By car as in the hotel: Casa Lexus opens in Champoluc

By car as in the hotel: Casa Lexus opens in Champoluc

By car as in the hotel

Hospitality, attention to detail, environmental sustainability: the Camp Zero hotel in Champoluc is transformed into a Lexus House to reaffirm the common philosophy of the centrality of the customer

To make guests live a unique experience in the name of Japanese Omotenashi hospitality, and at the same time enjoy an exclusive location located in an enchanting natural setting dominated by Monte Rosa. This is the goal of Casa Lexus, the partnership started by the premium brand of the Toyota group with Camp Zero, the Active Luxury Resort in Champoluc in the Aosta Valley.

From the moment of its conception, the summer of 1983, Lexus worked to infuse its cars with the essence of luxury and the concept of premium. It is no coincidence that Lexus means Luxury EXportation United States. From the start, hospitality was the principle that characterized the new experience for anyone approaching the world of Lexus.

The Lexus range | Lexus House | Camp Zero Champoluc Right inside their dealerships, for the first time, the spaces dedicated to reception were immediately greater than those reserved for sales. You became a customer of this luxury brand not for the prestige, but for the level of service offered. An example above all. An LS exhibited a cruise control problem. A recall campaign was launched: each car was taken from the customer's home and returned home, washed and full.

The peculiarities of Lexus House

Lexus House wants to represent the synthesis of the philosophy of the House of Nagoya that combines the superior quality of its products with the importance of Omotenashi. This last term is the key to understanding everything. It goes beyond the concept of Japanese hospitality and becomes the art of anticipating the needs of the guest-client and the ability to surprise him. These are aspects that we experienced firsthand during the two days as guests of this 5-star Alpine hotel.

Chef Luca Gubelli | Gyoza Presentation | Summit Restaurant Champoluc Always attentive to our every need without falling into worry. From the preparation of the room to the leisure services offered. The location of the hotel, in fact, makes it particularly suitable for trekking, horse riding or e-bike excursions. Without forgetting that the structure houses the Climbing Wall, a 12-meter high wall with 35 routes from the third to the eighth grade. In winter there is also the ice wall.

Sports activities aside, Camp Zero has a 25-meter swimming pool and a SPA area with the possibility of trying over a dozen different massages. A cure-all after driving the entire Lexus range in just two days, including the full electric Lexus UX. Only the upcoming new NX is missing. Finally, an applause to Luca Gubelli, the chef of the Summit Restaurant in the smell of the first Michelin star. He is the mind of Gyoza, the gourmet dish created by mixing the values ​​of Lexus with those of its cuisine made of Aosta Valley flavors and Asian traditions. One of his secrets? The Josper charcoal oven.

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14 cars broken into at Maryland Heights hotels

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – More than one dozen cars were broken into early Wednesday morning in Maryland Heights.

Just before 2:30 a.m. four cars were hit at the Elmwood Hotel. Less than a mile away, four more vehicles were broken into at the Homewood Suites. All of those cars had their rear passenger windows smashed out.

In the garage area of the Hollywood Casino, 6 vehicles were broken into.

“I look at my car, and I saw my window in the grass. It was a big chunk. I called 911,” hotel guest Vicki Holbrook said. “My window don’t work. It’s unfair, who deserves this? (I) would give them anything if they needed it.”

Another hotel guest Jane Ball said she was shocked by the car break-ins.

“I woke up, I did not know that cars got broken onto. It was shocking to hear this. I never heard of anything like this at this hotel,” Ball said.

It’s unclear at this time if the break-ins are connected.

FOX 2’s Nissan Rogue Runner reporter Jason Maxwell was at the scene.

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