Yoichi Takahashi (Holly & Benji) designs Diego Armando Maradona

Yoichi Takahashi (Holly & Benji) designs Diego Armando Maradona
Yoichi Takahashi, the sensei behind Holly & Benji or Captain Tsubasa, one of the most famous spokons in the world, has created two illustrations of Diego Armando Maradona in his unmistakable style.

Maradona del sensei's illustrations were created for promote the distribution in Japan of the documentary film "Diego Maradona Futatsu no Kao" (The Two Faces of Diego Maradona) by Asif Kapadia available from yesterday February 5 2021 and made to give an unprecedented look at the late champion both on and off the pitch.

Here are the combined illustrations:

Yoichi Takahashi commented on the illustrations saying that they are inspired by the legendary Diego Armando Maradona against England during the 1986 World Cup. The sensei said that that particular action greatly inspired the gameplay actions of the Captain Tsubasa manga as well as inspired the features of the character Juan Diaz, ace of the Argentine national team.

Holly & Benji and Captain Tsubasa in Italy

Captain Tsubasa is published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy, has been serialized within the weekly manga magazine for children Weekly Shonen Jump published by the Shueisha publishing house since 31 March 1981 to April 26, 1988 for a total of 37 volumes.

It inspired a very popular anime series for tv in 128 episodes, broadcast in Japan between 1983 and 1986 and arrived in our country in July 1986 with the title Holly & Benji - The Two Star Players, films, OVA and manga derivatives.

A remake in 52 episodes was produced in 2018, broadcast between April 2018 and April 2019.

In Italy, the first 28 episodes (the narrative arc of elementary school) of the new Captain Tsubasa were broadcast on Mediaset networks and streamed on Mediaset Play. Anime Factory released them on home video.

The plot:

Tsubasa Ozora is a Japanese boy with an immense passion and talent for football and who dreams of winning the world cup. Together with his family she moved to the city of Nankatsu, where she enrolled in public school for the last year of elementary school. After meeting Ryo Ishizaki, captain of the school football team, he decides to challenge the goalkeeper of rival Shutetsu, Genzo Wakabayashi, who enjoys the reputation of being almost unbeatable, a record that will end because of Tsubasa. On the same day of the challenge Tsubasa meets Roberto Hongo, a great Brazilian player of Japanese origin, saved by Tsubasa's father some time before, after he tried to commit suicide due to an eye problem that had forced him to end his career prematurely. In gratitude he will become Tsubasa's personal coach and refine his technique. After joining the Nankatsu football club, Tsubasa starts his first match playing as a defender in the derby with rival Shutetsu, preventing Izawa, Taki and Kisugi from scoring in the first half, while in the second half he moves into attack allowing his team to emerge undefeated for the first time from the confrontation with rivals.

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