Microsoft Flight Simulator: how to use the “photo mode” with the dynamic pause and change view

Microsoft Flight Simulator: how to use the “photo mode” with the dynamic pause and change view

Microsoft Flight Simulator

After so much effort you have learned the basics of Microsoft Flight Simulator and you are finally thousands of meters above the ground. The weather conditions are perfect and from the cockpit you are fascinated by a breathtaking view. It would be just the best to be able to switch to the outside view of the airplane and maybe take a screenshot with the photo mode. But how to do it?

We will explain it to you in this Microsoft Flight Simulator guide, in which we will show you step by step how to change the view from inside to outside and use the "photo mode" with the help of the dynamic pause, both using mouse and keyboard than the Xbox controller.

The "In Cabin" and "Outside" views

Flight Simulator In Flight Simulator Switch between "In Cabin" and "Outside" first-person views "in the third person and vice versa is a simple operation. In fact, just press the "End" (or "End") key located on the right side of the keyboard. If you use the Xbox controller instead press "View", the button located above the directional cross (the one with two overlapping squares).

With both views you can manage the camera by moving the mouse while pressing the right button or with the right analog stick of your controller. The first-person view of the cabin is irreplaceable for piloting at best, while the external one is undoubtedly the best option to admire the surrounding landscape and maybe take a nice snapshot using the photo mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator Dynamic Pause.

The Dynamic Pause

The external view of a Boeing 747 Unlike many other games where to activate the photo mode you just need to press a single button, in Flight Simulator there are two steps to be followed in order to capture the best moments of our high-altitude travels. First we have to pause the game using the Dynamic Pause mode.

To activate it, press the "Pause" (or "Pause") key on your keyboard, you will find it at the top right next to the "Print" ". With the Xbox controller instead you will have to open the toolbar by pressing the left analog stick. Once done, select the first icon from the left.

Completed this simple operation the action will stop. You will probably notice that the engine is still running, but don't worry, your car will remain suspended in midair. Now you can relax and enjoy the view, perhaps listening to the playlist that we suggested in our article with the 10 songs to listen to during your flights in Flight Simulator.

If your goal is to capture an unforgettable scene , probably the cockpit view or the standard outside view might seem limiting. And this is where the "Show" mode comes in.

The "Photo mode"

One of the panoramas you can capture with the Photo mode To activate the Show mode, choose the "Camera" option from the toolbar and in the menu that opens select "Show". At this point the game interface will be "cleaned" of any element and you will have access to two different viewing modes. The Free Camera with Drone allows you to move freely in the scene, while with the Fixed one you can move the view focusing on specific elements of your racing car, such as engines, air brakes or the tail rudder. In both cases you can move the camera away or closer, tilt the view and so on. Now you have all the tools to take the perfect photo!

Once you are satisfied with the shot, press the "Windows" + "Print" keys if you are playing with the keyboard to capture the screenshot. If you are using a controller, however, press the "Share" button located in the center of the front. Now that you have captured the scene, you can go back to piloting your racing car. Before doing so, however, remember to select the "In Cabin" or "Outside" view again.

A couple of final notes. You can use the "Show" mode even while you are piloting normally or using the autopilot, a bit risky, but once you are familiar with the game mechanics you shouldn't have any problems. Finally, please note that you will not be able to activate Dynamic Pause if you are playing multiplayer.

Have you noticed any errors?

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