AEW: the new federation that is revolutionizing the world of wrestling

AEW: the new federation that is revolutionizing the world of wrestling


Twenty years have passed since WWE's acquisition of WCW, the final piece of the infamous Monday Night War, one of the most frenetic periods in wrestling history with skyrocketing television ratings, superstars who changed federation to the sound of lucrative contracts and storylines and memorable matches.

A scenario that according to some was destined not to repeat itself. At least until now. Thanks to the birth of AEW, All Elite Wrestling, which took place in 2019, fans of the discipline have finally been able to find a new television product free from the constraints of a classification aimed at minors, more mature and with a greater focus on wrestling and therefore on what takes place inside the ring instead of.

In just two years the federation has grown exponentially, making global television deals and immediately giving incredible moments. In the article we will therefore analyze the creative process that led to the birth of AEW and all that the future could hold.

AEW: a winning idea from All In

Il 1 September 2018 still remains a historic date in the world of wrestling today. Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks decided to organize the biggest independent event ever, totally self-financed and called All In. The result? An unprecedented success.

An arena sold out in every order of seats, over 11,000 tickets sold and the beginning of a revolutionary movement. The event was also attended by former WWE champion Chris Jericho, who that year had faced Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom, one of the most important events of the NJPW or the most important Japanese federation. The media buzz generated by the event convinced the billionaire Khan family (owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars football team and the Premier League club Fulham) to invest in the world of wrestling, giving the four architects of All In, carte blanche. creation of a new federation.

Chris Jericho, disguised as Pentagon Jr., attacks Kenny Omega after his match Each of them decided to come on board the project, holding the position of executive vice president and gaining control creative about your character. The final decisions, in any case, rest with the president and CEO Tony Khan, son of the head of the family Sahid, as well as a great fan of wrestling. The official announcement of the federation's birth took place in January 2019 during an episode of Being the Elite, a program broadcast on YouTube created by the Young Bucks.

Born in 1982, Tony Khan decided to found All Elite Wrestling to offer fans an alternative product

The first PPV of the AEW

Continuing to play with the similarities related to the world of poker, the AEW announced that the first major event would be called Double or Nothing. A big name was therefore needed for the official debut and for this reason that in February, in the middle of a public press conference, the signing of Chris Jericho was announced.

The Canadian superstar faced Kenny Omega in the main event of the PPV, coming out the winner. The event, however, went down in history with the shocking debut of Jon Moxley, better known to WWE fans as Dean Ambrose. An incredible moment that has undoubtedly solidified the credibility of the AEW, convincing even the most skeptical.

Jon Moxley's debut in AEW, greeted by a standing ovation from the public In the second event of the Company, instead, called All Out, Chris Jericho himself graduated the first AEW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Adam Page in the main event and coining a mythical phrase: A little bit of the Bubbly. From here on, the uncontested reign of the ex-Y2J began.

History repeats itself: the great return of wrestling on TNT

The result of a millionaire agreement with WarnerMedia, the 2 October 2019 was then staged on TNT, the historic American television channel that in the 90s broadcast the WCW, the first episode of Dynamite, the name chosen for the AEW episode show. A debut with all the trimmings: over 1 million and 400 thousand spectators tuned in.

With the broadcasting of Dynamite, in direct competition with WWE NXT (WWE's third TV show), what began in many they called the "Wednesday night audience war". Although both companies have never publicly exposed themselves on the situation, over the months there have been numerous digs from both sides.

The winner was the AEW when WWE announced the move of the black show on Tuesday evening. At the moment Dynamite's ratings are always stable around one million viewers and the federation has announced an important television agreement with the Indian market, one of the most profitable in the world.

In addition to Dynamite, AEW has to a second show, called Rampage, has just begun to broadcast every Friday at 10 pm. The first episode opened with a sensational change of belt and this week's one, live from Chicago, literally sent the entire audience into raptures. Web wrestling thanks to the highly anticipated debut of CM Punk, who has returned to the discipline after 7 long years of absence from the scene.

AEW, the right mix of new faces and business veterans

One of the particularly appreciated aspects of Tony Khan's company is represented by a varied roster that includes young faces, experts and veterans of the so-called independent circuit and great legends of the past: from MJF to Darby Allin, from Orange Cassi dy to Sammy Guevara, up to Sting, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Arn Anderson and many others.

