Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist, the new Flores striker

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist, the new Flores striker

Rainbow Six Siege

We told you about our impressions of the new Rainbow Six season, Operation Crimson Heist, in our review. Today we want to focus on the operator introduced in level one of the premium tier of this season's Battle Pass, namely Flores. The Argentinian striker is a great graft, versatile and fun to use and for this reason it is worth dwelling on the newcomer for a moment.

From Argentina with fury

Rainbow Six Siege : Operation Crimson Heist: Flores in a villa Before starting with the advice, however, let's try to understand who Flores is. Santiago Lucero was born in Buenos Aires more precisely in the Flores neighborhood. His life is marked by the poverty and illness of his mother, who needs expensive and numerous treatments. In order to help around the house and above all to guarantee his mother adequate medical treatment, the young Santiago decides to become a gentleman pickpocket. His modus operandi was to rob rich criminals in Buenos Aries to secure money for medical expenses, offering the rest of the booty to poor and troubled people. Soon, Santiago became known as El hombre de Flores, the man of Flores in fact. Nicknamed as the neighborhood of his birth, the boy's raids attracted the spotlight of the most influential underworld of the Argentine capital, who decided to unmask him and hunt him down.

With the death of his mother and with the underworld at his heels, the young Santiago found refuge in Los Angeles where Ash gave him asylum in exchange for useful information on the Argentine underworld. However, the red circle pointing to the Latin agent became bigger and bigger, until the latter joined Team Rainbow. This insight into Flores's life already allows us to outline how both his gadget and his efficiency on the battlefield are characterized by a very stealthy and silent approach, classic of those who had to be invisible during the shots of him in the luxurious villas of his objectives. . At the same time, however, he has a gentlemanly disposition that makes him an excellent support, dedicated to helping allies in the attack phases.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist: the Flores pickpocket Let's move on to using Flores: the attack operator uses his RCE- Ratero (ratero in Spanish means pickpocket), which is a modified drone equipped with an explosive charge. Usage is simple but layered. You take out the gadget, start it with the action key (like a break-in charge) and the drone activates. From this moment on the drone will stop only for triggering and detonation thus making you vulnerable in case someone discovers you are driving the Ratero. The great peculiarity of Flores is the possibility of using two classic drones in addition to the 4 Ratero and this allows him to retrieve a large number of information during the initial phase but also during the action. The possibility of being both a soft breacher and an excellent information collector allows Flores to be included in a large number of combinations of formations.

What we would like to recommend is the initial use of the two drones. normal, to determine the strategy of approach to the bomb site and subsequently to identify the position of the most annoying anti-bullet gadgets of the defenders. At this point the goal must be to use the Ratero drones to take out the gadgets and open some extra lines of fire for allies. This strategy during our tests has allowed us several times to help our teammates and continue to be a thorn in the side of our opponents. However, consider that to be able to do the above it is essential to use the claymore (in order to avoid some enemy roomer surprising you from behind) and above all the use of the semi-automatic SR25 as a primary weapon equipped with a muzzle brake. This equipment will allow you to play from a long distance, be prepared in the event of a collision and at the same time be able to manage the drone safely without getting too close to the site.

Another more aggressive solution can instead be to prefer the use of the flashbang and the AR33 to take advantage of a medium range fight. Here, after the collection of information, you join another operator and exercise the role of breaking in. The Ratero is used to create breaches in the non-reinforced walls and proceed with an open-faced assault. In this case, coordination must be essential and we do not always guarantee that it can be exploited as a 100% effective strategy.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Crimson Heist: Flores and the Ratero Flores gadget we really liked as an operator. A versatile striker who can adapt to different styles of play. From what we have seen and tried, it seems to us that his best role is the one from a distance able to provide information and create opportunities for raids by comrades. The Ratero is an excellent Jolly that adapts very well to the current goal given the high presence of bulletproof defensive gadgets.

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