Britney Spears' father eventually gave up the role of guardian of his daughter

Britney Spears' father eventually gave up the role of guardian of his daughter

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears' father and legal guardian, has decided to step aside after a long legal battle. The #FreeBritney movement can now breathe a first sigh of relief

(photo: Instagram, @britneyspears) The slogan Free Britney will soon be transformed into the phrase Britney is free. Britney Spears won her first victory in the legal battle against her father Jamie Spears. Spears sr. he has in fact agreed to join her as tutor for her daughter. Not immediately but "when the time is right".

At the end of last June, the pop star testified for the first time in one of the hearings of the long legal battle underway. For 13 years, in fact, Jamie Spears and her entourage have had total control over Britney's career and private life. Since 2008, the singer has to ask permission from her father even to spend a few dollars or to see their children. From Britney's testimonies and some journalistic reconstructions it also emerged that her father also controlled more intimate aspects of her life, such as the choice to have a third child. A great limitation of free will, in short, since every move of the singer had to be approved by the parent.

After the "I want my life back" implored by the singer in recent years was born and has spread among her fans the #FreeBritney movement to bring its battle against the legal control of her father to the media.

In July, during a telephone connection with the court, Britney Spears said she was there to testify because she wanted to " get rid of my father ". The singer in the same venue then added that she was "always extremely scared of him". Referring then to the entourage of the parent, Britney testified that the people who are part of it "wanted to convince me that I was crazy ... but I'm not".

During the testimony the singer also denounced that she was forced to take drugs against her will, citing the suspicion that they "were trying to kill me".

Now, however, the father has announced publicly that he is willing to step back and gradually restore freedom to his daughter or rather, he has declared himself ready to accept an "orderly transition" to find a new legal guardian for Britney.

The road to release of the pop star is still long, but a first - and decisive - step has been taken.

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