Back 4 Blood: analysis of all enemies, zombies and infected in the game

Back 4 Blood: analysis of all enemies, zombies and infected in the game

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood evidently stands as the spiritual sequel to Left 4 Dead, coming thirteen years after the release of the first episode of the series produced by Valve and trying in some way to propose an evolution of that type of cooperative experience to zombie base.

Well, we tried the beta of the game on PS5, the same one that will be available in an open version in a few days, and we had fun analyzing all the enemies inserted so far by the developers of Back 4 Blood in the campaign: from common zombies to special infected. Let's discover the disturbing bestiary of Back 4 Blood together!

The enemies, between ideas and design

Back 4 Blood, the famous safe room to start from The Back 4 Blood formula takes up that of the aforementioned Left 4 Dead in a timely manner, which probably represents both the strength and a clear weakness of the game: those who spent hundreds of hours with the team's debut title, several years ago, could try right away a certain tiredness and an inevitable feeling of already seen in front of the missions, but in the same way those who wanted to try their hand again with this type of experience will have bread for their teeth.

Let's say immediately that the objectives are those that imagine, that is, starting from a safe room and reaching the next after crossing a fairly large, multifaceted and above all full of zombies scenario. The enemies are positioned differently according to the decisions of an artificial intelligence dedicated to this task, but there is no lack of mechanisms capable of triggering sudden and unexpected hordes, such as flocks of birds, alarms and the inevitable switches to be activated in order to proceed further.

Back 4 Blood, the Exterminators shoot from above at a huge amount of zombies If structurally Back 4 Blood is already widely seen, in short, even the concept behind the enemies that we will face follows in a specifies the groove traced in 2008, distinguishing common undead, so to speak, that gather without too many thoughts trying to eliminate us by exploiting the numerical superiority, and special creatures that must be faced preferably in collaboration with the companions, since they enjoy greater resistance and they can inflict considerable damage.

It's true: among the objects that the Exterminators can equip there is also a handy taser that finally allows you to free yourself from any deadly holds made by this type of adversary, without therefore that we are forced to wait for the possible help of the team, perhaps when we are at a great distance and this event only determines the killing of a gi ocatore.

Back 4 Blood, an image of the gruesome Acuminata However, as mentioned, the prerogatives are the same as always and also in terms of characteristics we inevitably notice the recycling of some ideas. The Maleolent, to begin with, is nothing more than an even uglier version of the Boomer, and as the latter explodes on contact, violently projecting the characters at a distance.

Similarly, the Acuminata poses itself as a sort of cross between a Spitter and a Hunter, able as it is to remain glued to the walls and therefore to spit its acid juices from a great distance, targeting us until we can eliminate it with our bullets, or immobilizing us with its mucus .

Back 4 Blood, here is the Colossus with its deformed and gigantic arm Another round, another similarity: the Mole, with its long deformed neck, is a variation on the theme of the Witch and how she can make sounds able to quickly recall a huge horde, while the Colossus resembles in some ways the good old Tank, equipped as it is with a large arm that it uses as a war hammer against its victims, with the possibility of grabbing them and crush them.

Then there is the novelty of the huge six-meter-high mutant bosses that sprout from the ground and throw large boulders on the Exterminators, but which boast rather limited mobility and often appear near indoor areas (see the abandoned station) to which cannot access, giving us the opportunity to find quick cover while we continue to target them.

This is obviously just one of the many "petty" tactics that we will be able to implement in the Back 4 Blood campaign, provided we to be able to count on a minimum coordinated team to deal with the many zombies and special enemies that we will face, many of which still not revealed.

The hope is that precisely in the elements shrouded in mystery, the boys of Turtle Rock Studios have included some important variations on the theme, because precisely the risk is to present themselves at launch with an experience that has basically already been seen and with few unpublished elements in gr I try to give it a new freshness. We'll see.

Narrative assumptions

Back 4 Blood, the creepy gaze of a zombie As you probably know, Back 4 Blood is set in the now traditional post-apocalyptic scenario in which a mysterious parasite has turned most people into zombies, forcing a small percentage of survivors to hole up to avoid being devoured by the undead who have invaded the streets and set cities on fire.

In this context so dark and desperate stands a group of brave heroes, the Exterminators: people who have discovered that they are somehow immune to the pathogen and who want to get busy trying to bring the world back to normal, cleaning up the infested areas with blows of firearms waiting for the remaining scientists to find some remedy against the infection.

The Exterminators

Back 4 Blood, here are the Exterminators The beta, the title of Tu, has started rtle Rock Studios catapults us to Fort Hope, a settlement that acts as a hub and that we can explore to modify the cards at our disposal (one of the novelties of the game, so we invite you to read our tried Back 4 Blood) and access the games, participating in an ongoing session or creating a new lobby, both involving any friends present online and complete strangers through a matchmaking system that works quite well for the moment.

In these preliminary tests we will be able to select four of the eight Exterminators featured in the full version: Hoffman, a middle-aged dude who specializes in handling ammunition; Walker, a former army ranger who can deal additional damage and increase his marksmanship; Hollie, a sort of Harley Quinn who has devoted her life to fighting zombies; and finally Gospel, agile and elusive, who talks a lot and knows how to contribute to the team.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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