PlayStation Store: Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris and Axiom Verge 2

PlayStation Store: Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris and Axiom Verge 2

PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store has been the protagonist in the last two weeks of interesting updates, which have brought various titles and content of great interest to the Sony digital platform. Starting with The Siege of Paris, the second expansion of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, which sees us participate in the historic battle.

Axiom Verge 2, a new episode of the metroidvania-style series, has also made its surprise debut developed by Thomas Happ, much anticipated by the many users who had enjoyed the debut of the franchise in 2015.

Finally important games such as Hades on PS5, Godfall on PS4, the battle royale Hunter's Arena: Legends (free in the PlayStation 5 version for PlayStation Plus subscribers) and then Black Book, Foreclosed, The Falconeer and Dodgeball Academia.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris

Assassin's Creed Valhalla : The Siege of Paris, Eivor in the presence of Charles the Big Second expansion of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, The Siege of Paris (PS5 and PS4, € 24.99) will see us participate in the battle that took place at the gates of the capital of Kingdom of the Fran who Westerners. Eivor is in fact called by Sigfred to help him defeat the troops of Charles the Big, and the brave warrior of the Clan del Corvo agrees to carry out this new assignment.

There is a real risk that King Charles decides at some point to expand towards the English coasts, therefore stopping the French sovereign seems the best idea to avoid further clashes in the future. Moreover, a mysterious sect moves in his kingdom, the Bellatores Dei, which makes innocent people disappear by accusing them of worshiping the devil.

Characterized by a more contained map than Ireland of The Wrath of the Druids, this new expansion turns out to be shorter and less rich than expected, but with a greater focus on the plot and of the characters, very well hatched. Of course, some decisions of Eivor will leave you perplexed and you will not be given the opportunity to overturn them except in the final, further confirming the confusion that sometimes reigns among the authors of Assassin's Creed.

On the gameplay side, the news sees the '' introduction of assassination eventualities, i.e. situations that allow you to eliminate with ferocity but also in silence the main targets of the mission, as well as new skills and unlockable talents in the context of a balance that however leaves something to be desired: if you are in the endgame phase, the your Eivor will also be unbeatable in the land of France. The review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris.

Axiom Verge 2

Axiom Verge 2, the fascinating but treacherous alternative game world Unexpectedly announced during the last Indie World organized by Nintendo, Axiom Verge 2 (PS4, € 17.99) is the sequel to the famous indie metroidvania developed by Thomas Happ in 2015, capable of conquering a large number of users thanks to the charm of its retro style and a set of mechanics really convincing. Once again we will have to deal with a mysterious alternative world: will we be able to get out of it alive?

In the game we play the role of Indra, a billionaire at the head of a powerful multinational who decides to go to Antarctica to investigate the disappearance of she i daughter of hers. Suddenly, however, she finds herself thrown into the Breach: a hidden scenario, full of dangerous monsters and machines that we will have to face using all our resources and abilities.


Hades , a furious combat sequence After the great success on PS4, the extraordinary title of Supergiant Games also debuts on the new Sony console, involving us once again in the furious battle of Zagreus, prince of the Underworld, against the god of the dead and his dangerous hordes. Hades (PS5, € 24.99) will see us fight and develop our skills, but also explore fascinating scenarios and interact with the gods of Olympus.

Struggling with increasingly complex and insidious labyrinths, we will be able to to count on the powers given to us by the various divinities in the context of a roguelite experience, in which each attempt is different from the previous one and the relationships established with the characters also change, who could have a different attitude towards us. Are you curious to know more? Here's our review of Hades.


Godfall, one of the many attack maneuvers available to our character Originally released as part of the PS5 launch line-up, Godfall ( PS4, € 59.99) takes the reverse path and also lands on PlayStation 4, confirming how certain experiences are not necessarily possible only on new generation hardware. Anyway, let's talk about a hack & slash that didn't impress at its debut, as you can read in the Godfall review.

At the command of the last knight Valorian, in the game we will have to wear magical armor and try to stop the advance of the evil god Macros and his army: an undertaking that will require great commitment and the use of all the special skills that we will be able to learn during a fairly substantial campaign, also enriched by a first expansion.

Hunter's Arena: Legends

Hunter's Arena: Legends, the clash between two players Available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, Hunter's Arena: Legends (PS5 and PS4, € 19.99) is a thirty-player battle royale with an original style and approach. The design of the characters and monsters in fact refers to oriental folklore, while the combat system prefers close combat.

Catapulted into a map of fair size, in the context of three different modes (only , trio or one-on-one), we will have to quickly become familiar with the peculiarities of our fighter and exploit his abilities in order to defeat the minions present in the scenario but above all the other users, until there is only one survivor. Hunter's Arena: Legends review.

Other games available

Black Book boasts atmospheric sequences Black Book (PS4, € 24.99) tells the story of a young sorceress determined to to bring her beloved back to life: to do so, she will have to find the legendary Black Book, but it will not be an easy task because it is a very coveted object. Precisely for this reason the girl will have to face numerous enemies, as part of a strategic combat system based on collectible cards. The Black Book review.

Foreclosed (PS5 and PS4, € 19.99 with 20% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers) is instead a cyberpunk-style adventure that puts us in the shoes of a a man whose everything, even his identity, has been stolen, and who has to go to great lengths to recover his data and cybernetic implants before they are sold at auction. To find out more, take a look at the Foreclosed review.

The Falconeer, an evocative flight sequence The Falconeer (PS5 and PS4, € 29.99) lands on Sony platforms after its success on PC and Xbox, bringing along a load of spectacular action and intense aerial combat that earned him a BAFTA nomination. The Warrior Edition of the game also includes The Hunter DLC for an even richer experience. Further details in the review of The Falconeer.

Dodgeball Academia (PS4, € 24.99) finally catapults us into a world where dodgeball is fundamental and the goal of the protagonist of the adventure is precisely to become a champion of that sport. We will therefore have to train and find teammates skilled enough to put together a portentous group and aim for victory: will we succeed? We talked about this in the Dodgeball Academia review.

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