Hades, the best builds

Hades, the best builds


We will never stop praising Hades, a title that entertained us for over a hundred hours against a ridiculous investment: it already costs little in itself, but you can often find it on offer and will soon be available in a packaged version for Nintendo Switch. . As written in our review, the Supergiant Games title is very suitable for hit and run games in portability, also thanks to the random system that governs each game: you will only decide with which weapon and memento or chthonic companion to start, without knowing which bosses you will face and which gifts Olympians you will find on the road to freedom. There are combinations of weapons and gifts that could significantly help you overcome the most difficult challenges, so we decided to offer you the most original and effective builds we have discovered, one for each weapon. Have you already played Hades and want to recommend some of them too? Write them in the comments.

Stygian Blade

The build we want to propose to you for the blade of the underworld is based on the semblant of Poseidon: this form of Stygius causes the Special Attack to extract the hemolytes driven into enemies. It's a bit of a weird power that can feel very situational ... unless you're aiming for this build. For starters, you'll need the power of the Night's Mirror called the Infernal Soul, which increases your throwing hemolyte pool to three. Start your escape by equipping the Adamantine Strale memento to find Artemis's gifts more often, choose her doors and cross your fingers. The gifts you need are mainly two: Infallible Shot (Throwing stalks enemies and has a chance of critical damage) and Exit Holes (which deals damage when you extract a hemolite from the target ... that is, every time you hit with the Special Attack of the semblant of Poseidon).

Hades: Zagreus is the protagonist. There are other gifts from Artemis that will enhance the build: Instant Death, to deal more critical damage, and Deadly Arabesque, which increases the damage dealt by the Special Attack. And if you find the legendary gift Quiver Colma, which further increases the reserve of hemolytes, even better. The dual of Artemis and Poseidon also greatly improves this build: Hidden Mirage, in fact, allows you to throw two hemoliths instead of one. Then choose these patterns of Daedalus if you find the doors with its hammer on it: Super Nova expands the area of ​​effect of the Special Attack, while Nova Sprinting allows you to pounce on the enemy and become more resolute for a moment, allowing you a more aggressive. The strategy is simple, once the build is complete: aim at an enemy, throw your bullets, then reach him and hit him very hard with Special Attacks, adding the damage inflicted to each hit with those caused by the extraction of the emolytes embedded just before.

Twin Fists

Hades: the statuesque goddess Athena. This build is suitable for those who prefer a fast-paced and dynamic fighting style. To begin with, you will have to choose the semblant of Zagreus, after which you will have to hope with all your heart that Hermes is watching you, because you will need his gifts and the Shining Feather memento does not guarantee its doors: nevertheless, you will have to equip it because it increases the speed of movement and the likelihood of dodging each encounter passed within seconds, which should be quite simple especially in the first two stages. Then look for Hermes' gift called Great Career to further increase movement speed and dart through the rooms like lightning. What is all this for? The answer is: Express Delivery. This gift from Hermes increases the damage he deals based on his movement speed. Also choose the Hyper Sprint gift, which after a Dash makes you more Resolute and increases your movement speed, to further enhance your build.

Hades: a fight in Tartarus. At this point the most is done, and you can choose the other gifts you prefer, focusing on different objectives to customize the game. For example, the gifts of Artemis, especially Killing Slash, will increase the damage you can deal, and combine well with another gift from Hermes, Swift Slash, which increases attack speed, transforming you into a living machine gun. Zeus' gift called Thunder Shot is also a nice addition, as you will sprint here and there like crazy, hurling lightning bolts on surrounding enemies. To wrap up the build, look for other boons that boost dash, such as Hermes' Unsurpassed Reflexes or Artemis Hunter's Dash, and complete the job with the Crushing Hook and Combined Direct blueprints to maximize damage dealt on the go - to get the most out of it. this build, in fact, you will never have to stand still, but move from one enemy to another, sprinting around him while you fill him with slaps. If you manage to meet the various requirements, the top floors will be a breeze.

Shield of Chaos

Hades: the clash with Charon. This build is similar to the one we proposed for the Stygian Blade, in the sense that it is based on the semblant of Beowulf and on a vaguely similar mechanic: by holding this weapon, you will not be able to launch the haemolites, but you will load them in the shield, enhancing the damage dealt by the charging attack which, in this case, is called Dragon's Rush, rather than Bull's Rush. In short, the principle is the same. Choose Infernal Soul in the Night's Mirror to carry more hemoliths and the Adamantine Memento Strale to increase the chances of finding the gifts of Artemis. You'll then need Unfailing Shot, to hit enemies with the Homing Hemolites, and Exit Holes, to deal damage when you extract the hemolytes from the target. Considering that Dragon's Rush pulls out the embedded hemolytes automatically ... well, you get it.

