Why not combine the leftover vaccine from the vials for extra doses? The proposal of some pharmacists

Why not combine the leftover vaccine from the vials for extra doses? The proposal of some pharmacists

It is already being done with other vaccines and today a group of pharmacists is pushing to be able to apply the method also to those against Covid. The idea is to merge the remainders of the doses in the vials to get new vaccinations. But there are doubts about the possible risks

(photo torstensimon / Pixabay) The vaccination campaign goes on and for now the data collected in the studies on the already vaccinated are also favorable against the so-called English variant. In the face of these first positive results, specialists from all over the world are pushing for speeding up the vaccination campaign, also to prevent new variants from taking root that could possibly be less covered by vaccination. In this regard, a group of pharmacists in Washington from Inova Health - and probably not only them - wonders why it is not possible to optimize the vaccination doses, as is already done for numerous other vaccines and drugs, through pooling, or by recovering the quantity of vaccine remained in a vial (which contains various doses) with the remainder of other vials, adopting the utmost caution and all the rules of the case.

Something always remains

Always a certain amount of vaccine in a bottle, even when using all the doses in the vial. In this regard, we recall the discussion relating to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, of which the Ema legal document declared the presence of 5 doses for each vial, while in reality the usable dosages are 6, as recognized and approved also by AIFA. The point is that currently it is not possible to exploit the residual part, combining it with other remaining dosages.

The pharmacists of Inova quantify the advantage, in terms of greater number of vaccinations and less waste of the product. In particular, we read on NBC news that reports the news, it could be hypothesized that, in a day in which about 4 thousand vaccinations are administered, 400 more could be carried out, in a period in which the stocks of vaccines are still reduced. . The practice, Inova experts explain, is already in use for various vaccines, including influenza and other medicines.

Doubts about cross-contamination

But the FDA has not authorized the practice and, as we read in the media, explains that in the vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna there is a risk of bacterial cross-contamination linked to the withdrawal of part of one dose with the same syringe and part of another in another vial. The vaccines in question, in fact, do not contain substances (preservatives) to stop any microbial growth in the event of a contamination.

However, Inova pharmacists argue that the risk is minimal compared to the great advantage and that the remaining vaccines in the vials would be used immediately, within 60 minutes, without letting time pass, further lowering this probability.

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