Stellantis teams up with Apple's connected car supplier

Stellantis teams up with Apple's connected car supplier

A joint venture between the Taiwanese giant and the fourth largest car manufacturer in the world aims to intercept the increasingly rich market for cloud services for cars

The Stellantis logo (media kit) Encourage the development of connected vehicles through intelligent cockpit solutions, connected to cloud services and infotainment and telematic applications: this is the goal of Mobile Drive, the joint venture set up by Stellantis and Foxconn three months after the signing of the memorandum of understanding. The two companies will have equal shares of ownership within the new company, which combines the skills of the Taiwanese giant in the field of precision microelectronics, Apple's historic supplier, and the fourth largest automotive manufacturer in the world, born in January from the merger between FCA. and Peugeout.

Mobile Drive's software innovations will include artificial intelligence-based applications, navigation, voice assistance, ecommerce store operations and payment service integration. The hardware innovations will be linked to the intelligent cockpit and the telematics box. Mobile Drive aims to become a global leader in this type of connected vehicle solutions, planning to make them available in the future not only to all Stellantis vehicles, but also to third-party vehicle manufacturers, expanding the reach and impact of the joint venture.

Market analysis

"CEO Carlos Tavares has two challenges that can decide the fate of Stellantis in the long term: China and the electricity sector. For both of these objectives the joint venture with Foxconn could be very useful ”, observes Filippo Diodovich, market strategist of Ig, a trading company. The automotive cloud services market will reach $ 126.7 billion by 2026, with aggregate growth of 19.7%. This was reported by a recent study by Global industry analysts, according to which the Chinese market will be $ 19.5 billion by that date, while in the United States this year it is already 13.8 billion.

The research took into consideration 11 players, from TomTom to BlackBerry, up to Ericsson and Harman International, an American company that designs devices for the automotive industry, purchased in 2017 by Samsung for 8 billion dollars. There is also interest in the sector from the technological giants. For example, Apple allows you to connect the iPhone's CarPlay application with the car's infotainment system. At Google, on the other hand, there is Android Auto, which on phones starting from the Android 12 version will be replaced by the "driving mode" on Google Assistant Maps. This will also allow those who do not have an infotainment screen to manage the functions of the phone by exploiting the potential of Google's voice assistant.

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