PC Games 09/21 with Company of Heroes 3, Psychonauts 2, Elex 2 and many more!

PC Games 09/21 with Company of Heroes 3, Psychonauts 2, Elex 2 and many more!

PC Games 09/21 with Company of Heroes 3

The dead live longer! This old adage applies at least to the real-time strategy genre. The wedding of the so-called RTS was some decades ago, but fans are still given some regular highlights. Among other things, responsible for this: the Canadian studio Relic Entertainment. That not only has Age of Empires 4 in the pipeline later this year, but also the third installment in the Company of Heroes franchise. It won't appear until next year, but we have already been able to play the title and pester the developers with all sorts of questions. You can read the answers and everything else worth knowing in our cover story.

In addition, two second parts play a major role in our preview part. One - Psychonauts 2 - took 16 years to come and will finally appear at the end of August. We have played the title again and last information for you. The other - Elex 2 - is set by the Sci-Fi series by Piranha Bytes, although many fans would have preferred a new Gothic. Here too: Everything you need to know about the new RPG can be found in our big preview!

This time we have a colorful mix for you during the tests. For example, we're racing through the new F1 2021 and checking whether, thanks to the many changes - especially in the story mode - it's enough for a top position in the genre. In addition, we take a close look at the beautiful indie title The Ascent and clarify whether the ARPG shooter mix only offers the chic cyberpunk setting or more. In addition, we puzzle our way through the time gimmicks in the role-playing game Cris Tales, visit the zone in Chernobylite and go to court in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. In the magazine and extended section we focus on the games industry icon Roberta Williams and pay a control visit to No Man's Sky. And Extended Buyers slip into the role of the villain again in Overlord 2 and subjugate a region with magic and nasty little helpers.

These topics await you in PC Games 09/21:

Die Extended version of PCG 09/21 Source: PC Games

Cover story: Company of Heroes 3. Apparently, double is better in Canada. That's why Relic are not only working flat out on the fourth Age of Empires, but recently also announced the third Company of Heroes. We tried it out and talked to the developers! Full version: Overlord 2 (digital, only included in the extended version of the PC Games) Currently: Company of Heroes 3 Elex 2 Psychonauts 2 eFootball Battlefield 2042 Back 4 Blood Dying Light 2: Stay Human Most Wanted Tests : F1 2021 The Ascent Chernobylite Cris Tales The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Roguebook Death's Door Stonefly Ender Lillies: Quietus of the Knights Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! · Buying guide specials, reports + extended part: Icons of the game industry: Roberta Williams · Sonic the Hedgehog (Retro) · What does virtual reality need for a mainstream breakthrough? · No Man's Sky: Five years after the release · The evolution of the racing game genre · The post-apocalypse · Ten years ago Hardware: Current buying guide for three common sample configurations (entry-level, middle-class, high-end) A video area with numerous HD videos , spread over two extended DVDs with over 140 minutes of playing time. The entire PC Games team wishes you a lot of fun with this issue!


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