Cyberpunk 2077, hotfix 1.21 available: here is the list of news

Cyberpunk 2077, hotfix 1.21 available: here is the list of news

Cyberpunk 2077, hotfix 1.21 available

Cyberpunk 2077 has just received hotfix 1.21, an update released by CD Projekt RED to solve a series of problems on the fly and introduce some new features for the game.

The dense post-launch support obviously confirms the willingness to fix Cyberpunk 2077 and sell it in the years to come, and there is no doubt that substantial progress has been made with respect to the launch situation, especially on consoles.

In this update we have focused on improving the general stability of the game and the correction of the most common problems that can prevent progress. Here's what's changed:

Cyberpunk 2077, a sequence from one of the campaign's first missions. Missions and the open world

Fixed an issue in Contract: Overheated Situation ... whereby the player could not lower their body temperature by 8ug8ear. Fixed an issue where failing to collect the "Send a Team" shard in Cyberpsychopath Sighting: Economic Doctor could prevent advancement. Now, reading the shard is an optional goal. Fixed an issue in Down on the Street where Takemura would get stuck at the Japan Town port if the player decided to go to Wakako alone and left the area too early. Fixed an issue where clues in Cyberpsychopath Sight: Bloodthirsty Ritual were not taken into account if the player scanned them before speaking to the injured NPC. Now, the spray paint should display correctly when the player approaches Brendan. Fixed an issue in Play It Safe where when connecting to the access point, the screen would go black preventing progress. Fixed an issue where it was possible to complete Reported Crime: Body Fished out if the player opened the container before scanning for blood tracks. Fixed an issue where a Maelstrom could appear in an area not reachable by the player, preventing progression in Losing My Religion / Sacrum Profanum. Fixed an issue that prevented progress in one of the ongoing attacks in Japan Town. Fixed an issue where the game could crash during Contract: Hippocratic Oath if the player jumped through the window after breaking it. Fixed various issues with enemies interpenetrating with items and fluctuating in Alleged Criminal Activity: Privacy Infringement. Fixed an issue in Alleged Criminal Activity: Privacy Infringement where progress could be interrupted due to enemies stuck in a hangar. Mitch's holocalls should no longer freeze and repeat if interrupted earlier.Fixed Johnny's appearance in various missions. Dennis' car should now properly appear in Big in Japan. Now, the player can get into Dennis's car from the right side in Big in Japan. Cabin windows should no longer break when opening container in Big in Japan. Now, Big in Japan fails if the player abandons Haruyoshi instead of taking him to safety after opening the container. Fixed an issue where the player could be unable to use weapons and consumables after exiting Takemura's van in Down on the Street. The player can no longer call Takemura during the match with Oda in Down on the Street. Fixed an issue where it was possible to run into Oda on the bridge between Watson and Westbrook, before going to Takemura's hideout in Search and Destroy. Fixed an issue in Down on the Street where Oda could collide with the player's car if it was parked along his path. Fixed an issue where Burning Desire / Night Moves could get stuck at the "Wait for Man in Trouble Call" goal after mission failure. Fixed an issue where Cassius Ryder's clinic door would not open, preventing the player from completing the assignment. Saul will no longer follow the player around the game world if he leaves the mission area after freeing him in Riders on the Storm. Fixed an issue where it was possible to encounter a sandstorm in the city if the player went there on a quick trip during Killing in the Name or Riders on the Storm. Now, Riders on the Storm fails if the player leaves the Wraith camp before saving Saul. The Severance Package assignment now properly triggers once you enter the mission area.

Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most fascinating NPCs in the game. Game

Fixed an issue where, if the player committed a crime on the roof of a building, NCPD agents would appear behind him. Fixed an issue that prevented the player from exiting the water using ladders.


Fixed various problems with the interpenetration of NPC clothing.


Restoring the icon displayed above the NPCs hit by the quick hack Distract enemies. The scanning interface is now less chaotic. Fixed an issue where Japanese or Traditional Chinese text could disappear if the player changed the interface language from English to one of these languages.

Stability and performance

Various memory management improvements (reduced crash probability).


Now, players should be able to select stickers in photo mode using the circle button in the Japanese version of the game to PlayStation 4.


Fixed several graphics issues on a bridge in the Mikoshi in Belly Of The Beast / Changes.

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