Slam Dunk: video teaser and release period of the new animated film

Slam Dunk: video teaser and release period of the new animated film

Slam Dunk

As known from our previous articles, Slam Dunk, the legendary spokon written and drawn by Takehiko Inoue on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in the 90s, will enjoy a new animated film written and directed by the same historic author.

Slam Dunk: video teaser and release period of the new animated film

Today the official website of the project publishes a teaser video which reveals the Japanese release period set for the 2022 and part of the production staff at Toei Animation.

We can watch the teaser video below:

Regarding the staff, Maestro Inoue directs and writes the script of the project, Yasuyuki Ebara (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ) is credited with the role of character designer and animation manager, among those responsible for the execution of the project are Katsuhiko Kitada (episodes of The Attack of the Giants, Major: Yujo no Winning Shot), Naoki Miyahara (Digimon Adventure, Popin Q), Toshio Ohashi (LayereD Stories 0) and Yu Kamatani (Looking for Magical DoReMi, Precure Super Stars!).

Further details are currently unknown, including film title and overseas release window. but as soon as we know more we will inform you.

Slam Dunk: the manga and the anime

Slam Dunk was serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) from 1990 to 1996 and is been collected in 31 tankobons. The manga was published in Italy by Planet Manga in 1997; in 2010 the rights passed to d / visual which re-released it in an edition based on the Japanese deluxe in 24 volumes.

Planet Manga has re-launched the series in a new edition based on the one released in Japan in 2018 in 20 volumes. We strongly encourage you to retrieve this version of the manga with the 1st issue available on Amazon.

The series enjoyed an anime adaptation in 1993. It is a single series of 101 episodes plus four OAVs. In Italy, the anime series aired on MTV and was released on home video for Yamato Video. To you, below, a plot:

“Hanamichi Sakuragi has fiery red hair, is very tall, has a grim air and is a well-known brawler, so it is not surprising that in the years of middle school managed to be rejected by as many as fifty girls. Arriving at Shohoku High School in Kanagawa prefecture, however, everything changes, when the beautiful and sweet Haruko approaches him curiously from her height to ask him a simple question: "Do you like basketball?" That was enough for the hooligan to get excited and think of finding himself in front of a new chapter of his youth. Following the girl in the school gym, he learns for the first time of the existence of the "Slam Dunk", a powerful dunk to the basket, the highest expression of the sport. Without any notion of him - the redhead had no idea that it was necessary to approach the basket by dribbling, and not holding the ball in his hand - Hanamichi jumps to the basket with the intent of crushing and then slamming his head into the backboard. However, the fool has not prevented him from impressing his new crush who will urge him to join the basketball club, where, however, the real battle for Haruko's heart will begin: he will be able to convince his older brother Takenori Akagi, captain of the team, to make him play? And in that case he will be able to play as a team with Kaede Rukawa, a very young champion and great love of Haruko? “

Slam Dunk Anime Movie Gets First Official PV Teaser and Release Window

Written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk is a popular Japanese manga series. Shueisha serialized the manga back in 1990, and with a total of 31 volumes, the manga concluded in 1996. Toei Animation also released its anime adaptation in 1993, and it ended three years later, in March 1996.

The manga series follows the journey of Shōhoku High School’s basketball team. With more than 157 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling manga. That’s why the entire community got excited when Takehiko Inoue announced that a new Slam Dunk anime movie is in production.

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    Slam Dunk Anime Movie: Release Window and Trailer

    Toei Animation, the studio that worked on the original Slam Dunk anime series, is producing the upcoming anime movie. Interestingly, author Takehiko Inoue is personally working on the script and is directing the film.

    Very little is known about the plot, and we still don’t have an official title for the movie. However, recently, the official website for the Slam Dunk movie released the first PV teaser. Along with the new teaser, the website also confirmed that the film would release sometime in 2022. However, we’ll have to wait a little longer for an exact release date.

    Talking about the first teaser, it doesn’t reveal any characters from the movie. Instead, it features incredible music and lists all the staff members working hard on the project. In case you’re wondering what the PV teaser actually looks like; here you go, take a look at it:

    映画『SLAM DUNK』(タイトル未定)【2022年秋公開】

    Of course, the studio would give us more details about the upcoming movie in the future. So, we’ll definitely update you as soon as more information pops up. Meanwhile, you can read the manga’s English version on Viz. Also, all episodes of the Slam Dunk anime are available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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