Hades: the ferry in the Asphodel Fields. The second part of the build depends a little on your tastes and style of play. By choosing the gifts of Poseidon such as Anomalous Wave and Fury of the Waves, you will dramatically increase the damage you inflict on enemies if you manage to slam them against walls. This means you will need to position yourself correctly and choose Daedalus patterns such as Sudden Assault and Minotaur's Surge to maximize damage. If you prefer to play defensively, we recommend choosing Ares' gifts focused on the Condemnation effect: Agonizing Retribution, Full of Doom and Imminent Calamity will deal damage for you as you take cover behind the shield and prepare to strike. of grace with the Dragon's Impetus. For this, schemes like Feral Guard and Ranged Assault are great choices, as they will improve your defense and allow you to strike from afar instead of charging on the enemy.

Heartbreaker Bow

Hades: Hermes is a great joker. Coronacht is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, and probably also one of the best to practice and finish the first few games with, especially if you choose the semblant of Chiron and upgrade it properly. For this build, you'll need Aphrodite's gifts first, so start with the Everlasting Rose memento and hope to find the gifts Languid Slash, which boosts the attack and Weakens enemies, and Soave Abandonment, which increases the damage dealt to already weakened enemies. Obviously it will be difficult to guess the right combination of gifts to follow this build to the letter, but the ideal would be to also find the gifts of Dionysus as we did, and choose Drunken Arabesque to inflict Hangover with the Special Attack of the bow. This semblant, in fact, works like this: the arrows fired by its special attacks automatically search for the last target that you hit with a normal attack, and that you have weakened thanks to the gifts of Aphrodite.

Hades: the beginning of an escape. If you then find the dual Low Tolerance, you are on horseback, because it means that the effects of Hangover will accumulate more on the enemies that you have weakened with the gifts of Aphrodite. In practice, your first attack will weaken the target, the next will disintegrate it instantly or almost. You can complete the build with some gifts from Artemis such as Instant Death or Mortal Arabesque, just to do even more harm to each arrow, and with Daedalus patterns that enhance the Special Attack, in particular Relentless Gust and Concentrated Gust. Keep in mind that this build isn't super effective at multiple enemy encounters, but you will literally atomize single target bosses. In short, if you have trouble pulling Hades down, it could be a good strategy.

Adamant's Rostrum

Hades: the Elysian Fields. One of Hades' funniest and strangest infernal weapons is definitely Exagryph, a real shotgun that completely changes the style of play depending on the form chosen at the beginning of the game. In the case of this build, we recommend the semblant of Eris, which will increase the damage you can inflict for a few seconds after absorbing the special attack: in practice, you will have to shoot it at yourself. The build revolves all around the gifts of Demeter that will allow you to slow down the enemies, in particular Icy Slash and Frosty Arabesque, but also Mistral Shot: you will have to move a lot, and shooting and freezing enemies at the same time will be very comfortable. Glacial Touch will slow down enemies that hit you - let's say you should be careful not to get hit at all, but if you want to maximize damage you will actually have to shoot an area full of slowed down enemies and squeeze in between to absorb the blow and do a lot of evil in the following seconds.

Hades: the clash with Theseus and the Minotaur. For this reason, choose the Frigid Cornucopia as a memento at the start of the game, and after finding the gifts of Demeter you need, switch to Distant Memory to do even more damage from a distance. You can customize the rest of the build with other gifts that can come in handy, perhaps those of Ares to inflict Condemnation on the enemies hit, but as far as the schemes of Daedalus are concerned, we do not recommend Reckless Crash, as the Special Attack - which you must absorb - would inflict damage also in Zagreus. You have several alternatives: Aiming System makes Special Attack deal more damage and slow enemies; Triple Slam allows you to use the Special Attack three times in a row; Cluster Bomb deals a little less damage, but covers a much larger area.

Undying Spear

Hades: Hades' office. We must admit that Varatha is not our favorite weapon, although we have had some wonderful moments together with the semblant of Hades, but in this case we want to help anyone who has some difficulty with the semblant of Guan Yu, undoubtedly the most difficult to master in the whole game seen. which reduces the total life and healing effects of Zagreus. For this reason, before using it, you will have to invest the Blood of Titan you have to upgrade it to the maximum and reduce the penalties. Once this is done, choose as a memento the Studded Cerberus Collar, possibly maximized to have more total life, or possibly Dusa's Harpy Duvet to find some refills in the urns. At this point, you should hope to come across gifts from some gods that will help you stay alive or restore your life energy.

Hades: the room of Chaos. Small Hours of Dionysus, for example, restores Zagreus's health if you pass an encounter below a minimum vital energy threshold, while Positive Thinking reduces the damage you take if you have a certain amount of life or not. Excellent Vintage will regenerate some life for every Nectar you find and Restorative Sip will restore all life - and also increase the attack - when you use the fountains. Demeter also has some useful gifts in this regard: Food for the Soul enhances the healing effects and also heals you a little at the time of choice while the dual with Athena, Stubborn Roots, slowly regenerates life if you have run out of opportunities to Escape. to death . To conclude, absolutely choose the Swirl Swirl and Blazing Swirl schemes. The charged attack of this semblant, in fact, can restore some life, and these two schemes allow you to load it faster and be steadfast as you do it.

Hades: the physical version coming out for Nintendo Switch

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