Afghan women are the first victims of the Taliban conquest of Afghanistan

Afghan women are the first victims of the Taliban conquest of Afghanistan

In conquered cities, schools and universities have already been closed to women, many have been removed from their workplaces, and posters depicting naked female figures are being erased in the streets

In Kabul, posters depicting women in uncovered faces are erased (Photo: Twitter, Lotfullah Najafizada) As the capital of Afghanistan falls into the hands of the troops of Haiabatullah Akhunzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban fundamentalist political group, the first effects of the new domination are affecting women first, and then the lgbtq community. In the conquered cities, schools and universities have already been militarily closed to women, while others have been removed from their workplaces and posters depicting uncovered female figures are being erased in the streets. Meanwhile, on social media channels that support the new self-proclaimed Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the United States is accused of spreading "depraved" sexual mores such as homosexuality.

The testimonies reported by the international media paint a scenario of terrible danger for the lives of all Afghan women, despite the fact that the Taliban themselves have tried to show themselves more tolerant and open to women's emancipation than twenty years ago . But they are lies. From the pages of the Guardian, a young 22-year-old journalist recounted her escape after her city fell into the hands of fundamentalists. “Last week I was a journalist”, writes the young woman, who remained anonymous, “today I cannot write under my real name or say where I come from or where I am. My entire life was erased in a few days ”. In fact, in just 10 days, what was the government recognized by the international community and supported by the United States collapsed in 26 out of 34 provinces, returning Afghanistan under the control of religious fundamentalists and their laws. "I am not safe, because I am a 22-year-old woman" continues the letter reported by the Guardian "and I know that the Taliban are forcing families to hand over their daughters to give them to the soldiers".

According to Al Jazeera, the world's leading Arabic-language media, since the Taliban regained power, women who have tried to criticize the new regime or not follow the imposed rules have been publicly humiliated or beaten , and even killed. Employees of banks or other offices were forced to leave their workplace with the recommendation not to return. In Herat, the second most populous city in Afghanistan, access to the university was prohibited for women, who made up about 60% of the student population. Same thing happened in Kabul, where girls' schools were also closed and some teachers were also killed.

According to France24, women are also told not to leave the house without a sex chaperone. male, to choose their own clothes. And in several cities, Taliban militiamen are going house to house to kidnap all female people between 12 and 45, with the intention of making them sex slaves for the armed group.

In addition to physical limitations. , social accounts are also being deactivated or blacked out, which will make it even more difficult to know how much the condition of women in the area will worsen. Taliban leaders have repeatedly stated that women would continue to have equal rights under Islamic law, including the ability to work and be educated, as it was said. However, testimonies from the country fiercely demonstrate the opposite.

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