Disgaea 6 in the test: crisp strategy fun for Nintendo Switch

Disgaea 6 in the test: crisp strategy fun for Nintendo Switch

Disgaea 6 in the test

Disgaea 6 is a complex game, a big game, and a Switch-exclusive game - that's why we're only too happy to present you our review. As the number in the name suggests, this is the current part of a whole series. The series has been popular so far, especially in Japan and on the Playstation, insofar as you theoretically don't need any previous knowledge to get into the tactical role-playing game. All mechanics will be yours - if you wish! - explained by your undead pug Cerberus. The catch: the tutorials couldn't be less interesting. First you get all the steps played automatically and just watch, only then are you allowed to imitate all of the steps.

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Holding hands a little

Depending on who is in your group, you will see someone else,

amusing final image after successfully completing a fight. Source: PC Games One has to admit Disgaea 6, however, that the developers have tried elsewhere not to deter newcomers too much. So you can access the cheat mode relatively early in the game, in which you set, for example, how much experience points you collect, and the various other options, the list of which would go beyond the scope of this article, will gradually be added in your underworld headquarters . Of course, you can also make your life more difficult in the cheat menu by reducing the advantages, even real experts benefit.

Humor and punches

And while we're with your group : You simply assemble your fellow campaigners yourself and adapt them to your wishes. Source: PC Games Typically for the genre, you move your characters across the map using a grid and turn-based. The radius of your attacks depends on the type of attack and character class. As usual in the series, Disgaea 6 pushes genre conventions to the extreme with a wink. Damage figures in the millions, counter-counter-counter attacks and more - refreshing how the developers celebrate the absurdity. Humor comes into play in many places, be it in the rough conversations or the silly final graphics after the end of a level. However, the story moments take the wind out of the sails of the game in some places, which is also due to the fact that the plot is transported in text boxes and with still images.

Disgaea 6 is certainly not a particularly nice game, in battles but the view is appropriate. Source: PC Games With the auto-scroll function, the conversations run automatically, if you don't care too much about Zed's fate. At this point we don't want to anticipate too much, just that: It's about a particularly strong demon who is up to mischief in the underworld, Zed and his companions want to turn him off. You can already guess: Because of the story, at least they play Disgaea. The title offers too many interesting mechanics on the gameplay front for that. Not only can you pick up and throw objects to open up new paths, but you can also throw your friends and opponents through the area. Just be careful when you catapult the penguin creatures called Prinnys - they will explode if they hit the ground. Strategists enjoy the countless combination possibilities, items and options.

Small, nice niche thing

Disgaea 6 (buy now € 54.99) occupies a niche in the niche, not comparable to an Advance Wars which is one of the more accessible and well-known games of its kind. That explains why you shouldn't expect the finest graphics or the most modern technology with Disgaea 6. You also have to prepare yourself for a lot of reading work, and that in English, the title does not offer German texts. The voices sound in Japanese or English. The menus are confusing, unattractive, almost antique. So the game is not easy to digest, but it is still a treat for fans of tactical role-playing games. Anyone interested in this complex of genres shouldn't let the design and presentation spoil the feast.

My opinion

By Katharina Pache

Chief Editor

[email protected] I had to enjoy Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny in small portions. Maybe it's my age or the small screens, but seeing too much text on the Switch makes me tired. I admit: Sometimes I let the auto-scroll function prevail. And the operation is sometimes awkward in combat, the menus belong to the darkest Middle Ages, but I cannot deny that both belong to the overall Disgaea package. Of course, that has to be mentioned at this point, but personally I tend to be lenient. The humor didn't get me laughing out loud, but I appreciate the fact that the game doesn't take itself terribly seriously. This also refers to the absurd amount that levels and damage values ​​reach. Will Disgaea 6 knock newbies off the stool right from the start? Probably not, the beginning is too dull and passive for that. But I don't think you have to be a hardcore tactics pro to win something from this Switch-exclusive adventure. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny (NSW) 7/10

Graphics - Sound - Multiplayer - Pros & Cons Tactically complex fun for strategists Very extensive and with dozens of options Drives genre conventions to the extreme Newcomers can explain everything let ... ... but the explanations are very dry. Unintuitive operation, confusing menus. Story is too lengthy in some places.

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