PlayStation, unveiled a millionaire deal with Epic Games

PlayStation, unveiled a millionaire deal with Epic Games


The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games has unveiled a millionaire deal involving PlayStation and the producer of Fortnite and Unreal Engine. A deal that if accepted would have completely changed the scenarios of the PC gaming world, with the Sony games that would have been accommodated exclusively on the store of Tim Sweeney and associates for a monstrous figure and probably never seen before in today's market.

In fact, during the last few days, several documents related to agreements that Epic Games would have tried to establish with third parties have emerged during the lawsuit. In this case we are talking about a 222-page exclusivity agreement that offered Sony a whopping $ 200 million to publish four PlayStation first party games on the Epic Games Store. In reality, the offer was based on a range that included a maximum of six stocks but it never materialized. There are, at least for now, indications on a possible answer. In fact, the document speaks of "waiting for an answer", probably never arrived or in any case still kept secret in another document.

The 222-page document, in any case, also includes other market strategies of Epic Games. In addition to the PlayStation games, in fact, it seems that Tim Sweeney and associates have also tried to contact Microsoft and Nintendo. In the case of the Redmond company, in fact, Epic Games had emphasized the difficulty in being able to reach an agreement due to Xbox Game Pass and the meetings that Phil Spencer had obtained with Valve's Gabe Newell. As for the Kyoto company, however, no type of approach: the history of the company, in fact, left no room for negotiation margins on the matter.

Between missed exclusivity agreements and games that still arrive on PC, Epic Games has therefore had to be content with sharing PlayStation games with its direct competitor, Steam. The strategy of the Japanese giant, however, will not be limited to Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, on the contrary: in Sony's intentions the exclusive games produced by first party will continue to debut, but probably will not be limited to a single store, as is already the case.

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PlayStation exclusive ‘Wild’ has been cancelled

Wild, the long in-development PlayStation exclusive from Wild Sheep, has now been cancelled according to a new report.

The upcoming adventure game, which was intended as PlayStation exclusive, was originally announced in 2014. But now, it looks as though the project has finally been canned.

“I can confirm that game is fully done. There is no Wild anymore… Wild is dead,” said reporter Jeff Grubb in a video at Giant Bomb. “I think Michel Ancel abandoned the project… he’s not working on it anymore, the project got shut down.”

Wild was announced in 2014 during PlayStation’s Gamescom panel and showed off an impressive demo during its brief presentation. Wild featured a prehistoric, procedurally generated world, with players controlling a human shaman who could inhabit and control animals in order to fight and solve puzzles.

Since then, little has been seen of Wild. The game was shown off in 2015 during Paris Games Week and most recently, the game’s designer Michel Ancel posted some images from Wild back in 2017. But there’s been not a peep about the game since.

Complicating matters, Michel Ancel announced his retirement in 2020. And while he promised that his decision to step away from the games industry would not affect Wild’s development, it looks as though it may not have worked out that way.

“Since many months now the teams are autonomous and the projects are going super well,” said Ancel. “Beautiful things to be seen soon.”

Now, Grubb reports that the development team has quietly cancelled Wild. And they’re now looking to work on other projects.

“The team that was working on it was looking at maybe trying to stay together and work on other projects,” he said. “I don’t know what happened with that, but they were like, ‘we’re not working on [Wild] anymore, but we do have a lot of talent here, so maybe we can work on some stuff’.”

Meanwhile, Destiny 2 has revealed the upcoming Season of the Lost will feature the return of iconic Awoken queen, Mara Sov.

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