Abandoned: App and teaser disappoint fans

Abandoned: App and teaser disappoint fans


Creepy ghost or see-through sheets? The PlayStation 5-exclusive horror game Abandoned has been haunted by the news for some time and many are unsure what to think of the title and the mysterious conspiracy theories. Because many indications indicated that behind the title there is actually a new Silent Hill and the infamous Hideo Kojima.

BLUE BOX Game Studios, the developers behind Abandoned, then wrote a statement stating any connection to Kojima , Konami and Silent Hill denies. But regardless of whether Kojima is involved or not: the recently released app, the "Realtime Experience Patch" and the teaser, which fans already knew from Twitter, did nothing to clarify the matter and may have disappointed many interested parties.


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An almost empty app and a well-known teaser

Actually, the subscription app was supposed to be published in June, but due to some problems, the decision was made to postpone it to August. It is now available for PlayStation 5 owners. Unfortunately, the main reason why the application is creepy is that it lacks content.

With the patch dated August 13th, since users can now use the app, only one video was added: a 5-second video Teaser in which a man walks through the picture. The fact that the video is so cryptic would not be so bad per se if BLUE BOX Game Studios had already shared it on Twitter a few days earlier. App-exclusive and, above all, new content at this point in time: zero.

If you don't have a PS5 or if your time is too bad to download the app: James Jarvis, producer of GoldenJoysticks, shares the full experience on Twitter. As a preliminary warning, it is said that the app should not offer any playable content, only trailers and gameplay demonstrations. Apart from the available teaser, the application showed that at least three trailers and two gameplay videos are to follow.

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The wild theories about the horror game Abandoned could soon come to an end. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1377771,1376839,1374726,1374433'; As the video in the app reveals at the end, a playable prologue is also in the works. Until then, fans will be patiently digging out their notebooks and Sherlock Holmes caps to further speculate about the "true identity" of Abandoned. Just recently a new rumor surfaced that the title shouldn't be Silent Hill, but Metal Gear Solid! Until we know more, we have to wait and keep the expectations down.

Source: Kotaku / BLUE BOX Game Studios on Twitter

'Abandoned' has players questioning the game's legitimacy after a disappointing 5-second trailer

The original 'Abandoned' trailer created a mystery online. Blue Box Game Studios

  • Blue Box Games Studios released an app for their latest title that has gamers confused.

  • 'Abandoned' is supposed to be a horror survival shooter, but has yet to release any footage.

  • The studio is ripe with controversy, causing some to worry about the future of 'Abandoned.'

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  • After months of hyping up their latest horror app, developer Blue Box Game Studios failed to deliver what they promised. The studio, founded in 2015, has a long history of promising games that never deliver, causing some to question if the title, or studio, is real at all.

    In April, Sony unveiled the teaser trailer for 'Abandoned,' describing it as a 'cinematic horror survival shooter' headed to the PlayStation 5 in the fourth quarter of 2021. With only an empty field and an eerie voice over in the trailer, fans jumped to their own conclusions about the game. Some speculated online that the title was actually a clever ruse by 'Metal Gear Solid' auteur Hideo Kojima for his cancelled 'Silent Hill' reboot 'PT.'

    Developer Blue Box tweeted that they have no relation to 'Silent Hill' or Kojima and on June 21, Game Director Hasan Kahraman appeared in a video on the studio's Twitter page to assure the audience that he is a 'real person' and not associated with Kojima. Still, the conspiracy theories continued and a subreddit popped up dedicated to chronicling the perceived clues.

    A trailer app for the title was supposed to release on June 25, but Kahraman appeared in another Twitter video to say that the app would be delayed until August. When the app did release on August 13, it was a five gigabyte download on the PS5 that featured a five-second walking animation that had already been posted to the company's Twitter on August 10.

    Gamers were very confused about what they saw and were now delfinitely unsure if 'Abandoned' is actually a real game.

    Story continues

    Internet detectives have pivoted the subreddit that was dedicated to the Kojima conspiracy to figuring out if Blue Box Game Studios will ever actually release a title. Users are choosing between 'Team Fake' or 'Team Real' while they hash out theories and ideas in an attempt to get to the bottom of this weird mystery.

    Though Blue Box Game Studios was created in 2015, nothing they've created is still available online. In 2018, they released 'The Whisperer' as a survival title for Android but it has since been taken off the app store. According to PlayStationLifestyle, 'The Haunting: Blood Water Curse' released in 2020 under the developer in early access, but after it received overwhelming negative reviews, the developer was switched to CREATEQ Interactive which has not published a single other game on Steam.

    It's unclear if 'Abandoned' will ever see the light of day or if it will just be delayed indefinitely, though the studio said in a now-deleted tweet that they are '100% real.'

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