Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Crazy Glitch - Yiga steals Master's sword?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Crazy Glitch - Yiga steals Master's sword?


The fact that the Yiga Klan consists of thieves eager for bananas is really nothing new. How far the kleptomania of the veiled villains from Breath of the Wild goes, surprises us. Not only do they put bombs away on the left as if they were finding candy by the wayside. Even the master sword is apparently not safe from the rude gang. How is Link supposed to teach Zelda that?

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Like a magic trick: a Yiga makes the master sword disappear

This amusing glitch was provoked by YouTube user ThornyFox. He lures a Yiga follower chasing him over hill and dale, through deserts and over hills, until the two finally arrive in the Krog forest. There the villain shows his real face and simply puts the bombs Link placed in his own jacket pocket.

But that's not all: ThornyFox leads the banana lover to the brightly lit pedestal in the middle of the forest, where the Master sword enthroned. With a bit of persuasiveness and shoving, the Yiga becomes aware of the master sword and bang - the holy weapon also disappears in the kleptomaniac's pocket.

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Cosplayer CutiePieSensei shortens the waiting time for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 with a fantastic cosplay of the warrior Urbosa. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1375177,1368756,1374149,1374892'; As ThornyFox then shows, the master sword has not really disappeared. Link can still pull it out of the stone, even if it has now become invisible. Still, the idea of ​​a Yiga snatching the master sword under his fingers is an extremely entertaining glitch. Maybe the same Yiga is responsible for the fact that we still don't know the official title of Breath of the Wild 2?

Source: ThornyFox on YouTube

This Ultra-Rare Copy Of The Original NES Zelda Is Already Going For Crazy Money

Not so long ago, a super-rare version of Super Mario Bros. sold for $660,000 at auction, and now it's The Legend of Zelda's turn.

Yes, in the crazy world we now live in, people are buying hard-to-find retro game cartridges for insane sums of money. A 1987 copy of the NES classic Zelda – which is a sealed grade nine 'Rev-A' early production version produced for only a few months – has already surpassed $110,000 in bids, with five days remaining.

Heritage Auction says it may be the only copy of this particular cartridge it will ever have the opportunity to offer. The only other Legend of Zelda cart that's rarer than it is the 'NES TM' version - which is the 'true first production run'. It's believed there's only a single sealed copy of this that exists and there's no saying it would even go on sale.

While many of us might not be able to fork out this much for a copy of the original Legend of Zelda, there's no need to worry - for much smaller amounts you can always purchase a second-hand copy, or just boot up Nintendo's NES library on the Switch and play Link's original outing there.

Heritage Auctions also has a high-grade Nintendo World Championships cart up for grabs, too.

What are your thoughts about spending large amounts of money on video games? Leave a comment down below.

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