The best moments of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021

The best moments of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021

Also this year, for the second edition in a row, the largest European video game fair, Gamescom, is forced to surrender to the pandemic emergency that still rages in every corner of the globe and to deviate towards a completely digital version broadcast in live streaming.

The industrious industry of our favorite medium, however, does not stop and, after delivering the panel dedicated to Xbox yesterday, he returns to speak to the insatiable hordes of connected fans from all over the world to admire all the latest news from this magical and glittering universe.

The kick-off represented by Gamescom Opening Night Live was, in all likelihood, the most succulent dish of this banquet, one of the most dense events of reveal and surprises of the whole year.

The matador part of the event, as often happens lately, went to the unwavering Geoff Keighely, an authentic pillar of the industry who, thanks to a creed by now consolidated ability and an enviable charisma, he managed to forge a collaboration relationship with some of the main publishers on the market and carve out an important role in the most important ceremonies dedicated to the world of video games.

In this article we have collected all the best moments of the evening, including welcome confirmations and some unexpected bolt from the blue.


The event, which lasted about two hours, opened with the first of the great world premieres presented during the show, anticipated in the previous days by some sibylline announcements on the social pages of the relative publisher: the Saints Row reboot is reality.

Volition and Deep Silver return to the roots of their most famous and acclaimed creature with a complete reinterpretation of the origins of the Saints gang in an absolutely new setting: that of Santo Ileso. It is a city in full development inspired by the typical landscapes of the southwest of the United States and the scene of a fierce war between three different criminal gangs that compete for dominion over the territory, sowing panic in the streets.

It will be up to a new group of Saints to gather to try to put a spanner in the works of the other organized crime groups and bend the city of Santo Ileso to their will.

If you are curious to know more about this reboot of Saints Row expected in early 2022, here's our preview!

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Immediately afterwards, what was undoubtedly the most unexpected and imponderable announcement of the live broadcast. The trailer, which at first could suggest a new update for Marvel's Avengers, given the presence of recognizable heroes such as Captain America and Iron Man, then began to show a plethora of characters currently unavailable in the latest Crystal Dynamics effort, leaving to understand that it was something completely new.

Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Blade and many others chased each other on the screen while from an ancient sarcophagus the one that will probably be the main one was awakened antagonist of the adventure: Lilith, the mother of demons.

The title of the game is Marvel's Midnight Suns but the real surprise was yet to come. At the end of the clip, on the notes of a wonderful cover of Enter Sandman by Metallica, the people responsible for this new project have been revealed: the publisher is 2K Games and, incredibly, the developers are the talented Firaxis, already authors of the splendid management series Sid Meier's Civilization and the last two chapters of XCOM.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will therefore be a strategic RPG along the lines of XCOM and will hit the market in March 2022 on all platforms available on the market. The gameplay will be shown in depth in a dedicated live on September 1st.

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On the stage of the Gamescom Opening Night Live there was also space for an in-depth look at the campaign of the new Call of Duty: Vanguard, which we told you about in the preview.

The video, in addition to confirming the already excellent impressions we had during the presentation event, had the task of shedding light on one of the four characters who will alternate on the screen in the single player mode.

Let's follow the first steps of Polina Petrova, played by actress Laura Bailey, and inspired by the legendary Russian sniper Lyudmila Michajlovna Pavličenko, as she silently makes her way behind enemy lines in Stalingrad, without disdaining some choreographic shooting along the I walk. The long section of the campaign in question showed the incredible environmental destructibility guaranteed by the new iteration of the IW Engine, the excellent direction with a cinematic cut and even some platforming phases.

Waiting to try the game in the Alfa session dedicated to the new Hill of Champions mode coming this weekend, we remind you that Call of Duty: Vanguard is expected for November 5th this year on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PS5.

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The big absentee at Gamescom's Xbox conference returned to make his power felt the next night, that of the Opening Night Live. Halo: Infinite is alive and in better shape than ever and finally has a release date: December 8, 2021. There are, therefore, only a little more than three months before you can experience this ambitious 343 Industries shooter, undoubtedly one of the more enticing proposals from the Xbox Game Studios catalog.

Unfortunately there was no way to see it in action as the developers opted for a short CGI video presentation that anticipates the start of the first season of multiplayer but, having tried it in the early access phase a few weeks ago, we can confirm that it is a really solid and fun shooter that follows all the canons that have made the Halo series great.

Microsoft Furthermore, it has well thought of setting the proverbial ace with the announcement of a wonderful Xbox Series X console celebrating Halo's twentieth anniversary in a limited edition and an equally enchanting Elite 2.0 controller c with the colors of Master Chief's armor. The wallet, sincerely, thanks.

