Scuf Instinct PRO | Review

Scuf Instinct PRO | Review

The new Scuf joypads for Xbox Series X | S, also compatible with PC, are finally available and allow a total configuration, both functional and aesthetic, to get the best out of your gaming experience. If you already know Scuf products then you will already know everything, or almost everything, about these joypads, which differ from the originals of the consoles in small details which, however, are able to make a difference in the hands of an enthusiast. If, on the other hand, you are casual gamers, a somewhat unfortunate translation of "casual gamers", that is, those who play in their spare time, you may not appreciate all the small improvements of these Joypads, but still want to buy or give one for the aesthetic customization component. .

The model we tested is the Instinct Pro, which joins the Instinct (non Pro), from which it differs for the presence of two additional features: the instant triggers and the "high-performance grip" ”, That is a rubber insert in the underlying part that allows a more solid and safe grip. Although we notice the difference between an original Xbox joypad without a rubber grip and the Instinct Pro, we believe that it is the instant triggers that make the real difference: a small switch located underneath allows you to transform the analog trigger into a button with a dry click. and a very short stroke, similar to that of the D-Pad. You can activate this feature on the single trigger and it will give you a real advantage in those games where reaction speed is everything.

Moving on to a comparison compared to the original Xbox joypad, the front triggers (in analog mode) need more force to be activated, and therefore allow greater pressure control. The front buttons (LB and RB) behave almost the same way, while the main buttons (ABXY) communicate a feeling of greater immediacy (probably the stroke is slightly shorter, but very little). The D-Pad is identical, but the Scuf's switches, in general, are softer (but no less immediate) and less noisy. The two analog joysticks, in terms of activation force are not different, but the feeling changes according to the type of joystick you will install, in terms of height and shape, whether concave or convex. In our case we have opted for a higher right joystick, which allows you to be more precise in your movements, for example when aiming.

In the lower part there are further four buttons, with a very short stroke and profile Bass. As with all joypads with buttons on the underside, sometimes it happens to press them without noticing it, so you will have to be careful if you want to use them. In addition to the basic functions of the standard controllers, on the Scuf we also find a "mute" key and a "profile" key that allows you to store up to three different profiles for the keys below. The mapping of the buttons is done simply by holding down the profile key until the control LED flashes and then simultaneously pressing the button below and that of the command you want to associate with.

The shape of the handle is no different compared to the original joypad, or at least if there are differences they are only in the details and are not perceived by handling it, while you immediately perceive the higher weight equal to 315 grams, a handful more than the 282 grams of the original model (with batteries included). The battery cover is magnetic, as is the top cover, which is very easily removed by applying a little pressure on the top edge. This solution allows you to quickly intervene to replace single buttons or elements, while once in place it is solid and does not move.

As for customization, as with previous models, it is possible to create a unique design. In our case we opted for a sober design, with a mix of light gray, black, white and red, recalling the colors of our logo. The end result is, in our opinion, a very elegant design. We have chosen a classic D-Pad, while it is possible to option the cross solution, and the higher right joystick for greater precision and control. Too bad for the impossibility of choosing a different color for the lower part, which will remain black, as well as the four lower programmable buttons.


The user experience is not in discussion, considering that it improves the quality and accuracy of the original Xbox Series X | S joypad, which is already good. The customization is high, even if not total, it still allows you to create many customizable designs. The price is far from low, so it is only recommended for true passionate gamers who spend many hours in front of the console or PC.

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