Pokémon Unite: From Beginner to Pro - Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Unite: From Beginner to Pro - Tips and Tricks

Pokémon Unite

Have you already been able to play Pokémon Unite and wanted to improve, or are you brand new and would like to learn a few tricks in advance? Then you are exactly right here. We played the game extensively and were already able to achieve a high rank in the ranked segment. So we can say with great certainty which mistakes most beginners make and how best to avoid them. In the following guide we want to introduce you to our best tips and tricks for the game. If you have no idea about the game, you are welcome to take a look at our test.

Table of contents

1 Be a team player! 2 Communication is essential 3 Scoring correctly leads to victory 4 Concentrate on goals 5 Play clever

Be a team player!

The first and by far the most important point is: work together as a team. As obvious as it might sound, the biggest mistake many players make is not working with their teammates. It starts with the choice of Pokémon. Far too often you see that players just want to play their favorite Pokémon and that the roles of the team are not fully occupied. Sometimes you even see teams consisting of three speed stars, one of which is completely sufficient. If this team now meets an evenly balanced one, it is almost inevitable who will win here. So when choosing a Pokémon, be sure to check which roles your teammates are already fulfilling through their choices. By the way: In the Pokémon selection screen, the missing roles are displayed in the lower right corner.


Pokémon Unite: Trailer for the switch launch of the Pokémon MOBA loadVideoPlayer ('84066', '& sAdSetCsategory = artikel_featured', 6, '16: 9 ', false, 1377039, false, 276478, 260, false, 0, '', '', false); Speaking of roles, you should learn to play them properly. Nobody, including yourself, benefits from attacking you and being torn apart by the opposing team within a second. So look at how each role is played. A small overview of roles will help you to get an overview. Source: Pokémon Company

Communication is the alpha and omega

Another point on the subject of teamwork: Talk to each other. Use the in-game chat, for example, to request help or to warn allies of approaching enemies. If your team members are experienced MOBA veterans, you can even understand each other almost without words, as they know exactly when to be where. And so we come to the next point. Learn the map and the exact spawns of the wild Pokémon as well as the spawn times by heart. Source: Pokémon Company

Scoring correctly leads to victory

Play towards your goals and not towards kills. A common mistake is that players think kills lead to victory. But that's not the case in Pokémon Unite. Because kills don't bring you anything if you don't try to convert collected Pokéballs into points. So always keep in mind that as soon as the opportunity arises, you should always hand in your points. Better to play it safe and, if in doubt, hand in fewer balls at once than many at once with the risk of failing. The more balls you have, the longer it takes to convert them to points and you lose more balls when you die. So it should be part of the routine to drop balls early. If you have defeated your lane opponents, you should, for example, immediately rush to their goal zone and score. This also brings some experience.

Many new players try, in their desire to eliminate them, to pursue their opponents as far as their goal zone. This is usually not worthwhile, as the person being persecuted in this way is immediately provided with a shield and healing as soon as he reaches the zone. The tide can then turn drastically and you cannot deal enough damage to counter the healing. So not only will you not get a kill, but you will most likely also die trying to catch the other player. Only experienced players can take this risk in some situations. But in general, you'll do better if you just focus on catching wild Pokémon and wait for the right moment. Sometimes things just don't go as hoped. Keep your head up and go on. Source: PCGames

Concentrate on goals

You should also keep an eye on the stronger, wild Pokémon such as Rotom, Kamalm and Zapdos. These spawn at certain times. Good players know this well and adjust their style of play accordingly. Rotom on the top lane and Kamalm on the bot lane give you the opportunity to build up a head start early on in the game. Zapdos in the middle of the arena is a real game changer at the end of the game, so don't let him out of your sight. In order to defeat the wild Pokémon, the right timing is necessary. If you just start fighting the mini bosses, the enemy team can snatch your catch from under your nose at the last moment. To prevent this from happening, you must always be in control of the situation. Either you fight the bosses while the opposing team is currently eliminated, or you turn off a Defender as a scout and let him make sure that the opponents don't come to you quickly enough. With Charizard's Unite Move you can also fight quite well under the opponent's goal. Source: PCGames

Play cleverly

Another strategically useful tip is to avoid attacks with dunks. If you stand at the goal of your opponent and start to throw, they usually rush over and shoot with everything they have to offer. The moment you dunk you are invulnerable and avoid all attacks. Therefore, when defending your goal, you should always perform a normal attack first to interrupt your opponent before you use your skills.

With all these tips in hand, you are now hopefully well prepared for the game. Do you have any more tips about the game? Tell them in the comments!

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