Playstation, Hulst remarks that exclusives will never arrive on Xbox

Playstation, Hulst remarks that exclusives will never arrive on Xbox


Despite the arrival of MLB The Show 21 on the Xbox console, the head of PlayStation has reiterated an essential concept, which many have actually underestimated. Hermen Hulst, who after his experience in Guerrilla Games has won a position as an executive in the division that deals with video games of the Japanese giant, wanted to specify and remind everyone that exclusives are a fundamental element of the ecosystem of consoles produced. from Sony.

Hulst has given freewheeling to the virtual microphones of Game Informer, in a river interview, where he reiterated some concepts of his vision for the future of PlayStation. Among these there is obviously the concept of exclusives, which he says are very important for the survival of the brand. "The only exception to the rule is MLB The Show, but many forget that the publisher in that case is MLB Advanced Media," the words of Hulst, who today finds himself at the head of Sony's first party studios. In short, it seems that beyond PC (with games that could be found in the hands of Epic Games and not multi-client as today), the "competing" consoles will remain without exclusives produced by the Japanese giant.

This reasoning, of course, shouldn't cause a stir. PlayStation games, as well as Xbox games, never actually leave their consoles or reference services. Considering then that every hardware is practically sold at a loss and the cost of maintaining the services often fails to recover, it is clear that a new Uncharted or a new Gears of War can respectively tow Sony and Microsoft towards financial success. In a world where, however, the term "exclusive" is beginning to waver, it is good that even the heads of the various producers begin to specify their strategies.

Hulst's interview also touched on other topics, including the future of Japan Studio. To date, in fact, the team that gave us Gravity Rush, The Last Guardian and Ape Escape has been completely renovated. "Japanese games are still the core of PlayStation," said Hulst, recalling that Team Asobi is now at the head of this core, with Nicholas Doucet. A strategy that demonstrates Sony's continuous investments in that sector in order to guarantee different titles than those produced in the West.

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PlayStation exclusive ‘Wild’ has been cancelled

Wild, the long in-development PlayStation exclusive from Wild Sheep, has now been cancelled according to a new report.

The upcoming adventure game, which was intended as PlayStation exclusive, was originally announced in 2014. But now, it looks as though the project has finally been canned.

“I can confirm that game is fully done. There is no Wild anymore… Wild is dead,” said reporter Jeff Grubb in a video at Giant Bomb. “I think Michel Ancel abandoned the project… he’s not working on it anymore, the project got shut down.”

Wild was announced in 2014 during PlayStation’s Gamescom panel and showed off an impressive demo during its brief presentation. Wild featured a prehistoric, procedurally generated world, with players controlling a human shaman who could inhabit and control animals in order to fight and solve puzzles.

Since then, little has been seen of Wild. The game was shown off in 2015 during Paris Games Week and most recently, the game’s designer Michel Ancel posted some images from Wild back in 2017. But there’s been not a peep about the game since.

Complicating matters, Michel Ancel announced his retirement in 2020. And while he promised that his decision to step away from the games industry would not affect Wild’s development, it looks as though it may not have worked out that way.

“Since many months now the teams are autonomous and the projects are going super well,” said Ancel. “Beautiful things to be seen soon.”

Now, Grubb reports that the development team has quietly cancelled Wild. And they’re now looking to work on other projects.

“The team that was working on it was looking at maybe trying to stay together and work on other projects,” he said. “I don’t know what happened with that, but they were like, ‘we’re not working on [Wild] anymore, but we do have a lot of talent here, so maybe we can work on some stuff’.”

Meanwhile, Destiny 2 has revealed the upcoming Season of the Lost will feature the return of iconic Awoken queen, Mara Sov.

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