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Announced over a year ago and then abruptly disappeared from the radar, The Outlast Trials is the third installment of Red Barrels' acclaimed independent horror series. After surviving the horrors of the psychiatric hospital in the first episode and the insane religious cult in the village of the second, The Outlast Trials takes us to face yet another sadistic experiment conducted by the evil Murkoff Corporation.

As guinea pigs from the laboratory in this brutal 'game' set in the years of the Cold War and with the concept visibly inspired by the Saw film saga, users will be able to connect in online co-op for the first time in the history of the series and collaborate to try to bring home the skin in a disturbing setting full of pitfalls.

Stealth mechanics will still play a fundamental role in the game's formula but the trailer suggests that there will also be other ways to get rid of the monsters and other amenities that populate the corridors of this gloomy structure.

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And here we are at the most bizarre, abstract and magnetic title of the whole event: Dokev, by Pearl Abyss. The Korean developers, already head of the news for the MMO Black Desert Online and for the upcoming action known as Crimson Desert, are packaging a new open world MMO that does a little bit of the verse to Pokémon and that will allow you to collect dozens and dozens of different creatures to be used in combat.

The trailer, to tell the truth, does not help to understand what the mechanics behind the project will be, but it is an authentic riot of colors, visual effects and lights, all emphasized by a technical sector that is nothing short of astounding and by an artistic direction of absolute value.

Knowing the pedigree of Pearl Abyss and the delays to which they have accustomed us in terms of development times, however, we would not advise you to hold your breath while waiting for this Dokev to come out. The fact that something like this exists can make us smile but, at least until we have it in our hands, it will remain a simple, beautiful suggestion.

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Ubisoft's Far Cry series is peppered with a plethora of beautifully crafted open world action, graced by some of the most memorable characters ever to appear in the gaming medium. How can we forget, in fact, antagonists of the caliber of Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min or Joseph Seed? They were the archetypes of the perfect villains: ineluctable, violent, relentless.

Well, it's time to take the next step. Far Cry 6 takes us to the delightful island of Yara, a true tropical paradise subjugated by the dictatorship of President Anton Castillo, played by the histrionic Hollywood actor Giancarlo Esposito, already appreciated in the role of Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad and Moff Gideon in the series of The Mandalorian.

Castillo is an unscrupulous, atrocious dictator intent on transforming Yara into a kingdom of peace and unity, at the cost of crushing the rights (and lives) of defenseless local citizens.

To make things difficult for him there is a fierce armed resistance group which includes our protagonist Dany Rojas, determined to fight the El Presidente militias street by street, to free the island from the oppressor. Will they succeed?

Far Cry 6 is scheduled for October 7, 2021 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and Google Stadia.

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It thundered so much that it finally rained. After weeks of rumors and rumors, Guerrilla Games has publicly responded to the rumors that Horizon: Forbidden West was postponed to 2022. The bad news is that, sometimes, rumors contain a grain of truth: Aloy's second adventure in the lands. of the west is now scheduled to launch on February 18 next year.

Game director, Mathijs De Jonge, has confirmed that due to the difficulties arising from development in times of pandemic and with a view to offering the cleanest and most complete experience possible, the studio has decided to postpone the release of Forbidden West for a few months in order to give the team more time.

In the meantime, however, the first incarnation of Horizon, Zero Dawn is about to receive the long-awaited PS5 patch that will allow players to enjoy Aloy's first stunning epic in a glorious 60fps format with improved resolution. If you haven't gotten to tackle the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon yet, now is the best time to do it!

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The Director's Cut edition of Death Stranding has closed the roundup of announcements, reveal and confirmations of Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021. The extraordinary work of Hideo Kojima, one of the most intense and of the last generation of consoles, is coming to PS5 in a technically improved edition enriched with a significant amount of new content.

Sam Porter Bridges can now rely on a series of new tools to cross the desolate territories proposed by the game as useful stabilizers to cushion the landing after long jumps; a powerful catapult to quickly move groups of objects on the map and, even, a passive means of transport that Sam can use to be chauffeured from one point to another. They are additions of considerable weight to the game formula devised by the master Kojima, some of which could radically modify the gameplay. For better or for worse? We can't say for sure yet.

As if that weren't enough, Death Stranding: Director's Cut also includes some new missions for the main campaign, several secondary activities to be carried out between one quest and the next (such as the shooting range and the possibility of facing the already defeated bosses again) and also of the race tracks for the vehicles present in the game.

In short, the meat in the fire is so much and if you have not yet had the opportunity to experience the inspiration creative of one of the greatest exponents of the world gaming industry, this could be your golden opportunity.

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