Over the last year, numerous former WWE stars have changed "shirts" : Matt Hardy, Andrade El Idolo, Christian Cage and Malakai Black, just to name a few, who have decided to get back in the game, finding new life. The wrestlers have the freedom to express their personality and highlight their athletic abilities.

The debut of Malakai Black, former NXT Champion, did not disappoint. Read also: AEW Dynamite Homecoming, highlights and results

Space also for the women's division, currently headed by the reigning champion Britt Baker, who welcomes new recruits such as Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Penelope Ford, Riho and Jade Cargill to its ranks. At the commentary table, however, we find the historic WCW announcer Tony Schiavone, flanked by Excalibur and the WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.

The ranking system: wins and defeats count

Since its inception, AEW has wanted to focus on the more competitive aspect of wrestling by introducing a real ranking based on irrefutable statistics. In fact, the victories and defeats of each individual fighter in their path during the calendar year are tracked: the ranking system.

In this way it is established who is entitled to a titled shot or not and the ranking remains valid also for the episodes of AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation, shows broadcast exclusively in free streaming on YouTube. Currently the undefeated fighter is Christian Cage, who will challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship at All Out, PPV scheduled for September. Each calendar year the rankings are then reset.

The two Canadians will come to blows again at the next AEW PPV The promos are much more natural because they are often not the result of a script written by a team of authors. Also in this case the fact of not having to submit to the restrictions of being a program classified as being adopted by minors (classification adopted by the WWE in 2008) helps AEW athletes to have a greater impact even on the microphone.

AEW: few titles and a lighter schedule

Unlike WWE, which organizes nearly 20 PPVs a year, AEW has decided to take a less pressing approach, focusing only on four major annual events: Double or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear and Revolution.

Other shows, such as Fyter Fest or Fight For The Fallen, are presented in the form of special episodes of Dynamite. The Company also used the name of a historic WCW event, Bash at the Beach, to propose a themed episode.

The first edition of Bash at the Beach was aired on January 15, 2020 Also on in front of titles, Tony Khan has preferred quality over quantity: in addition to the aforementioned Kenny Omega and Britt Baker, respectively AEW World Champion and AEW Women's Champion, the Company has introduced the couple titles, currently held by the Young Bucks, and the TNT Championship , a television title dedicated to the network on which the shows are broadcast.

Following the tragic death of Brodie Lee in 2020, the Company decided to change the design of the TNT Championship, giving the original belt to his son and dedicating an entire episode of Dynamite to his memory. At the moment the new title is around the life of Miro, who in WWE had played under the name of Rusev.

The opening of the "Forbidden Door"

Tony Khan succeeded in an undertaking that many thought was crazy: to collaborate first with Impact Wrestling (the ex-TNA) and then with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the number one federation in Japan. The opening of a real "forbidden door", as defined by the experts, has given way to a great exchange of athletes.

The AAA, well-known Mexican federation. Symbol of this collaboration was the conquest by Kenny Omega of the maximum titles of AEW, Impact and AAA, inaugurated the gimmick (the character) of the Belt collector. It should culminate in Bound for Glory, Impact Wrestling's PPV scheduled for October, where for the first time all companies will participate at the same time.

IMPACT Wrestling returns to PPV on October 23rd with Bound For Glory in Las Vegas!


A clear sign of how, unlike WWE, the company by Tony Khan don't mind recognizing other realities around the world, working towards a common goal: to guarantee fans the best possible show.

Kenny Omega's arrival at Impact has helped to revive the plays of the show

What does the future hold?

Difficult, if not impossible, to scratch the great empire created by the WWE in the last thirty years. Publicly traded company, millions of dollars billed annually and unprecedented media power. Despite Raw television ratings we are decreasing, what Vince McMahon built would still seem to be solid.

If AEW can concentrate on its product, avoid the mistakes that led to the fall of WCW and continue to offer itself as an alternative, then fans can sleep peacefully. And if Bryan's debut is followed by Punk, the company will have two fighters known globally.

Finally, don't forget how AEW will also enter the gaming market with a title that , according to Kenny Omega, it will be a real godsend for the nostalgic of the great games related to the world of wrestling. At the moment we only have a teaser of a still alpha version of the game. The video game should be released in 2022 for new generation consoles.

We remind you that in Italy the episodes of Dynamite are broadcast every Friday on Sky Sport Arena with the commentary in Italian by Salvatore Torrisi and Moreno Molla. To subscribe to the best offer available, just click this link.

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