How the new 350 million euro auto eco-bonus works

How the new 350 million euro auto eco-bonus works

The Sostegni bis decree has allocated new funds, accessible from 2 August through the portal of the Ministry of Economic Development. Discounts of up to 10 thousand euros for low-emission vehicles

(photo: Getty Images) After the "refueling" provided by the Sostegni bis decree, the eco-bonus for the purchase of low-carbon emissions vehicles restarts with a further 350 million euros in the tank and an extra gear: incentives will also be recognized to buy used cars, as long as they are Euro 6 and with scrapping attached. In this new case, the limit of emissions allowed to access the bonus is raised to 160 grams per kilometer (g / km), compared to the standard threshold of 135 g / km.

The booking of the benefits started on 2 August on the dedicated portal of the Ministry of Economic Development for private vehicles (, from 5 August it will also start for commercial ones. The rule regarding used vehicles is valid since 25 July, but the actual booking of the bonus will require a technical update of the site, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

In detail, the contribution is 1,500 euros for the purchase, with scrapping, of vehicles with emissions between 61-135 g / km (200 million euros in total). For the extra bonus and the purchase of vehicles with emissions between 0-60 g / km of carbon dioxide, the contribution amounts to 2 thousand euros with scrapping and a thousand without (60 million). Being cumulative with the bonus for the purchase of electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles provided for by the 2019 Budget law, in force until the end of the year, and with the discounts recognized by the dealership traveling in conjunction with state incentives, the concessions can reach up to 10 thousand euros in the case of scrapping of a vehicle 0-4 euros for the purchase of a vehicle with emissions between 0-20 g / km (6 thousand euros without scrapping). In the case of emissions between 20-60 g / km, the figure drops to 6,500 with scrapping and 3,500 without.

A total of 50 million are then allocated for the purchase of commercial and special vehicles, of which 15 exclusively for electric vehicles. Among the novelties of the decree there is the possibility of purchasing this type of vehicle with financial leasing. Regarding the used M1 category, the contribution can be worth 750, one thousand or 2 thousand euros, calculated on the basis of three emission bands (40 million euros in total). The car to be scrapped must be registered before January 2011 and the car to be purchased must not be worth more than 25 thousand euros.

As always, this is not a click day: the dealers registered on the portal in the Dealers Area with their identification data they will be able to place the order and book the incentive. After booking, you will then have up to 180 days for the delivery of the vehicle. The measures related to the Ecobonus are intended to modernize the circulating fleet. According to Acea data (associations of European car manufacturers), Italy is among the markets with the greatest growth in electricity: 21,647 plug-in cars registered from April to June, with a year-on-year increase of 659.3%.

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