphones up to 6.9 inches including Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and includes an adjustable lanyard. It can be ordered on Amazon for € 13.99.

Water Bag SBS

Photo: SBS In this low cost solution, the hermetic seal offers a valid protection from liquids and sand and allows you to interact with the touchscreen of the device without removing it from the case. It can hold smartphones with a maximum size of 14.2 x 7.2 cm - approximately 5.5 inches. It costs 9.99 euros.

Lifeproof FRĒ Series

Photo: Lifeproof Constructed using 60% recycled plastic, Lifeproof's FRĒ series covers fully protect the smartphone from falls and water up to 2 meters deep for one hour. It does not significantly alter the size of the device and also offers protection from snow. The manufacturer has released these covers for various iPhone models (and for the Samsung Galaxy S) starting at € 79.99, but they are cheaper online.

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