Breath of the Wild: Grusha's Zelda cosplay is princely

Breath of the Wild: Grusha's Zelda cosplay is princely

Breath of the Wild

These are positive weeks for The Legend of Zelda brand. The "new" Skyward Sword HD is achieving success in multiple markets and fans around the world are (re) discovering a chapter that, in its original version, was partially ignored. The truth, however, is that fans are awaiting the arrival of the sequel to Breath of the Wild. They also include cosplayers like Grusha. The woman, to pass the wait, offers us her own cosplay of Zelda in a princely version.

As you can see from the shot, Grusha has created an extremely faithful cosplay of the Zelda princess dress from Breath of the Wild . In this shot, Zelda looks almost like a goddess who reaches out to us, to grace us with her beauty and sweetness. It will be interesting to understand how Zelda will be proposed in the new chapter, which seems to be waiting a little longer.

If you are a fan of Zelda cosplay, then you should not miss the Zelda cosplay in Gerudo version by japp_leack : it is very summery. How not to mention likeassassin's Zelda cosplay: it's heavenly. You should also not miss Grusha's Zelda cosplay relaxing in the sauna.

If you prefer other genres, here is Lisa's cosplay from anastasia.komori that dominates us from above. How not to mention the cosplay of Tifa by shirogane_sama: it is bright. We conclude with the cosplay of Joel from alfakote: he is also praised by Naughty Dog.

Tell us, what do you think of Grusha's Zelda cosplay? Has the Princess of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild been recreated well, or have you seen higher quality versions?

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