PlayStation Now, August 2021

PlayStation Now, August 2021

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is updated in August 2021 with the introduction of three new games that, as we all know, PS5 and PS4</a> users will be able to stream or download and install locally like any digital title, unlike PC users. Well, what products are we talking about?

Let's start with NieR: Automata, the jewel directed by Yoko Taro: a highly experimental experience, which changes mechanics continuously, involving us in a truly fascinating post-apocalyptic adventure. Then there is the first-person action Ghostrunner, with its cyberpunk atmosphere, and the original retro-style Undertale jRPG.

NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata, 2B in the process to fight Available on PlayStation Now until November 1, 2021, NieR: Automata puts us in command of the powerful gynoid Yorha 2B, who has been assigned the task of recapturing the planet after the tremendous invasion of a hostile alien race that has devastated it. By alternating exploratory phases and frenetic battles, will we be able to complete such a difficult undertaking?

The game, undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and representative works of the game director Yoko Taro, alternates different styles and mechanics over the course of a campaign full of surprises, characterized by a high degree of replayability and a sequence of highly spectacular boss fights, which we will be able to successfully complete only by paying due attention to the enhancements of our character.

NieR: Automata, l 'yet another combat sequence The final result is a particularly multifaceted action experience, which constantly shuffles the cards on the table and invents unexpected twists and turns, supported by an always solid fighting system and a magnificent soundtrack. Too bad only for graphics that are not always up to the situation, between invisible walls and rather frequent frame rate drops.

It goes without saying that the game definitely impressed us, as you can read in our review of NieR: Automata.


Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk experience to the nth power Ghostrunner lands on PlayStation Now for an unlimited time, offering Sony service subscribers a cyberpunk-style adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world, where survivors have taken refuge inside the huge Dharma Tower, the scene of serious disparity and constant struggles for supreme power.

The character we control, a skilled cybernetic ninja capable of moving at high speed, is hired by the Architect of the tower before his killing, with the mission to eliminate the current governor and bring back a minimum of balance and justice. The situation, however, precipitates, the pitfalls multiply and we will therefore have to draw on all the resources of the protagonist to bring home the result. Are you curious? Here is Ghostrunner's review.


Undertale and its peculiar retro style Undoubtedly one of the most original indie games of recent years, Undertale arrives on PlayStation Now without time limits, taking behind a load of originality and retro style capable of creating a remarkable mix. Suffice it to say that in the game we will be able to decide whether to kill enemies or convince them to surrender using the right arguments.

The story is that of a little girl who finds herself imprisoned in a dungeon full of monsters, and it is with them that he must come to terms in order to escape. Fight them or discuss them? The two options involve solving a real enigma, in the context of mechanics similar to those of a shooter in which you have to avoid attacks and try to implement specific strategies if you want to proceed in a peaceful way. The Undertale review.

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