The lightest luxury ebike in the world has been presented

The lightest luxury ebike in the world has been presented

Ares Super Leggera, developed by Ares and Hps, has a record weight of just 9 kilograms and a 200 watt engine that is almost invisible

(Photo: Ares - Hps) From two leading design brands and technology comes what looks like the lightest luxury ebike in the world, produced in only 24 units and with a refined and retro aesthetic that refers to the colors and lines of the seventies-eighties. The new Ares Super Leggera by Hps is the result of the union of the experience and skills on the one hand of the prestigious Modenese firm Ares di Modena, which took care of the frame and details, and on the other hand of Hps (High performance systems) known for the latest generation engineering solutions applied to sports mobility, which dealt with mechanics.

Ares and Hps have invested two years in the design of the electric bike, making use of numerous tests in the laboratory and on the road thanks to the collaboration of professional cyclists. The result is an elegant vehicle with quality materials (such as the handmade leather saddle), but with a tech and advanced soul. Above all, with record numbers: Ares Super Leggera by Hps stops the balance needle at just 9 kilograms - in the basic version - thanks above all to an advanced hand-crafted carbon fiber frame and a high-efficiency 200-watt engine. and comfort, which is imperceptibly hidden in the structure of the two-wheeler.

(Photo: Ares - Hps) In addition to the 85 Wh standard engine, with a maximum torque delivered in 15 Nm, a weight of 720 grams and an autonomy of 90 minutes, there is also the more powerful version from 193 Wh, weight of 1.2 kilos and 3 hours of autonomy. The thrust has been fine-tuned to act smoothly, without distorting the pedaling. The technologies on board the bike derive from previous Formula 1 and aerospace projects and file not only the engine, but also the other components such as the battery and the control electronics, which are placed close to the bottom bracket to the minimum possible. right balance and comfort. The data sheet includes top-of-the-range components such as Deda Elementi handlebar and stem, Campagnolo Ekar custom group and disc brakes, Campagnolo Shamal wheels and Pirelli P Zero tires.

(Photo: Ares - Hps) The sale price of the 24 specimens of Ares Super Leggera by Hps it will cost 18,950 euros and includes valuable accessories such as the Sea Sucker car bike rack, a Gioma stand and a Garmin cycle computer. Hps had recently shown another record-breaking bike, the lightest ever racing type: Domestique 1-21 Launch Edition.

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